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    I wanna do bad things to you. Slide on through my window!
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    belinda eurovision 2019 performance FUEGO (DISCO INFERNO MIX) AUDIO: XX
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    @Ronlop ManyFacedGod is now available for pre-order (three tracks bundled as a single pack)
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    Btw my killer accusations started with @Hyun.! Originally it was just to mess with him but I knew in my gut something was off! However as time went on I started looking at other players because how awkward would it have been for me if I chose Hyun every day just for someone else to be the killer. Clown makeup would have definitely been put on. I believe I put @fab down at one point but I’m not really sure as to why? However I was just about to go back to blaming Hyun again until he sent me a PM asking for help! I was too trusting and it was truly my downfall as this led to me looking at @Ariana despite my gut feeling that it was Hyun all along! In conclusion, I am always right and Hyun is a ROACH! 💋 As for the next season, more killers could be fun! I also think it’d be interesting if the killer was given the chance to choose at least one person from the group of scared card holders to be killed. Gives the killer more to do than just hold that title n
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    How is it messier than Rebel Heart? Don't tell me you seriously fell for that I'm a romantic rebel bs. Unlike RH, the songs so far seem to be connected so I disagree that the narrative vanished. You could easily allude Crave's bridge to Medellin's storyline, and Future to I Rise. I mean, I'm not saying its groundbreaking, but it's definitely something for 2019Donna. Personally I find both Crave and Future to be great, I don't get how you can hate on that yet stan half the garbage on RH or even the widely beloved Girl Gone Wild. It's just mind blowing to see how Pop fans react to their faves going to something more Urban oriented, it's literally like they're allergic to that transition. And I'm talking contemporary Urban, not the stereotypical one of the 90's.
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    my killers accusations: basically for the first chapter it was @Madame X but only because we had to fill the blank, had absolutely no clue, neither did have in the future tbh, except from a few assumptions; the fact my only reason was his creepy avi says it all continuing, for the rest of the chapters it was the good sis @Divine a) she was the first to point finger at someone and this is usually a killer's trait in the game b) she is on the events team and I assumed that @RihannaRTT would entrust one of them with this task, which indeed happened to be true although with a different person some bonus suspects: - @Hyun. but he gained my trust back in the middle of the game by giving me right info which led me to cross him out of the list - @Ariana just jumped on the bandwagon oop - @Ghostface mainly because of the @fab mess (we still stand with him btw) the biggest personal kii came from our season's beloved performer @Habits when we agreed to exchange some tea. however he decided to be a sneaky bitch trying to give me the answer with gifs instead of a clear answer but guess what sis? I understood your hints I just pretended that I couldn't so that I didn't have to spill any tea back also ignoring everyone's messages was intentional, I didn't trust you enough sorry not sorry last but not least I want to dedicate my win to @Quill happy that you believed in me and avenged your death sis
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    Believe it or not, there are many LGBT folk who find balance in being LGBT and following faith. And unfortunately for them, they don't have alot of options to join 'churches or mosques'. So if they want to create their own safe space then I don't see the problem with that. we love EVERYBODY here
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    Someone please give Marina her section back I can't believe she got moved to the archives
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    I have been answering @Divine since day 1 the binch keeps accusing everyone of being the killer that it became so suspicious Anyways, it has been a fun week @RihannaRTT pls give us the tea on each murders i wanna know how exactly they happened Could you also post the total scores each members got? The biggest mystery of this whole season was probably that beetle
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    we've discussed some of these already however I'm gonna post my suggestions here too: - more killers (3 would be ideal) - more survivors - a few clues about the killers inside the story would be nice - better searching promo (literally most of the players didn't know they could log in or what was it in the first place) - and I agree with @Hyun. about the killer having a say in the victims choice (might come in handy personally in the future ) congratulations for making another fantastic game *dj khaled another one* everything regarding the story was spot on; the plot, the drags, the drama, the murders, the performances, it blows my mind how you can come up with everything so exceptionally your creativity is just insane meanwhile I'm struggling with just writing this post we- PS: You are still a RAT though
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    Finally she gets the awards and not her "team"
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    1. Tinashe, "6ix Shots" 2. Ariana Grande, "White Ferrari" 3. Lana Del Rey, "I Believe In Love" 4. Kelly Clarkson, "Do You Still Think of Me?" 5. Frank Ocean, "Never Look Back" 6. Katy Perry, "Because of You" 7. Zendaya, "BOHO" Lady Gaga, "Run Boy Run (feat. Christina Aguilera)" Kylie Jenner, "Humanize" ARCHIVE:
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    hey guys theres really no easy way to put this because it just sucks all around. firstly, i owe you all a massive apology for disappearing on all of you like that this past week. when i became host during season 10 i did so with the intention of continuing this job for as long as I could - and that was still my intention going into season 11. a lot of really horrible stuff has happened in my personal personal life lately, the details of which i’d rather keep private. my mental health has been steadily declining since the beginning of the year, and this last week hit an all time low. after nearly a year clean, I relapsed and have been dealing with the physical and emotional repercussions of that (in addition to everything I’m dealing with in my personal life) i tried my hardest to get on and do productive stuff but i really could not even will myself to do much more than just stay home and sleep. again, im beyond sorry for leaving everybody in the dark for this past week. especially ron, and a big thank you for how hard you’ve been working with no support from me this week. it means a lot that you didn’t give up. speaking of giving up, i’ve decided to make the effort to finally get stable professional help. this last week made me realize that as ashamed as it makes me feel to ask for help, I can’t do this alone and if I try to any longer, it’s only going to get worse. I haven’t worked out all the fine details yet but I’m hopefully going to be seeing a therapist once a week and starting medication for my depression. it’s going to be extremely scary and probably tough financially, but it’s really gotten to the point where absent of becoming a hermit (which I damn near did) there’s nothing else I can do to get better. now, all of this being said, I don’t plan on quitting. assuming that everybody is okay with my return, i would still love to help ron out with whatever he needs because I made a commitment to all of you when I became host, and it’s one that I’m going to try to continue in the capacity that I can. I don’t think I’m in the right headspace or place in my life personally to take up the full responsibilities as a host, but permitted, I would be more than willing to help out with whatever I can. I know that’s a really flimsy promise and shitty commitment, but it’s the best I can give all of you right now. again, I’m really sorry for the unopened pms and being m.i.a. this week. i hope you can all understand why this happened and forgive me, because your support through this would mean a lot. a special thank you to harry for checking up on me in pms (even though I didn’t respond i saw it and it meant a lot. I love u ♥️) so yeah, that’s my little ted talk. hope you’re all taking care and doing well
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    First BMI Awards in seven years and now first ASCAP Award in eight years https://www.ascap.com/news-events/awards/2019/pop-awards
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    She's played 7 new songs at her recent performances (I'm going to one soon too hehe). Album is defo coming
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    I pointed my finger first because I just KNEW from the start that it was Hyun omg!
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    Please make that thread for the hidden details and hints because.... I was always lost and confused especially with those damn riddles. Also def will be perched for another season of this omg, I really REALLY enjoy things that make your brain go insane and just using context clues. So if you happen to bring this back again, sign me up automatically!! Btw you're a sneaky little bitch WOW @Hyun. congrats to you and @billie. tho omg legends
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    Jeffree needs to have several seats.
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    she’s literally on a sold out world tour
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    I feel sorry for fans who are not feeling this Cos im living for it, i dont skip any song, cant decide which one i like more, visuals this era are flawless, promotion is flawless, she looks happy with it She said that album is global and it was born in portugal but evolved into more global, tho we still are gonna get at least 4 portugal oriented songs. I think lot of people set up their expectations for another rol/al/coadf and as long you are gonna do that, you wont enjoy her new stuff, she no longer is bothered with proving anything to anyone, shes just doing music to she enjoys and im 100% okay with that. I dont set up my expectations in any way and im open to what is next. From what we know so far album shapes up to be personal, little bit experimental (lbr we heard all most gp friendly songs at this point and nothing truly core from this album). Im super excited for it.
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