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    I'M SEEING CARLY AFTER ALL, BITCHES. And treating it like my damn wedding.
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    i won't set my grandma free until this tweet gets 100 replies of y'all streaming Never Really Over by Katy Perry this friday remember that she has diabetes and needs her insulin
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    Was hand keying an item into a self check register for a customer, and instead of “beige hose,” I accidentally put “beige hole.”
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    I went for a coffee with my best friend after a long time and they played "Doin' Time" by Lana Del Rey and then "Crave" by Madonna, one after the other.
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    slayyyter reminds me of an uncensored 2000's britney. she's interesting
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    Celine is Vegas, Britney was at vegas
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    A New Day is the show that made it even smart to do a Vegas show. The Coliseum underwent renovations for her show alone and it made it a premiere venue, it's credited with reviving the the then faltering entertainment scene on the strip, it featured groundbreaking technology that's still being used in live shows to this very day, it blended music and theatre like no other show before it and really since... And it IS and has been for over a DECADE the MOST SUCCESSFUL Vegas show in the city's history. I love PoM but without A New Day, it wouldn't have happened. End of story. And yes they do check her for other reasons besides that song. She didn't become of the best selling artists in history based on one song. In fact her biggest selling album (the best selling female album EVER) was before the song existed.
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    Kesha please release something or give us a date. I will pay you. No joke. Want my debit card? SSN? Let me know.
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    Rihanna’s best song on Loud
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    Mirror mirror on the wall, Who’s the biggest fag of them all?
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    Sister is really pulling a Dua Lipa where we got practically the entire album as singles
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    Between this caption and people saying she wants to bring back 2011 pop...
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    I love that she's working with Chris again and that Sarah Hudson's greasy fingers aren't being let near the songwriting pen!
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    The stage the production the slayage Kylie The others have tried topping it but never succeeded
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    Lana on Good Morning America
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    So far she has worked with Zedd Ian Kirkpatrick Greg Wells Max Martin Ryan Tedder Steve Mac Dreamlab Some dance duo who i can't remember nnn Jonatha Brooke
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    since Blackpink seem to be one of the bigger KPop groups, lets to a discog rate. under 20 songs.
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    this is literally one of the worst drags i've read in my entire four years on this forum