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    I'M SEEING CARLY AFTER ALL, BITCHES. And treating it like my damn wedding.
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    i won't set my grandma free until this tweet gets 100 replies of y'all streaming Never Really Over by Katy Perry this friday remember that she has diabetes and needs her insulin
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    Was hand keying an item into a self check register for a customer, and instead of “beige hose,” I accidentally put “beige hole.”
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    I went for a coffee with my best friend after a long time and they played "Doin' Time" by Lana Del Rey and then "Crave" by Madonna, one after the other.
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    slayyyter reminds me of an uncensored 2000's britney. she's interesting
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    A New Day is the show that made it even smart to do a Vegas show. The Coliseum underwent renovations for her show alone and it made it a premiere venue, it's credited with reviving the the then faltering entertainment scene on the strip, it featured groundbreaking technology that's still being used in live shows to this very day, it blended music and theatre like no other show before it and really since... And it IS and has been for over a DECADE the MOST SUCCESSFUL Vegas show in the city's history. I love PoM but without A New Day, it wouldn't have happened. End of story. And yes they do check her for other reasons besides that song. She didn't become of the best selling artists in history based on one song. In fact her biggest selling album (the best selling female album EVER) was before the song existed.
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    Kesha please release something or give us a date. I will pay you. No joke. Want my debit card? SSN? Let me know.
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    In what can only be described as outstanding news, Alex Trebek revealed Wednesday that his health has taken a very positive turn. In early March, the longtime Jeopardy! host disclosed that he’d been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, an illness with a grim prognosis and an approximately nine per cent survival rate. Now, just over two months later, the 78-year-old Trebek’s outlook isn’t so dark: according to his doctors, he’s in “near remission,” and has been responding very well to chemotherapy. “It’s kind of mind-boggling,” said Trebek. “The doctors said they hadn’t seen this kind of positive result in their memory… some of the tumours have already shrunk by more than 50 per cent.” https://globalnews.ca/news/5328893/alex-trebek-cancer-update-doctors/?utm_medium=Facebook&utm_source=GlobalToronto&fbclid=IwAR3BiLY_CG8xjScokT1g2dpisOesyvk7ETsacUORXCVYqCTGqp7YQyri7qg
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    it's gonna become a meme. lbr asjdjwaj
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    Mirror mirror on the wall, Who’s the biggest fag of them all?
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    Im here for this. I hope her new music sounds ala 365 cause that song slays me
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    I met Blackpink today in Barcelona. They were doing some tourism and they're the sweetest more gentle souls I've ever met. I'm so sad that they have to go back to Korea... I really have a feeling that they don't like it much there and prefer western countries.
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    Me is excellent btw. CLC songs are just so good and great. Black Dress and now Me are the best songs. You can turn it up really loud and the instrumental blesses your ear drums.
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    i grew a vagina and now it is impregnated
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    I know she does Her last album was amazing
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    Her live shows are a lot of fun. During the last tour they updated all of the poppy.computer songs to have more of a rock sound to match the new material and it worked so well
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    "PoM was good, All I Have had it's moments." A show that was all playback and stale choreography and zeo stage presence was good, but J.Lo, JENNIFER LOPEZ's show had it's moments? Also, yes, Celine invented Vegas wbk.
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    And THAT was sad because the version that was being rehearsed sounded interesting.
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    seeing her live in 5 weeks
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    Yes. Lady Gaga is a legendary household name. Simply everyone knows who she is.
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    Between this caption and people saying she wants to bring back 2011 pop...
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    I love that she's working with Chris again and that Sarah Hudson's greasy fingers aren't being let near the songwriting pen!
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    I CAN'T BELIEVE IT: OMG @Freaky Prince
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    Just discovered this, apparently from the soundtrack of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (incidentally, the first movie I can actually remember seeing in theatres) and it was also the B-side to I'm a Slave For U. Anyways, I'm kinda psyched to stumble upon an early 2000s Britney Spears song that I never even knew existed and thought I'd share:
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    And now she needs to do everything else from here on out
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    HOT 100 CHARTS : WEEK 4 - Sadly don't have time rn to write summary, sorry- KWORB 5.0 is updated! Weekly Charts and Overalls were updated! http://kworbcal.byethost5.com/ CAL TUBE & ENCORE are updated! Streams, Encore followers http://www.hubcal12.byethost18.com/ Please post your earning below in the following form: Singles (1$): Albums (5$): Touring (35% off the total revenue this week): Campaigns: @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @RebelHeart15 @Joanne @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Beyoncé @Cosmic @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Surrealism @Alesus @Michael. @phoenixstar @BritneysBitch
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    Yeah I much prefer that idea! Hyun hosting then?
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    yes i'm just rigging this so stray kids can win btw
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    WEEK 4 IS CLOSED Charts will be up later today!
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    Bella on Le Grand Journal
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    I actually think The Jungle Book was pretty great. I’d go as far to say I prefer it over the original.
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    Yes, have an announcer name Deee-Lite and you will hear loud legendary murmuring of teens asking "Who?" and old people saying "I forgot they existed"
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    So is The Jungle Book actually good or just the okayest? I only saw the trailers and I wasn't too interested, but one thing it seem to have going for it that Kaa was actually threatening, unlike most of the villains in these films.
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    Nah, it feels way too shallow and circus-y for my taste
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    I would love that. Like, I don't think she has anything left to lose commercially so she might as well snatch some acclaim