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    Shawn Mendes looking for his next opportunity to tell us he’s not gay
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    My uncle is very sick badly in hospitalmy mom wants me home soon Idk if internet will be there I will be back to flop sometime!!! I love you
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    @Jjang SZA teased on her IG that we will get Embrace Yourself shortly. SHE’S GONNA DESTROY US
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    When @CHANEL #1 and @NIGHTMARE post in the same thread:
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    It's finally setting in that I'm graduating next week and that I'm finally done with school for good
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    i won't set my grandma free until this tweet gets 100 replies of y'all streaming Never Really Over by Katy Perry this friday remember that she has diabetes and needs her insulin
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    First look inside the Haus of Gaga store in Park MGM, has her iconic outfits from past eras including the Meat Dress, wigs etc.
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    Basically like Tears of a Clown except a longer set that only includes album tracks, songs never sung live before, songs not sung in a long time, B Sides, leaked tracks I would love (Pray For) Spanish Eyes Keep It Together Rescue Me Where Life Begins Fever Goodbye to Innocence Shame Love Tried To Welcome Me Bedtime Story The Power of Good-Bye To Have and Not to Hold Love Profusion How High Isaac Among others How about everyone else
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    Apparently miley's lead sing is Mothers Daughter and I AM READY
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    Serve of the century... International stans rotting
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    THIS! They are a match made in heaven. And she did all the tour book shoots for the scrapped Bionic tour!
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    I met Blackpink today in Barcelona. They were doing some tourism and they're the sweetest more gentle souls I've ever met. I'm so sad that they have to go back to Korea... I really have a feeling that they don't like it much there and prefer western countries.
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    Visually the new songs were performed in clothes similar to the posters. A lot of Medieval and religious thematics. Jester-esque looks.
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    Twigs played 8 new songs including cellophane at my concert tonight, new album is definitely coming
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    I might go see her in Vegas when I go. I'm not a huge X fan, but the show sounds amazing.
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    Pretty ironic how this thread popped up while I was reading some of Sarah Moore Grimké's feminist work from like 1820
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    Tickets available / Total Tickets 31 May: 970/4,600 = 79% 1 June: 1,259/4,600 = 73% 5 June: 1,639/4,600 = 64% 7 June: 1,668/4,600 = 64% 8 June: 1,569/4,600 = 66% 13 June: 482/4,600 = 90% 15 June: 1,526/4,600 = 67% 16 June: 1,882/4,600 = 59% 20 Sept: 1,895/4,600 = 59% 21 Sept: 1,778/4,600 = 61% 24 Sept: 2,103/4,600 = 54% 27 Sept: 2,046/4,600 = 56% 28 Sept: 1,902/4,600 = 59% 2 Oct: 2,085/4,600 = 55% 4 Oct: 1,894/4,600 = 59% 5 Oct: 1,675 /4,600 = 64% Total: Tickets available / Total Tickets 26,363 / 73,600 (64% sold out) No resale tickets. Only tickets sold by ticketmaster counted. I am going opening night!!!!, can't wait, i'm flying over from Australia on the way to Spice Girls. Will be the first time have been able to see her!!!
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    Still broke streaming records WW. #1 in 11 countries. Will get #1 in US next year cos of 25th anniversary. Wow it must kill you to know even when madonna passes she will never ever ever get a top 5 again in her life or after and here mariah is living joining legends like cher whitney and celine and madonna is just irrelevant and her face is haggered