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    Shawn Mendes looking for his next opportunity to tell us he’s not gay
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    My uncle is very sick badly in hospitalmy mom wants me home soon Idk if internet will be there I will be back to flop sometime!!! I love you
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    It seems like the album is all over the place. And will be an incoherent mess. Medellin was cute but got boring quick. ”I Rise” a flat boring mess ”Crave” her worst single this decade and that boring video Zzzz ”Future” sounds like a RH reject and the quack feature is unnecessary The description of the other songs sound a mess too. I already hate it. It will be a reflection of the delusional and mess of a person she has become. She is truly delusional and in need of a reality check. i hope the critics DRAG her and the album gets universally panned so she can learn that nobody likes her anymore. She’s over and it’s her own fault for being so stupid.
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    Katy ironically called her track Never Really Over GP wasn’t even up for her collab with Zedd, so I don’t expect her to suddenly smash out of nowhere. Cardi>Miley>Katy
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    @Jjang SZA teased on her IG that we will get Embrace Yourself shortly. SHE’S GONNA DESTROY US
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    However, here's another review from Alternative Press, one of my favorite magazines from the scene (emo, punk, rock):
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    When @CHANEL #1 and @NIGHTMARE post in the same thread:
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    It's finally setting in that I'm graduating next week and that I'm finally done with school for good
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    i won't set my grandma free until this tweet gets 100 replies of y'all streaming Never Really Over by Katy Perry this friday remember that she has diabetes and needs her insulin
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    First look inside the Haus of Gaga store in Park MGM, has her iconic outfits from past eras including the Meat Dress, wigs etc.
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    Basically like Tears of a Clown except a longer set that only includes album tracks, songs never sung live before, songs not sung in a long time, B Sides, leaked tracks I would love (Pray For) Spanish Eyes Keep It Together Rescue Me Where Life Begins Fever Goodbye to Innocence Shame Love Tried To Welcome Me Bedtime Story The Power of Good-Bye To Have and Not to Hold Love Profusion How High Isaac Among others How about everyone else
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    TOP 30 MOST STREAMED SINGLES EVER CALUBE & ENCORE #1 Good Girls - Lorde = 2,488,206,191 #2 Running From Love - Lana Del Rey = 2,085,764,149 #3 Midnight - Lana Del Rey = 1,777,511,654 #4 Bad Habits - Maluma = 1,624,622,809 #5 Antidote - Mariah Carey = 1,566,558,212 #6 Fuego - Maluma, Belinda & J Balvin = 1,505,943,826 #7 Criminal - Maluma = 1,462,177,967 #8 Preacher - Brendon Urie feat Ariana Grande = 1,427,704,002 #9 Dangerous - Lorde = 1,383,534,591 #10 Heaven & Hell - Ariana Grande = 1,351,115,168 #11 Maniac (Like That) - Maluma = 1,124,628,711 #12 Down for It - Lana Del Rey = 1,094,387,483 #14 Dangerously - Brendon Urie = 998,890,629 #15 Forget Me - Lana Del Rey = 885,356,754 #16 Bottle Games - Ariana Grande & Zendaya = 838,388,551 #17 Treasure - Mariah Carey feat Lana Del Rey = 831,147,611 #18 California Dreaming - Lorde = 792,330,219 #19 Across The Hallway (Remix) - Mariah Carey, Celine Dion = 768,949,149 #20 Bloodstream - Harry Styles = 760,695,875 #21 Inescapable - Lorde = 758,066,440 #22 Two Years - Frank Ocean = 707,328,783 #23 Flesh - Britney Spears = 660,355,417 #24 Oblivious - Brendon Urie = 642,869,722 #25 Rosa - Lana Del Rey = 619,216,490 #26 Scars - Lana Del Rey = 612,832,685 #27 Across The Hallway - Mariah Carey = 607,033,232 #28 Take My Heart - Belinda = 536,694,565 #29 Lavender Fields - Belinda = 515,131,796 #30 Be Someone - Frank Ocean = 514,068,986 These are the most streamed songs on Caltube & Encore. Songs that weren't uploaded on Encore aren't taken in consideration as this list is about both streaming services, which is why y'all won't see songs like "Velvet Tears", "Warmest Wind" or "The American Dream" on this. It was taken in consideration live performances (Tour, Award Show, TV Show) and official Audio & Lyric videos.
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    I know I'm just thirsty for Keshsus music
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    Caution is already better than Madame X and I haven't even listened to Caution Madame X will be more successful tho.
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    I totally believe this rating. HERE WE GO ASKING "WHY WASNT THIS A SINGLE" AGAIN. JUST LIKE MDNA AND RH. as I suspected and said here b4, the best tracks are not singles AGAIN. That album cover is indeed very good. Note that if you cut the 7th graded ones, we end up with a 9 track album, like the old days. Keep Medellin and we get a 10th one. Why those fillers? why releasing fillers as pre album singles?????? THE NON FILLERS ARE MIRWAIS PRODUCED. IS QUAVO NECESSARY? I feel back that up will be a bop too.
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    Apparently miley's lead sing is Mothers Daughter and I AM READY
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    WAR/APOCALYPSE: 1. American Life 2. Sorry 3. I'm So Stupid 4. Swim 5. Love Profusion 6. Wash All Over Me OR Ghosttown RELIGIOUS/CATHOLIC: 7. Spanish Eyes 8. Intervention 9. Till Death Do Us Part 10. The Power of Good-Bye 11. Oh Father 12. You'll See PIANO BAR: 13. Hollywood 14. Bad Girl 15. Secret 16. Rain 17. Take a Bow PSYCHEDELIA: 18. Get Together 19. Impressive Instant 20. Beautiful Stranger 21. Physical Attraction AWAKENING: 22. Bedtime Story 23. Skin 24. Rescue Me 25. Nothing Really Matters 26. Encore: Everybody
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    She says in the interview that they will incorporate elements into the show that were originally planned for Bionic tour.
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    American life is my favorite Madonna album. I even enjoy most of Hard Candy. My main problem so far is that everything sounds bad. I can’t believe nothing has replay value. The cringeworthy features ruin everything. the era is dead on arrival. 0 hype for the release and she’s moved on to rehearsing for the tour so Billboard awards and Eurovision is all we are getting this era.
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    Pretty sure you are also the type of stan that wants her to remake Ray of Light or Confessions.. By the looks of some critics and how they enjoyed listening to it, I doubt it's going to be panned.. My bets are it'll be higher than RH on MC. So, I'd suggest you to download ROL and Confessions on Spotify if that's what you want to listen!
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    omg that is so kind, thank you dylan who knew you could be so nice
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    Literally every other pop girl: Starting a new era Gaga and Rihanna: “lol”
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    Daft Punk did almost a decade before.
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    Angel White Heat (sue me ) Causing a Commotion Til Death Do Us Part Promise to Try Oh Father (I WOULD SELL MY KIDNEYS FOR THIS TO GET A FULL PERFORMANCE) Bye Bye Baby Bad Girl Why's It So Hard Nothing Really Matters Impressive Instant Nobody's Perfect What It Feels Like for a Girl Paradise (Not for Me) Mother and Father Sorry (we're never getting it again and I just have to make my peace with that) Forbidden Love Isaac Let It Will Be (album version)
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    Serve of the century... International stans rotting
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    THIS! They are a match made in heaven. And she did all the tour book shoots for the scrapped Bionic tour!
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    I met Blackpink today in Barcelona. They were doing some tourism and they're the sweetest more gentle souls I've ever met. I'm so sad that they have to go back to Korea... I really have a feeling that they don't like it much there and prefer western countries.
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    Snatching this thread and will be updating as reviews come in! Caution: Rolling Stone: 80 MusicOMH: 100 Entertainment Weekly: 83 Clash Music: 80 Madame X: Rolling Stone: 60 MusicOMH: 90 Entertainment Weekly: 67 Clash Music: 60
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    Some incredible, original melodies and song structures/progressions, a cohesive soundscape, singing in a range she never attempted before, amazing instrumentation, pretty slick and contemporary merge of four different genres, layered productions and some dope outros as well
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    Both aren’t / probably won’t be as good as their older albums
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    it literally makes me SICK to my stomach how incredibly talented you are
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    My most anticipated tracks all by Mirwais I think Looking For Mercy might be also Evigan/Billboard production as most of Madonna & Starrah songs were
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    I don't give a shit what y'all call yourselves. Generation 0 would be more fitting.
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    I want more Bubblebath too but the metal is giving her good traction right now so I’m into it This song gives me Bubblebath vibes and it was made in 2017 so she’s very capable of bringing the sound back.
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    Now I understand why Miley has been saying "She Is Coming" for weeks
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    She did what she had to do. Miley surely didn't forget the time Nicki randomly started beef with her over fucking nothing.
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    Mariah then Cardi then Drake then Ariana owned 2018 tho? Like, Ariana might be #1 on the hot 100 but in terms of domination, popularity, success, relevance, etc. etc. it goes: 1. Mariah 2. Cardi 3. Drake 4. Ariana Sorry about that
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