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    Oh wow, Madonna kinda snapped on her NYT cover
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    Every day we get closer and closer to the Handmaid’s Tale. Also @Chris Morlock you may want to change the title. Josh Lamon is the guy Willam reposted this from; the mayor who said this is Mark Chambers.
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    An album so secret and unleakable that civilians cant even walk near the land of it's recording studio
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    of course the CEO of a company and the richest popgirl can afford it
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    Zedd is a mess. Check any of the co-producers on his songs, they almost always sound like work by them instead of him lmao
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    While we're at it, we should perma-cancel Diplo as well, cause he's a credit stealer too. There's evidence to state that Bitch I'm Madonna's instrumental is an edit of work by SOPHIE, Time Is Up's (Poppy) instrumental was mainly worked on by Tommy Fox, etc. Anyways, Katy really can't catch a break over her collaborators, huh Kanye? Cancelled! Dr. Luke? Rapist! Migos? Homophobic! Nicki? Pedo-enabler! And now Zedd, a whole ass fraudulent homeless-looking flop who peaked with ARTPOP and lost traction when Gaga ditched him for a country sound!
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    Watch the Twitter stans attack Katy now too
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    I just hope it serves longevity justbecauseitsoverdoesntmeanitsreallyoverkdskdskdksksdmekms
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    brendon urie on intimate with raphi reshef | asia
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    belinda on good morning america | united states
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    The production looks great but it kind of annoys me that she is just standing or walking during so many fast songs. Your Body, Not Myself tonight, Cant hold us down, Aint no other Man, Candyman, Wohoo, Bionic, Accelerate, FTM, Let there be love and she is SITTING during a huge chunk of Dirrty. Im not expecting her to be Beyonce or have every second choreographed but she could have had a little armography for Your Body and some choreo during NMT ESPECIALLY the final seconds where the drums kick in. Aint no other man and Candyman she is doing her same old choreo but hal assed and not fully. Come on Girl you can do better.
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    No one: You snapping in battlegrounds/nhb:
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    Not kashier getting more plays than Britney , Xtina , Madonna & Gaga combined 💀💀💀
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    1. shes 17 2. shes not blonde 3. wheres the lana coming from?
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    i just havent been able to get into it
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    This seem to be first core song from album, previous ones were kind of light buzz songs (except Medellín i guess) judging by the reviews
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    especially that last line it sounds exactly like her. if someone faked this they did a damn good job and I hope we find out soon because
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    It sounds like her to me but some parts the way she says stuff isn't typically like Ariana but imma wait until the full thing leaks hopefully. I've done lyric searches and shamed it and nothings come up so it might be legit but I rlly don't know
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    The descriptions alone have me so excited, probably the most I’ve been for a Madonna song since she first teased a snippet of Gang Bang before the MDNA release
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    Gorgeous !! I especially like the last pic
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    You are not only one This era hits every point on my satisfaction scale so far Crave is like Madonna signature ballad and its just gets better every time its on
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    And literally no one believes in the creationist idea. It’s really unpopular in Europe
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    Okay, I actually agree on the last sentence ;-) - but I kinda see some things a little different, maybe (?) .... 1) The production is NOT great: The stage looks empty to me in so many settings - probably in any setting except for Maria! She just has a huge LED screen. That's it! This "TV" is supposed to make up for some actual stage technique. (I don't expect the kinda show Brit was doing, but yeah I she had a better production she could be singing properly still & not just be "walking" the stage. 2) The doging notes thing: She really sounded hoarse during the interviews - I hope she's fine! She even cut the iconic "Dirrty belt" short - I am concerned actually. And yeah, even in Maria - she lowered the C#5-chorus which took a huge toll to the song, I think. Reflection worked fine with the head voice / falsetto instead of belting out the E5 - but being able to hit that E5 made her getting that Song for Mulan in 1999 - so she actually should hit it properly... honestly speaking. 3) There's not any song showing her full vocal potential. Just similiar to Liberation Tour which had a proper version of Maria back then.
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    Wew these pics are rather stunning, luv the concept, whoever came up with that must have a lot of talent
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    If you get a hit every 10 years I’m not surprised
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    Does anyone think this has a chance at entering the top 10?
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    I still need to watch Gods of Egypt because I also like Egyptian mythology a lot. I’m one of the few people that liked the 2017 reboot of The Mummy just because I thought Ahmanet was cool. I haven’t, I actually forgot about those. Do you know if they’re more Greek or Roman based?
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    The titles are intriguing, I’ll have to read up on them. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of It Came From Beneath the Sea actually. And I agree, Hercules has so much potential in a live action format.
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    @Hylia did you say you were a fan of Ray Harryhausen movies, or at least Clash of the Titans? I ordered this Blu-ray set of his films that's pretty cool.
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    Rape and molestation are very difficult things to cope with and deal with. Some rape and molestation victims seriously never learn to move past it. If you haven't been a victim of either, you really don't have the right to judge her decision on this, nor the doctors. I highly doubt she went in there saying "I was raped. I want to die. Sign it off." It was through thorough examination of the patients MENTAL MATURITY (traumatizing experiences CAN cause the brain to develop abnormally, even to the point of "gaining" mental maturity at a much earlier age) and just how bad the damage was. She wrote a book detailing everything she battled and went through. 7000 people going to get euthanized isn't a lot FYI. There are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of suicides each year. You just don't hear about the numbers like you do here. So instead of doing it themselves, they get it legally done... but the end result would be the same either way... Death.
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    I wish I would have been old enough to experience that
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    Lana on Entertainment Tonight
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    I can listen to Robyn's Body Talk 24/7 and I would even get slightly tired of it... I literally don't know a better album
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    I wasn’t aware legal euthanasia could be used in patients with mental health issues I definitely support assisted suicide but something like this is a grey area and should be case by case, not one steadfast set of rules.
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    @Mr. Mendes Congratulations! "Human" was chosen on the CAL Randomizer. Michelle Obama praised "Human" on The View, called it an "amazing album". You will recieve 5 positive updates in the US.
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    Time for a CAL Randomizer! -What is that? A special event that will give a negative or positive boost to your song/album/artist. It can be anything but the point is that it was not planned! -This week on CAL Randomizer: One album (that is currently charting) will experience 5 positive updates on Kworb USA due to Michelle Obama talking about it & reccomending it on The View. Who gets it? That's where we pull the CAL Randomizer. I will be using this website for the randomizer: https://www.randomresult.com/pick.php . Join us here: https://www.rabb.it/dylanxo @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @RebelHeart15 @Joanne @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Beyoncé @Cosmic @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Surrealism @Alesus @Michael. @phoenixstar @BritneysBitch
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    Almost is definitely enough with that snoozefest, NEXT!
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    I love that Kesha can write comical songs without making it too cheesy, a lot of popstars fail at that
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