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    Me seeing posts by 4-5 new members in a day. Is this the comeback of FOTP?
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    Since a new member asked for a new season of FOTPVison and there's a flood of them, sign ups for season 11 will open this Sunday at 8pm BST. More info coming this Friday
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    It's my birthday! @Madonna probably thinks I'm now 15
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    Went to go let the cats into my parents' house for the night and there were about 500 fucking moths, flies, gnats and who knows what fucking insects congregating around the porch light it was like that scene in Temple of Doom where Willie has to reach into the hole in the chamber...
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    Doctor: You have 10 hours left to live Me:
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    So, me and my German FOTP crew have been stalking the 1Live radio playlist. 1Live is one of the biggest German radio stations and covers north and west Germany. Germany is one of the top 3 music markets in the world. Now, we've been looking up some of the pop girls to see how much airplay they're getting and... Where the FUCK is Break Up with Your Girlfriend? Fuck breathin! The undeniable pop queen. Obliterated all her peers! Radio is stanning Katy still but it seems they're more here for 365. Beyoncé not being as local as expected but she#s only being played late in the evening or early in the morning. It seems Lana has a second hit on her hands with Doin' Time. Who would have thought. Misogyny at its finest. That is apparent in most of these tbh. No words. Madame Fail gets what she deserves. (I got the same result for Mariah & Kylie) It's hilarious that radio is putting this shit on heavy rotation, yet it's currently charting at #33 in GER after dropping to #57 like a hot potato. The German GP is NOT here for it but they seem to have a good radio deal here. and now this: They are not even playing her oldies. No Paparazzi, no Telephone, not even Poker Face. Shallow nowhere to be found and that's so strange. The song was apparently doing so well and I kept hearing how much of a hit it was, yet... ...it only spent 4 weeks in the top 10 and its chart history was more of a roller coaster. Something is very very fishy about it allegedly doing so well on certain platforms. I'm almost certain they've made a deal with Apple Music and Spotify to fake streams/sales with bots or whatever. IT JUST DOESN'T ADD UP.
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    Oh wow, Madonna kinda snapped on her NYT cover
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    I think a lot of Joanne really was her own direction that she chose, and people like Mark Ronson just helped her achieve her vision. In general I don’t think I’ve heard anything by him that sounds like his Joanne work period
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    Looks like Mark is doing bops with everyone except for Gaga so ... points were made
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    maluma on coca-cola fm | south america
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    I was really scared opening this thread
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    An album so secret and unleakable that civilians cant even walk near the land of it's recording studio
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    of course the CEO of a company and the richest popgirl can afford it
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    The knee-jerk reaction is obviously that this is crazy, but the more I think about, the more I consider how truly horrible her life must've become if she was unable to even eat or drink. I'm sure that she and her guardian(s) have tried every kind of treatment in the book, especially given that healthcare in the Netherlands is of pretty good quality. Without knowing more of the specific circumstances of her case, it feels weird to be passing judgment on it. Yes, she was really young, but she'd been subject to abuse since she was a small child. We just don't know all the details. So yeah, this may be a slippery slope, but doctors spend a significant amount of time considering assisted suicide cases. I think we have to trust that they know more than we do in this instance.
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    Like this song very much, might be my fave of the released new songs.
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    What the fuck The doctor who approved of this should highkey be revoked of his license
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    brendon urie on intimate with raphi reshef | asia
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    brendon urie on tonight with guri alfi | asia
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    belinda on beats one | united states
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    maluma goes to transamerica fm | south america
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    No one can judge her decision unless they've been in her shoes, and even then everyone deals with trauma differently. I hope she's at peace now because this is the most depressing headline I've seen in a long time. P.S. This story is being completely misrepresented by calling what happened euthanasia. She chose to starve herself and it even says that in the OP.
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    This pro footage does make the show look better and hides all her mishaps like standing and doing nothing for uptempo songs and dodging notes
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