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    Come Alive it's so POWERFUL. It's giving me chills right now. The sounds, the chorus at the end... WOW. I STAN A LEGEND.
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    Just got home from a crazy day so listening to HQ now but omg it sounds even better than I imagined I didn’t realized how much the vinyl rip had compressed it I also just got an offer for that dream job I was interviewing for this week this day is just too good to me
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    This is your wake-up call We don’t have to fall A new democracy God and pornography
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    I think most can agree that God Control is clearly the best song on the entire album. The vocoder, the switch from the spoken word/church choir to full on disco number, the lyrics... It’s my most played next to Bitch I’m Loca
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    God Control is a career highlight
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    Rightfully so. Stan culture is unbelievably annoying and grating, I can't even imagine what it's like to be the one their stanning. Like, I do the annoying stan shit on here just as a joke... and I find it repulsive that there's people put there who act like that because that's the way they are. Anyway, this song is miles better than Me! and actually gave me goosebumps.
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    The lyrics about her learning from the Katy feud + pop girls being put against eachother We stan
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    Why do all straight guys walk like there's an Ostrich egg between their thighs
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    Album: Madame X iTunes (48x #1): #1 United States #1 United Kingdom #1 Australia #1 Austria #1 Bahrain #1 Belarus #1 Belgium #1 Brazil #1 Bulgaria #1 Cyprus #1 Czech Republic #1 Dominican Republic #1 Egypt #1 Estonia #1 Finland #1 France #1 Germany #1 Greece #1 Guatemala #1 Honduras #1 Hungary #1 Indonesia #1 Israel #1 Italy #1 Kazakhstan #1 Lebanon #1 Lithuania #1 Luxembourg #1 Malta #1 Mexico #1 Netherlands #1 Philippines #1 Poland #1 Portugal #1 Qatar #1 Romania #1 Russia #1 Singapore #1 Slovakia #1 Slovenia #1 Spain #1 Switzerland #1 Taiwan #1 Thailand #1 Turkey #1 Ukraine #1 United Arab Emirates #1 Uzbekistan
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    listening on itunes. best quality so far. batuka is way clearer. atually the whole thing is another experience in HQ. iTunes quality is freaking gorgeous, the low frequencies are sparkling.
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    you might wanna change the description for Crazy too
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    starting with MDNO is a choice which already disqualifies your opinion
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    God Control is such a musical journey! The instrumental
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    i kinda wanna make a playlist of all the fotp faves singles in release date order.
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    I can’t stop listening to Batuka
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    God Control is one hell of a experience. Wow.
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    Ashley O queen of performing worldwide at one time. Hannah can keep her local shows!
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    Taking shots at Taylor like it's patrĂłn . Damn, it's almost 7 AM here. And I'm just like "Hey, are you OK?" You need to calm down, it is not a match.
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    Ok I kinda love this. I would normally be a little underwhelmed by this kind of production for a lead/second single but the lyrics are just too good and there’s something that feels really appropriate about this theme for her in this stage in her career. Call it calculated but it fits so well. I accept.
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    Omg the all gay lyrics I AM LIVING
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    girls let's not pretend the only bad thing about Birthday is the beat drop, the whole thing sounds like a disaster ahh these kings omg rowoon can ******* ** ***
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    Vroom Vroom is the modern Bohemian Rhapsody, but actually good