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    Ashley O queen of performing worldwide at one time. Hannah can keep her local shows!
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    Vroom Vroom is the modern Bohemian Rhapsody, but actually good
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    I really wanted to like Taylor’s new song but the lyrics are q’white somethin...
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    Sksjsks I regret making this thread already . I'm not saying the songsare the same, but to me there's a string resemblance. I'm not randomly hating though as i actually like the song.
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    britney spears on jimmy fallon | united states
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    Hannah Montana STOMPS on Ashley NO, and that’s that on that!
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    I will let the delusion take a wheel here and go with 5 million Bible X deserves it
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    The effort is cute and the message is good, but the music sucks and the lyrics are trite and superficial. At least she tried
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    Thank you for explaining exactly what was stuck at the back of my mind. Tea has been served.
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    Well... I mean get that spending money while you work on the album!
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    Why are you mad when you could be glad?
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    I'm just pointing out that if it's playing at work he certainly isn't in an office environment. Retail or fast food. Take your pick. I know that guac is extra, thx.
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    They say that when a song is direction at someone the person in question should be totally oblivious to it.
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    Oh Sonja... shit.... honey, girl, don't ever fucking change. Though, embrace some sobriety.
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    Fuck. Even this made The View haha.
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    I'm just tired of these dance videos... The songs aren't that good (Thinkin Bout You bops tho) and the videos are all the same.
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    Serve us new Britknee and new Maluma, and 2019 will be set!
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    This season of Real Housewives of Dallas will visit Thailand for their destination vacation.
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    Katy Perry will be a cameo in You Need To Calm Down music video mark my words
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    Short but her voice was amazing last night prime era vocals
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    Had to cancel DJ Khaled, boy, we ain't speakin' Ain't no fat ***** tellin' me what he ain't eatin'
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    Madame X snaps in every aspect. The instrumentals especially are 10/10.
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    I don't know about you guys, but I personally think the OP should be drawn and quartered.
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    Meanwhile Hannah never even had a solo tour to begin with, having to do a joint tour with a pre-PITUSA Miley Cyrus
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    He also doesn’t produce the instrumentals either. Can’t you read?
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    britney on rising star | south america
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    On a Roll is an entire bop but Hannah has the classics. Definitely Miss Montana.
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    Clearly not, since her 2019 greatest hits vinyl had no buzz or hype whatsoever outside a 1-page ATRL thread
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    Luann is so selfish. If something doesn’t personally benefit her, she doesn’t do it. Remember the Berkshires trip in season 8 when Jules was telling Luann her father was dying in the hospital and Luann ignored her and just went on about how Bethenny sucks? Ramona gets a lot of shit but she’s thoughtful, caring, and shows up for her friends—way more than Luann ever has. Barbara has taken a lot of hits from fans this season, but I don’t think she’s that bad. I felt bad for her when Luann said “She is my friend” and then corrected herself to say “was my friend.” She looked so betrayed. It reminded me of times when I’ve been there for someone and they were completely ungrateful and it made me realize they didn’t care about me all along. I think we’ve all been in that situation before and it’s a terrible feeling. I loved Tinsley standing up for Bethenny! After three seasons, she’s found her place and is truly a part of this group. I’ve always liked her, she’s so cute and I love a comeback story. Bethenny’s panic attack and Ramona’s crying actually made me emotional and I can’t explain it. I could feel their pain through the screen and it was so real. You know you messed up when those two are on the same side. Ugh, this show deserves an Emmy. Last night’s episode was dark and sad but it’s a top 5 of all time for me! You’re onto something with this Vicki comparison. Luann’s behavior at the table reminded me of Vicki at the season 10 reunion when everyone was coming at her for conspiring with Brooks: zero remorse, an inability to admit any fault or wrongdoing, and not taking her friends’ pain as a result of her actions seriously. Disgusting.
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    She better serve us another Cry. Best song of her career. (Also I totally figured out who you were on COP )
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    They deserve to get a Britney Jean era to calm down a bit.
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    She actually has done it herself and through her publicist. In an interview in 2011 she said that from time to time she comes across things on the Internet and she appreciates her fans' support, but that sometimes they need to tone it down (Have in mind this is the era when EVERYONE was saying she faked her pregnancy). If you add the fact that she isn't as active on social media (IG is managed by her team) and she hasn't done an interview in A WHILE... Anyway, her publicist posted this this week:
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    That YOU know. Monsters have done pretty fucked up shit too. ALL stan Twitter is a mess. There's more vile and cruel people there hiding behind anonymous profiles than anywhere else. I also doubt someone found where that guy truly lives and how to conact people from there, since the guy's profile also seemed to be anonymous (and if his life was in danger, I highly doubt he would post something that could allow someone to track him down). This just seems like one of these things that happen on Twitter where someone scams money from donations (like that girl who scamed conservatives saying that she got kicked out of her house for being pro-Trump).
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    Girl, there's nice people. Also let's not act like the Monsters are much better when y'all bully people there. However, I have a feeling this guy is lying to get them coins.
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    I mean, it would be incredible. But with her being indie, I really doubt she would ever have the chance of working with someone like Max. Besides, she's legally obligated to work with Luke nnn
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    The album which has a 82 on metacritic and whose singles charted higher on ITunes without a feature
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    Caution is already better than Madame X and I haven't even listened to Caution Madame X will be more successful tho.