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    Men gaybait all the time and face no real backlash, Taylor does absolutely nothing and gets dragged into another stupid headline. Another day another drama indeed, when will she get a day?
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    I'm surprised at how much I like this so far she saved the best for last whew
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    Come Alive it's so POWERFUL. It's giving me chills right now. The sounds, the chorus at the end... WOW. I STAN A LEGEND.
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    Just got home from a crazy day so listening to HQ now but omg it sounds even better than I imagined I didn’t realized how much the vinyl rip had compressed it I also just got an offer for that dream job I was interviewing for this week this day is just too good to me
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    It's true, Maluma put it inside me, I recorded the song!
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    Album truly gets better with every listen from start to finish!
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    Hey Madame X, girl you have done it again, constantly raising the bar for all of us, and doing it flawlessly My faves so far are God Control I Don't Search I Find Faz Gostoso Batuka Bitch I'm Loca
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    I think most can agree that God Control is clearly the best song on the entire album. The vocoder, the switch from the spoken word/church choir to full on disco number, the lyrics... It’s my most played next to Bitch I’m Loca
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    God Control is a career highlight
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    Rightfully so. Stan culture is unbelievably annoying and grating, I can't even imagine what it's like to be the one their stanning. Like, I do the annoying stan shit on here just as a joke... and I find it repulsive that there's people put there who act like that because that's the way they are. Anyway, this song is miles better than Me! and actually gave me goosebumps.
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    The lyrics about her learning from the Katy feud + pop girls being put against eachother We stan
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    Stan both but Bitch I'm Luca is that bitch Where you want me to put this? Umm you can put it inside EDIT: Bitch I'm Loca we- @NIGHTMARE ur impact
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    Global digital artist ranking 4 +120 Madonna 2638pts
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    My friend in Barcelona sent me a video of a record store, they're playing Medellin and have a lot of promo material of Madame X.
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    She didn’t have to snap this ridiculously hard
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    Album: Madame X iTunes (48x #1): #1 United States #1 United Kingdom #1 Australia #1 Austria #1 Bahrain #1 Belarus #1 Belgium #1 Brazil #1 Bulgaria #1 Cyprus #1 Czech Republic #1 Dominican Republic #1 Egypt #1 Estonia #1 Finland #1 France #1 Germany #1 Greece #1 Guatemala #1 Honduras #1 Hungary #1 Indonesia #1 Israel #1 Italy #1 Kazakhstan #1 Lebanon #1 Lithuania #1 Luxembourg #1 Malta #1 Mexico #1 Netherlands #1 Philippines #1 Poland #1 Portugal #1 Qatar #1 Romania #1 Russia #1 Singapore #1 Slovakia #1 Slovenia #1 Spain #1 Switzerland #1 Taiwan #1 Thailand #1 Turkey #1 Ukraine #1 United Arab Emirates #1 Uzbekistan
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    listening on itunes. best quality so far. batuka is way clearer. atually the whole thing is another experience in HQ. iTunes quality is freaking gorgeous, the low frequencies are sparkling.
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    you might wanna change the description for Crazy too
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    starting with MDNO is a choice which already disqualifies your opinion
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    People starting spreading a rumor she was kissing Katy in the video and accused her of queerbaiting... glad she cleared it up
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    "It came on at work" So..... you work retail girl? JC Penney? Old Navy? Aren't you in your 30's?
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    love that your first post here is shitting on sm lmfaoo... welcome! btw i agree with everything stated!
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    Girl, his account is now public and he's still worried about charts and shit while he was about to die on monday? MAKE IT MAKE SENSE. Another Gaga stan being a fraud. https://twitter.com/LGMonster95/with_replies
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    She wanted to rule the world – and did. Madonna looks back on four decades of fame, why the music industry needs a #MeToo moment, and her still insatiable ambition On YouTube, you can find a clip of Madonna appearing on American Bandstand in January 1984. She is still promoting her eponymous debut album, released six months before, and still just one among a raft of young singers mining a vein of post-disco dance-pop. She has yet to have a Top 10 hit in the United States, and the host, Dick Clark, still finds it necessary to explain who she is when introducing her. Her label’s expectations for the single she performs, Holiday, are so modest, it hasn’t bothered commissioning a video for it. And yet it’s not just hindsight that makes the viewer realise something big is about to happen to her career. After she mimes to Holiday, the audience won’t stop screaming and cheering: Clark has to plead for quiet so he can interview her. Answering his questions, Madonna is funny and flirtatious and very, very confident. He asks her what her ambitions are. “To rule the world,” she answers. Madonna appearing on American Bandstand in 1984. Thirty-five years on, Madonna laughs when I mention it. “Yes,” she nods. “Sorry for saying that.” The thing is, she says, she wasn’t confident at all back then: it was all a front. “I may have been insecure, I may have felt like a nobody, but I knew I had to do something. If I was going to make something out of my life, I had to, you know, hurl myself into the dark space, go down the road less travelled. Otherwise, why live?” She recalls feeling as startled as anyone else when she realised how famous she had become, less than 18 months after she had informed Clark she was going to rule the world. The Like a Virgin album had come out and sold 3.5m copies in 14 weeks in the US alone. She had scored six transatlantic Top 10 hit singles in under a year. Desperately Seeking Susan was in cinemas: her presence as the titular heroine had turned a low-budget film packed with cameos from New York underground luminaries – Richard Hell, Arto Lindsay, Ann Magnuson – into a box-office smash. No one was talking about her being just one among a raft of young post-disco dance-pop singers any more. “It took my breath away. I can’t begin to tell you. I remember the first concert I did on the Virgin tour, in Seattle, when everything became big and I had no way of being prepared for it. It literally sucked the life out of me, sucked the air out of my lungs when I walked on stage. I sort of had an out-of-body experience. Not a bad feeling, not an out-of-control feeling, but an otherworldly feeling that nothing could prepare you for. I mean,” she smiles, “eventually you get used to it.” You clearly do. The Madonna that sits before me, perched on an overstuffed sofa in a swish hotel not far from the house she owns in central London, certainly doesn’t give the impression of being a woman terribly plagued by insecurity: a solitary wobble comes when talk turns to her then-forthcoming appearance on Eurovision, a venerable television institution almost unknown in the US and that, it quickly becomes apparent, Madonna has never actually seen. “Well, Jean-Paul Gaultier is obsessed with it,” she shrugs. Her unexpected, apparently unresearched and ultimately divisive plunge into the world of Ding-a-Dong, Dana International and nul points pour le Royaume-Uni notwithstanding, she radiates starry self-assurance. And why wouldn’t she? A list of her achievements in the intervening 35 years includes becoming the bestselling female artist ever, the most successful solo artist in the history of the American charts, the highest-grossing solo touring artist ever and, as she dryly notes, “still being alive”, her only real competition for the title of most legendary pop artist of her era, Michael Jackson and Prince, having both prematurely passed away. Sometimes when she talks, she unmistakably sounds like a pop star forged in a different era. She is “dizzy” at the sheer turnover of pop in the digital age – “There are so many distractions, so much noise, so many people coming and going so quickly, it takes away the artist’s ability to grow” – and says the modern way of writing pop songs, where artists are thrown together with a rotating cast of random star producers and writers at songwriting camps, didn’t suit her at all. “Oh, I tried that on MDNA and Rebel Heart. I worked with a lot of talented people, but it’s too hard to have a vision when you work with so many people: there’s so much input. I didn’t enjoy the process at all. Sometimes it was great, but it’s very weird to sit in a room with strangers and go: ‘OK, on your marks, set, write a song together!’ You have to reveal yourself, you have to be vulnerable, and it’s hard to do that right away.” Full article at The Guardian
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    Killers is playing at my record store
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    This is a bop and the lyrics in it needed to be said. She’s 100% right about the internet/Stan culture
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    I can’t stop listening to Batuka
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    God Control is one hell of a experience. Wow.
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    Ashley O queen of performing worldwide at one time. Hannah can keep her local shows!
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    Taking shots at Taylor like it's patrón . Damn, it's almost 7 AM here. And I'm just like "Hey, are you OK?" You need to calm down, it is not a match.
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    Ok I kinda love this. I would normally be a little underwhelmed by this kind of production for a lead/second single but the lyrics are just too good and there’s something that feels really appropriate about this theme for her in this stage in her career. Call it calculated but it fits so well. I accept.
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    Omg the all gay lyrics I AM LIVING
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    girls let's not pretend the only bad thing about Birthday is the beat drop, the whole thing sounds like a disaster ahh these kings omg rowoon can ******* ** ***
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    It just amazes me the person who made ROL came up with this garbage...
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    Just listened to Madame X from top to bottom. I’m sad to say this is the only Madonna album I will not be listening to again. Horrible.
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    And Hornuma's laugh at the end omg. Best 2010s bop.
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    The way this album shoot is also her best since Confessions
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    just caught up with NYC and wow... Luann really is insufferable the lack of self-awareness and compassion reminds of somebody I know so it pisses me off to watch even more. But I also think Bethenny is a horrible person who is willing to air every little dirty detail of her "friends" lives when she's angry. The rage she displayed on this episode cannot be just about Luann, and I hope she's getting the help she needs.
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    iTunes (58x #1): #1 United States #1 United Kingdom #1 Argentina #1 Australia #1 Bahrain #1 Belarus #1 Belgium #1 Belize #1 Brazil #1 Bulgaria #1 Canada #1 Chile #1 Colombia #1 Costa Rica #1 Cyprus #1 Czech Republic #1 Dominican Republic #1 Ecuador #1 Egypt #1 El Salvador #1 Estonia #1 Finland #1 France #1 Germany #1 Greece #1 Guatemala #1 Honduras #1 Hungary #1 Indonesia #1 Israel #1 Italy #1 Kazakhstan #1 Lebanon #1 Lithuania #1 Luxembourg #1 Malta #1 Mexico #1 Netherlands #1 Panama #1 Peru #1 Philippines #1 Poland #1 Portugal #1 Qatar #1 Romania #1 Russia #1 Singapore #1 Slovakia #1 Slovenia #1 Spain #1 Switzerland #1 Taiwan #1 Thailand #1 Trinidad and Tobago #1 Turkey #1 Ukraine #1 United Arab Emirates #1 Uzbekistan #2 Austria #2 Brunei Darussalam #2 Denmark #2 India #2 Ireland #2 Malaysia #2 Moldova #2 Mozambique #2 New Zealand #2 Norway #2 Saudi Arabia #2 South Africa #2 Sweden #4 Japan #5 Papua New Guinea #5 Vietnam #9 Azerbaijan #13 Cambodia #35 Paraguay #72 Latvia #89 Kenya Apple Music (first #1)
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    What she needs to do is stop paying dust to Impossible Princess and perform Cowboy Style in full.
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    This album is a fucking Masterpiece!!
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