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    and how fitting that name is! His reputation is so low that if you list all members on this website in the member search and rank them by reputation, he doesn't even show up!
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    I was watching some scenes on youtube and i realised how much i stan these movies. We need a new one with Cindy and Brenda on it. One of my favorite scenes is this one.
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    Literally nobody even cares about her feud with Kanye anymore. It seems like she's the only one who can't get over it. She's really torn up about that snake thing and can't let it go. Must have hurt her ego a bit. But it's not cute anymore, should have left in the reputation era where it belonged. Bringing it up again for every single Also really side-eye worthy the fact that she changed her stitch to pandering to to the liberals and the LGBTQ community after years of people calling her out for not speaking on politics and leaning on the conservative side.
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    We had Whitney, Mariah and Celine in the past. However, current singers do not have strong vocals. I think only Louisa johnson deserves a vocal queen.
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    i think i'll be releasing devotion here in the thread (or what i had kjfsb)
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    Any scene from the best in the franchise - the first Scary Movie.
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    RHOBH: On RuPaul, Lisa Vanderpump described this season of RHOBH as "brutal," and that she wishes she had taken a one-season break from the series, as she suggested Andy Cohen stated she do. RHOA: Apollo is back in-jail, nine-days after his release.
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    Both of the Heather's have some good fuckin' husbands. LOL. To me, Bethenny had the worst, lol. A multi-year divorce? Insane, lol.
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    2019.... The year where pop music is being saved!
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    Katy and Taylor in one video!
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    Bless us Santa Kylie
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    I feel so bad for her. I’ve always liked her; she’s one of the nicest and realest people to ever be on RHOC and I have so much respect for her after reading her blog post about it.
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    This song claps! Game 'bout to close down, lol. NO NO! RELEASE THE ALBUM, BISH! I NEED THAT ALBUM IN MY LIFE! #Comeback I'll play if you come back!
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    @Hermione Meghan King might've just got herself on the next season of RHOC, with her husband's cheating scandal!
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    60 seconds until You Need To Calm Down premiere!
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    Madame X found sacred, shat and escorted to the nearest retirement home.
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    I didn't know screaming is a definition of a vocalist. If that's the case then I might be a vocalist as well.
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    I've never heard of that adjective
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    Ariana and Demi are average vocalists.Tori kelly and Louisa johnson deserve.
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    Can't wait for Madonna to win this poll We know she has the biggest fanbase here.
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    There are rumours that it’s actually also an album???? @Royalty @Yoncé.
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    We'll be revealing all 10 submissions for the 11th season of FOTPVision on Plug.dj, come join us!
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    So basically YOU played it
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    Okay this TASTE We LOVE God in this household! And same, I'm not that active on here either. This forum is kinda dead compared to... other ones We gotta keep the K-thread alive tho, that's what it deserves!
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    the instrumentals are so good omfg want you in my room and julien are EXPERIENCES
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    Anyway, on topic, I love the Honest Vocal Coach. She's awesome. But her best video is this one:
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    Haha. Mariah Carey would be fudge ice cream because she's fancy and classy
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    Still die laughing every time
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    That comment alone should go into the Hall Of Fame. It's eternal and constantly being brought back.
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    this thread should be in the HoF
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    That's a good example on how to be iconic
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    Mariah has been whispering since 1997 and y’all consider that vocals tho