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    Lets get it clear Kanye ONLY told Taylor of the sex line, so it was completely reasonable for Taylor to be caught off-guard and offended by the following "I made that bitch famous" line Kim recorded the phonecall illegally, knowing she could use it to harm Taylor in the future. That makes the idea of Kanye doing a good thing there invalid. Taylor did not give permission for her image to be used sexually in the music video. PERIOD. It crossed several lines and was a violation. Taylor bringing up this call anyway was 100% valid since she used it as an example of Scooter trying to ruin her. He managed Kanye, manages Bieber (who he had shading Taylor on IG after the call expose), now manages Demi (who had beef with Taylor in the past), etc. There is NO reason that Taylor's discography should be in his possession. NO reason whatsoever. And it clearly IS an act of malice, since Taylor was forced into a position of either signing back to the label and releasing more records in exchange to rights to her old ones, or the rights go to him. What's happening to Taylor is completely unfair.
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    This forum is dead and I really do not understand why the mods & admins haven't taken action yet!
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    I get it's fun to hate on Taylor and mock her recent childish sounding lyrics and sound but come on, if this were anyone else, especially your own faves, yall would be calling for Scooter and Scott's heads. It's quite ridiculous. I'm sure so much more has happened behind the scenes that Taylor didn't even mention in order to warrant such an emotional response from her. It's very unfair what is happening to her and no artist, whether you hate them or not, deserves it. Your OP wreaks of bitterness and hatred for a woman you have never and more than likely will never meet and it's quite sad. You need to calm down indeed.
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    Release date: 30 June 1986 ESTIMATED SALES: 23 million CERTIFIED SALES: 14.7 million The album skyrocketed Madonna’s career from MTV icon to Global icon , ranking in with Michael Jackson and Prince. It remains her best selling studio album to date.
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    On his OWN terms, instead of being outed by stupid Nicki stans. Happy for him.
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    Scooter has always been a grimy, garbage producer.
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    Everytime i see my old straight hot hs friend i wish i sucked him off when i had the chance those years ago
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    Maybe you should take a trip back to 2011 so you could see your fav having an impact again
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    But the problem is you say that it’s what she deserves and nobody deserves to be taken advantage of by anyone. She has every right to be upset with Kanye, Kim, and especially Scooter. I don’t give a FUCK how you feel about anyone, to say she deserves it is sickening. But go ahead, keep being a clown.
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    @Madonna Just lost a LOT of respect for you with this one...
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    How is "I made that bitch famous" a compliment? It was completely fair of Taylor to take that negatively, and as something that suggests he takes credit for career / wasn't sorry for the VMAs incident, ESPECIALLY since he made sure to exclude that lyric when asking her for permission to reference her.
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    "It’s okay to record conversations that take place in person or over the phone. In most states, only one party needs to give consent for recording. Eleven states require two-party consent. In other words, everyone involved in a conversation must agree to be recorded. Those states are, California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington."
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    make your own creative decisions instead of relying on others to make them for you because rest assured, none of us care who you play with as long as you’re.... playing
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    Lord have Mercy Things have got to change There's a storm ahead I hear the wind blowing Let me catch my breath Will we win this race? Swear the road is long And the highway listens
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    I’m already getting teased about turning 25 next month. Madonna teas
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    1. You added an unnecessary h in Megan 2. Thought this was Meghan Trainor shade.
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    If she gonna wear that black dress that she wears at the IG videos i'll unstan. Give me her stylist IG, to be ready to drag in case this happens, cause im done.
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    Like I said. She's just mad it's someone she doesn't like but boohoo that's life. Shit like this happens to all of us.
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    Okay I read it. I mean, that's business. Sure, it sucks... but there's nothing legally that supports her stance here. He lawfully bought her catalog from the record company that owns it.
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    I don’t know what to think. Swifties are going after Carly and he isn’t even her manager, anymore.
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    Has anyone seen that video of that lady saying, “Netflix and CHILL? Nah, baby. We’re getting Popeyes to go. We’re gonna be chicken and dickin’!” I can’t stop laughing
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    Cause he’s the Señorita And well... it’s his song, not hers.
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    Just another example of a man showing he can treat women anyway he wants and manipulates people by using the media to destroy any woman who doesn’t agree with him.
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    I’ve been low-key stanning her for years now, I think she just got me to get a full-card.
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    You dusty ass, disgusting no manners having trifling BITCH! Do NOT talk about me to your friends like I’m not right in front of you, heifer ass customer! If I put any more items in your bags, they would BREAK, you should be THANKING me, NOT shading me to your friends. Shout out to the one friend of yours that actually defended me because she knew the tea about our shitty bags! She seems like a decent human, unlike your sewer rat bitch ass!
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    I can’t get the taste of cheap beer out of my mouth
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    Alien Spaceship (Part II) Anybody Out There? Find it... ...and I Fucking Did (interlude) They'll Have to Fight Me (if They Keep Saying Aliens Don't Exist) Extraterrestrial (Supernatural Part II) Big Eyes Invading Do It Again Will I See You Again? Meet Me in Space [not directly Young and Reckless] I Don't Want to Go Back
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    Listen to The Altar NOW It's more accessible than her debut
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    I wish we could step back in time to the golden era and she can serve us lost without you as a single
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    The cunt stanning is sarcasm though
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    Wow, what an idiot. Interesting to see if she’ll reply, she’s getting so much backlash on twitter for that. Doubting she actually ever even watched the video I mean first of all saying ”there should’ve been a warning” (hello?) and that ”if you want to help you should donate to onepulse”, she’s blind if she didn’t see the list of organizations M listed and donated to herself. God seriously, what a stupid little brat.
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    She's just really boring to me recently. Ashley O on the other hand...
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    I really had a few milliseconds of panic attack while reading
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    Well I guess for her standards a #1 hit with 1.6 billion streams, a top 5 hit, a $350M+ tour, 4M pure sales worldwide and the 19th most streamed female album on Spotify 11 years into her career is bad She’s just too powerful
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    Before we hang up, I ask Madonna the burning question on everyone's minds: Is Madame X a top or a bottom? “She’s both,” she laughs. “I don’t like choosing sides."
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    What do you expect? Madonna singing about gays and having them in videos in every era? Her artistic choices and reinventions had nothing to do with her support of gays. Life isn't perfect. She fell in love, got married and it turned out her husband was homophobic. That didn't make her anti-gay. By your logic Gaga is anti-gay because she went from "a creation for gay people" to "country lady for republicans and conservatives".