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    I get it's fun to hate on Taylor and mock her recent childish sounding lyrics and sound but come on, if this were anyone else, especially your own faves, yall would be calling for Scooter and Scott's heads. It's quite ridiculous. I'm sure so much more has happened behind the scenes that Taylor didn't even mention in order to warrant such an emotional response from her. It's very unfair what is happening to her and no artist, whether you hate them or not, deserves it. Your OP wreaks of bitterness and hatred for a woman you have never and more than likely will never meet and it's quite sad. You need to calm down indeed.
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    Lets get it clear Kanye ONLY told Taylor of the sex line, so it was completely reasonable for Taylor to be caught off-guard and offended by the following "I made that bitch famous" line Kim recorded the phonecall illegally, knowing she could use it to harm Taylor in the future. That makes the idea of Kanye doing a good thing there invalid. Taylor did not give permission for her image to be used sexually in the music video. PERIOD. It crossed several lines and was a violation. Taylor bringing up this call anyway was 100% valid since she used it as an example of Scooter trying to ruin her. He managed Kanye, manages Bieber (who he had shading Taylor on IG after the call expose), now manages Demi (who had beef with Taylor in the past), etc. There is NO reason that Taylor's discography should be in his possession. NO reason whatsoever. And it clearly IS an act of malice, since Taylor was forced into a position of either signing back to the label and releasing more records in exchange to rights to her old ones, or the rights go to him. What's happening to Taylor is completely unfair.
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    On his OWN terms, instead of being outed by stupid Nicki stans. Happy for him.
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    But the problem is you say that it’s what she deserves and nobody deserves to be taken advantage of by anyone. She has every right to be upset with Kanye, Kim, and especially Scooter. I don’t give a FUCK how you feel about anyone, to say she deserves it is sickening. But go ahead, keep being a clown.
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    "It’s okay to record conversations that take place in person or over the phone. In most states, only one party needs to give consent for recording. Eleven states require two-party consent. In other words, everyone involved in a conversation must agree to be recorded. Those states are, California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington."
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    Daddy πŸ‘¨ touches βœ‹ my πŸ‘§ thicc ass πŸ‘ He πŸ‘¨ tells πŸ—£οΈ me πŸ‘§ I'm a pretty πŸ‘Έ lass Puts his penis πŸ† in βž‘οΈπŸ‘β¬…οΈ my butt😍😫πŸ˜₯ Oh my god βž•, I'm such a slut! πŸ’ƒπŸ’¦ Mommy πŸ‘© sees πŸ‘€πŸ˜² us, and she's mad 😑😠😀 "I'm sorry πŸ˜“πŸ˜”hun, the sex πŸ‘πŸ†πŸ’¦ was bad!" πŸ‘ŽπŸ”š Mommy pulls out ⬆️ guns πŸ”« akimbo πŸ”«πŸ‘©πŸ”« Because she hates 😲😠 her little bimbo πŸ‘§ The Cummies πŸ’¦ are dripping β¬‡οΈπŸ’§from my hole πŸ‘ I can't πŸ™… stop working 😩😫πŸ’ͺ on Daddy's πŸ‘¨ pole πŸ’ˆπŸ˜« Mommy πŸ‘© shoots πŸ”«, her shots all miss πŸ˜‚ Daddy πŸ‘¨ and I πŸ‘© share a special β˜„οΈ kiss πŸ’‹ One ☝️ round left πŸ‘ˆ, Mommy πŸ‘© takes the gun πŸ”« She rests πŸ’€ the barrel πŸ›’οΈ on her tongue πŸ‘… "Goodbye πŸ‘‹ world 🌍, and goodbye πŸ‘‹ cheater! πŸ‘¨ I hope you're happy β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜„ with your stupid πŸ“–πŸš« wife πŸ‘© beater!" πŸ‘Š The gun πŸ”« goes bang πŸ’₯, Mommy πŸ‘© dies πŸ’€β˜ οΈβš°οΈ But we πŸ‘¨πŸ‘§ don't 🚫 care, Daddy πŸ‘¨ just sighs 🌬️😀 No 🚫 thoughts πŸ’­ in her πŸ‘© head πŸ’†, no 🚫 blood πŸ’‰ in her heart ➑️β™₯️⬅️, "That stupid πŸ“–πŸš« whore πŸ’ƒ can't 🚫 tear us apart." πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’“
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    @Madonna Just lost a LOT of respect for you with this one...
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    The queen of label issues Maybe I’m not so mad at this situation if we finally get her first two records with vocals that are actually on-key She owns the publishing rights if I’m not mistaken. I believe this means she can re-record old records as she pleases - and for example they can’t bar her from performing songs etc, the real issue here is just a man she feels harassed by is now profiting off her. So, if she re-records her old records and owns the masters to the re-recordings that would probably create a huge splash and greatly devalue her old records. So yes, they’d still profit from the old recordings but the revenue would likely be split. At least that’s what all I gathered. (Sorry for the dissertation ) I’m actually surprised it’s taken her 13 years to get screwed like this by a label
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    So All Stars 4 is available in Holland right now and SIS wtf when did Gia Gunn become such a snake?
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    She brought them up to make a point. Basically, the man who helped perpetuate that entire situation will now own the master recordings to all her previous albums (including the cathartic album about that situation - Reputation). She’s clearly extremely hurt and it makes a lot of sense to me as to why she name dropped them as it adds cushioning to her reason for feeling this way. And she’s obviously creating drama but not for nothing - I would speak out too if I was in her place. The man she worked with for 13 years basically manipulated her and backstabbed her on a whole other level than anything she’s experienced. This issue isn’t just about her but all the other artists (women especially) who have been screwed over and will be due to singing contracts with disgusting old manipulative men at young ages. So I’d say her reasoning for speaking up is about that too and not completely self-centered. Anyway, just my thoughts
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    You caught me, I couldn't be asked to watch the video. In that case, I'd be that Miley is the only reason that they're on that stage, she probably had to ask the promoters
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    Honestly the support she’s received so far has been huge. Hopefully more big name artists speak out instead of just indie acts and Halsey. The way $cooter is SHAKING in his boots and is having his whole camp pull out complete lies from their ass in response to Taylor’s post meanwhile actual artists are on her side She better re-record those albums and de-value those shitty old recordings
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    Let's be honest, Miley is on that stage because no one would give a shit if it was just Billy
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    How is "I made that bitch famous" a compliment? It was completely fair of Taylor to take that negatively, and as something that suggests he takes credit for career / wasn't sorry for the VMAs incident, ESPECIALLY since he made sure to exclude that lyric when asking her for permission to reference her.
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    Are kpop stans running Twitter? Why #harrystylesisgoingtojailparty trending? Or #banditocouncil wtf
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    You won’t get an unbiased summary from either of us, let’s be real @Venom might be able to help
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    It's not bad. But, I guess I never really sunk my teeth into it because Aphrodite was that album for me and all.
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    And after Pride so these corporations won’t be at his neck! A king!
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    respect for that thing OP? sis you know better than this