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    Somewhere in the world there is a father and a mother and the father is a son who has a mother The mother has a daughter who gets married to the brother of a mother and they all just tryna multiply with one another
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    Lana absolutely DESTROYED me today. What a fucking queen. We stan forever
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    So last night I was baking, making chocolate covered strawberries while listening to music. And I ended up spilling the whole pot of boiling hot water on my foot So I’m in my house screaming because my foot feels like it’s on fire, as Paris Hilton’s song “I Want You” played over and over on repeat... it was an experience
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    COP and other pop forums look so fucking bad, I'm embarrassed Even if this forum is dead at least it looks good and pleasing to the eye.
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    I just want access to the Haus of Whores section already. I'm never gonna reach 200 posts.
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    I’m bias because I stan her so hard... but This Is What The Truth Feels Like deserved so much more than it got. Some of these songs.... Splash (an opus literally an opus) Send Me a Picture Rare it was a crime against homosexuality that Baby Dont Lie flopped first of all... then she served this array of excellence and Make Me Like You wasn’t even number one for 20 weeks... Now I guess she’s a Christmas singer soon to be married to a southern hick
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    Can you honestly fuck off. Not a single one of us likes your posts or agrees with you. You make all of us xtina stans look stupid and delusional and we have to suffer the pointless drags all because you can't stfu. Go to xred
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    STAY AWAY FROM HER He also thinks people listen to his phonecalls like why would anyone ever want to WILL.I.AM has revealed he lives in fear that companies are listening to his private phone calls. The kooky Black Eyed Peas frontman insists he would never dream of calling up an artist to ask to work with him in case the phone call is being tapped into and they steal his ideas. Chatting exclusively to Daily Star Online at the 2019 Nordoff Robbins Silver Clef Awards in London, Will said he hopes to hit the studio with Queen of Pop Madonna – though has to wait until they meet face to face to put plans into motion.Will said: “Hell yeah, I would love to work with Madonna, are you crazy? Madonna is Madonna. “But with collabs you need to be in front of their face.“If I am going to ask Madonna to work, I wanna see her in the face. “I don’t want to go through a phone and let some other company hear and have my conversations.” Insisting he worries about being listened to, Will added: “Why would I want to give my conversation to someone else?” Last month Madonna released her most experimental and progressive album yet in the form of Madame X. On the album Madge teams up Maluma and Anitta on a number of tracks and like Madge The Black Eyed Peas have also secretly recorded two songs with the latino stars. However, despite the album topping the charts in the US and bagging the number 2 spot in the UK, Will.i.am hasn’t heard the record. The Voice mentor continued: “I haven’t heard it as when we are in making music mode we try not to listen to stuff because I am a sponge, so right now the vibe that we are on is the vibe that we are on.“I will check Madame X out once I complete the vibe – I don’t like to listen to other music when we are working. “I don’t want to be disrespectful to anyone, but when I am in making music mode, I am in making music mode.” https://madonnaunderground.com/will-i-am-on-wanting-to-work-with-madonna/
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    A different pov from another Pulse survivor
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    p!nk really snapped on Beautiful Trauma. Might be her best album ever. Hurts 2B Terrible is just appalling
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    Do you know what a milf is?
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    Can you say LEGENDARIC?
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    That's the problem with posthumous releases. Artists should be able to say what they want to release. The only real exclusion was Freddie Mercury since he said that the rest of Queen could finish mixing the album (Innuendo) after he passed.
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    just arrived in London European guys tho
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    twitter p0rn sometimes disgusts me like i was eating a burrito earlier and then scrolled past someone's h0le and I almost puked shredded beef everywhere
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    your favorite bitch is back!
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    Seriously people, I Rise over Crave? Just no