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    I'm 19 and turning 20 this year, so my entire childhood was either Winx Club or Lady Gaga. So to answer your question, The Fame, The Fame Monster and Born This Way only. Apart from those, I listened to the singles by other artists! I only started getting into anything other than Gaga in 2013 (aka Ariana, Katy, Nicki, etc.).
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    p!nk really snapped on Beautiful Trauma. Might be her best album ever. Hurts 2B Terrible is just appalling
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    People spending their life in the gym instead of entire life bashing a pop star on the Internet sounds more attractive to me I’m sure he’s as ugly as you and your attitude I don’t even know what you look like. Obsessed
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    Do you know what a milf is?
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    Damn your still here making Xtina threads in 2019? Feels like Your Body era all over again 😂
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    Y'all are too hard on Xtina, she's iconic whether she can sell out a stadium/arena or not
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    That's the problem with posthumous releases. Artists should be able to say what they want to release. The only real exclusion was Freddie Mercury since he said that the rest of Queen could finish mixing the album (Innuendo) after he passed.
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    twitter p0rn sometimes disgusts me like i was eating a burrito earlier and then scrolled past someone's h0le and I almost puked shredded beef everywhere
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    What albums/artists did you listen to the MOST growing up as a child? Mine were BOMT, Oops and Britney - Britney Daydream and Rainbow - Mariah Spice and Spiceworld - Spice Girls Schizophonic - Geri Halliwell Music - Madonna Christina’s debut and Stripped Can’t Take Me Home and Missundaztood - Pink Let Go - Avril and that was about it.
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    Not My Idea, Only Happy When it Rains, I Think I'm Paranoid, Milk, Shut Your Mouth all in my top 5. Most likely in that order.
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    You better come through with Garbage I love them. I don’t care for their latest two albums, though, honestly. But their first four are great.
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    From before I turned 8-ish, it was either Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, The Moody Blues, Queen or whatever my dad played on his Bose. From then til I hit 10-ish was whatever that was on the radio + Kesha. Since I hit 13, it's been mostly Kesha, Britney, Gaga, Rihanna, whatever pop girls I liked. Since I hit 15 in middle school it's been the same girls from since 2010 plus Flyleaf, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Garbage then My Chemical Romance, Marilyn Manson, Pierce the Veil, and now it's been almost anything in the rock and metal genres and subgenres while still holding onto the girls I listened to from 2010 and I've lately revisited The Moody Blues and Queen and I had gotten into Elton John.
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    Because I’m an old cunt but yeah I still love them
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    I know you two are idiots but let’s break it down for you: Britney’s residency was over FOUR YEARS. Her lowest leg was only a few % under Xtina’s DEBUT LEG. Xtina would not be able to sustain a 4 year residency if her opening leg was at 78% capacity. Now. 50k PER SHOW over Xtina, means over 248 shows, is $12.4 million. So. Like I said. Try me bitches, you’ll regret it. PS Britney Jean FACTUALLY outsold Lotus WW. It’s a fact. Not something we brag about because BJ was terrible, but it’s something we have to clock you on when you, time and time again, tried to play as if Lotus was a more successful album than BJ. IT WAS NOT AND WILL NEVER BE. ok?
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    Girl! Im pretty sure CHRISTINA AGUILERA can't sleep because of that 50k difference! Millionaire's problem
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    this was literally my reaction 😩. RIP
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    This is heartbreaking. He was so young and had a whole career and life ahead of him. RIP
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    I just saw this on ATRL and thought it was fake. I'm in utter disbelief. Rest in peace.
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    thought this was fake wtf literally shocked
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    Oh no I remember watching Jessie with my younger brother every once in a while, he was so young. RIP
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    @Chris Morlock Why is the Dirty Love music video audio so low quality, this is bothering me
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    @Agugaga can you say "KP5 will flop" so that we're sure the opposite will happen?
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    I decided to stan Kesha recently, on account of Kim becoming boring Dirty Love would be her best song if it was released solo
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    Happy b’day to my king 🥳 @Entea
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    3 - it’s a cover we didn’t need.
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    2 there’s just something so off putting about this release I dont know
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    Her voice is like a siren's and she's stunning. She's going to fucking KILL it she also lowkey looks like a fish too so that works as well
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    You’re right She drugs and rapes men , gets triggered whenever a blog mentions her , calls dead children monkeys & calls black women roaches etc shut the fuck up
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    LITERALLY CRYING AT HIS CLAP BACK THO Just like how they were excited about that 50k worldwide difference for Britney Jean when they claimed it outsold "Lotus." They are truly pathetic. I hope the 50k difference helps bring Britney stability and sanity which she truly needs in her life right now.
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    Oh wow Britney SLAUGTERED Christina with her 50k more average. Bitch sit the fuck down! Britney had all of Vegas to herself up until the last couple of years with J.lo and Mariah there. Christina is doing these numbers with much greater competition and proved she can do just as good as Britney. Now go watch your fave embarrass herself on instagram and take a fucking seat for good. @Vesper @I Brings That Levity and @Umbreon have spent years and years trying to make it seem like Britney TOWERS over Christina in success. But now the truth has prevailed that she can pull in her own weight (Inset @I Brings That Levity's tacky Oreo jokes here) on her own terms. Just like Nicki Minaj I'm calling all you bitches out one by one. Britney fans truly lost.
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    Tell me this is worst than a cancelled tour/residency because of a Dad's Anus?
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    Well it is better than a Cancelled Residency Imagine you blame your Dad because you cannot compete with numerous Vegas Residencies. Britney is so lucky she have a dad to blame EVERYTIME.mp3!
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    Fake news. Also her Vegas residency is grossing $500k a night with a 78% sold rate when she had direct competition with Lady Gaga. Here’s what Britney was doing even before she had direct competition with J.lo Leg 7-58,001/80,189 (72%) Leg 8-44,896 / 54,791 (82%) Leg 9-56,154 / 72,112 (78%) Leg 10-55,705 / 75,237 (74%) Leg 11-19,454 / 25,203 (77%) @Vesper @I Brings That Levity Care to explain that?
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    This one's in Paris... Im pretty sure Agui is depressed right now because no one wants to see ha!...... Imagine "NO ONE" wants to see a shouting Pig like ha! hahahahahah I cried a bit for unfortunateTINA! Imagine! How will you feed your 2 boys and your ex Husband's own family!
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    I honestly hope the assigned accountant pay her Boy Toy enough for the day.... If I have all her allowances I would date a better guy.
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    Britney's boyfriend is not my type. I don't find him attractive at all. I ain't into men who spend their entire life in the gym. But do you honey.
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    That's what you think. lol . Just to let you know Im not as ugly as you.
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    Truly fitting. It seems some of you are really triggered. I wish I had no life so I can sit here and bump up threads from 5 years ago when y’all said she couldn’t tour. But I’ll go on with my life knowing my fave is in a good place while other careers have been derailed, yet again.