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    ...you can't imagine life without...? I bet everyone has his own fave song or album of all time... can you name it...? 5 of each? to make it harder please post one song and one album from only one artist! I don’t want you to be lazy or if you like only one artists post only the song and the album of your life from this particular artist ok? Please because I am falling asleep it’s been long day I will post mine tomorrow afternoon after work... feel free to post cd single and album covers and with description why you like this album or song... (you don’t have to but you could convince someone why such a song or album is so important to you and your life and get someone to listen and share your love to a record) I believe it’s going to be difficult to make such a top 5 (even I will have problem) but it’s easy to write top 10/20/50/100 of songs and albums we like atm but my request is to post these that will never leave you and your life even in 20/30/50 years from now can you do that? Please make sure that this top 5 is from your heart not just emotion because you listening to that song/album last few days or weeks and come out a week or month ago... unless you are absolutely sure this song or album will still be with you in years time Enjoy and challenge yourself
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    I wanna funk,I wanna funk I wanna F-F-U, F-U-N-K
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    Tinashe | Le Grand Journal (France) - PAID PROMO
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    Let's hope today I have a better day, I got shouted at by a policewoman yesterday at work for something beyond my control and she was such a fucking BITCH, I'm not playing around with you hoes today so don't fucking try it, PERIOD
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    Your fave could never with the flawless choreography and Jessica Simpson-esque vocal acrobatics. Why is it that no other pop girl is this unique? Lyrics: Ohohrrooowoh Ohohrrooowoh No nah no nah no nah no nah no Ohohrrooowoh Ohohrrooo awoh No nah no nah no nah no nah no Do you know where you are? You're in the jungle baby
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    Wake up, baby, give yourself to me I'm the one for you, I'll show you intimacy Forever, no question, unbridle my affection And you will feel my love explode in your direction!!!!!
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    Did not realise that you were both different users until this moment.
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    She's doing what Beyoncé did but smarter. Instead of dropping an entire visual album, she's dropping video singles. There is no point in releasing singles in this time and age but music videos are a great way to generate streams and promote the album.
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    Kids absolutely needs to go when she did it right in front of me at two tours I gave her the look of disapproval... hope she remembers it
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    I feel so DUMB, it took me 5 fucking days to recognise someone but I also feel proud that I managed to work it out, how does that work? Lmao
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    If Madonna would like to drop compilation of her most bizarre, strage tracks, which one would you guys put on it? For sure, for me: God Control Gang Bang Impressive Instant Mer Girl Bitch I'm Madonna Bedtime Story Incredible I'm Going Bananas Funana I Want You And as bonus track Shake Your Head feat. Ozzy Osbourne
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    A moment that is most iconic in her career
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    This is my fantasy setlist I have had for a while
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    Honestly just the intro of that version alone makes me wanna cryand the build up is so goddamn intense you feel like you’re gonna explode and then the beat drops and you just and yes all the new arrangements for the GT were all excellent apart from CGYOOMH
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    Kylie Minogue 94 is seriously that bitch all these songs have the range!
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    Ooh this is tough... Top 5 Albums: 1. The Fame - Lady Gaga 2. Water For Your Soul - Joss Stone 3. Warrior - Kesha 4. Love Angel Music Baby - Gwen Stefani 5. 4 - Beyoncé // Don't know if this one is definitely in my Top 5, but it is pop perfection and it's one I know every word too. Top 5 Songs: // Also don't know if this is my definitive Top 5, but they are ones that I have constantly replayed for years 1. The Answer - Joss Stone 2. Paparazzi - Lady Gaga 3. 1234 - Feist 4. Rainbow - Kesha 5. Sweet Escape - Gwen Stefani
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    still the best thing to happen to FOTP
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