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    I wanna funk,I wanna funk I wanna F-F-U, F-U-N-K
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    Let's hope today I have a better day, I got shouted at by a policewoman yesterday at work for something beyond my control and she was such a fucking BITCH, I'm not playing around with you hoes today so don't fucking try it, PERIOD
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    I feel so DUMB, it took me 5 fucking days to recognise someone but I also feel proud that I managed to work it out, how does that work? Lmao
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    The way Beyoncé DELIVERED vocals here is just >>>>>>>>
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    Ladies in the buildin' Probably makin' more than you He might got money but I bet She got her own You know she independent When she leaves here all alone
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    wow ok im on another forum and this bitch really made a new account just to downvote all of my posts for no reason, yet they havent posted a single thing.
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    The thing I hate most about Ed Sheeran is that he sold his creativity and became generic. Literally all he writes about is womans bodies and how he lusts over certain body parts. His debut song 'A- Team' was a meaningful track about drug addiction. Now all we get is lackluster lyrics and Shallow.mp3 songs... and he dominates the charts with the shite he puts out Not to mention he is an arrogant, cocky guy. Its not like he has a stellar voice either. Generic, that is Ed's middle name now