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    When people think Melanie Martinez is innocent and has any discernible talent or listenable music
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    My coworkers were talking about Taylor Swift and one of them said "every song sounds like the other"...I really had to clamp my tongue because sweetie, that couldn't be further from the truth!
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    Also, why #OneHomophobicDay? It’s a stupid hashtag. It was a song written in dedication to loved ones lost from AIDS. What is homophobic about that or are you just stupid?
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    I'll always remember us this way...
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    Tinashe | X-Factor UK (PAID PROMO)
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    When people bring up Beyonce single chart figures when she's easily one of the most iconic, revered and powerful singers to exist in the past 20 years.
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    Anyway we all know this isn't a real achievement by any means in modern times, i kept saying it. Streaming and memes have corrupted the music industry, notice how so many "records" have been broken or made within the past 10 years which throughout music history were usually years apart and rare
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    I highly doubt Mariah a multi-millionaire and multi-platinum selling artist. Cares all that much, she even congratulated nas. That said OSD is technically speaking still the longest running #1 in pure sales. The only people loosing here are the petty stans on either side who are trashing the others song. I appreciate both songs (despite not being a huge of either), i'm also happy for Lil Nas and hope that he can achieve longevity post OTR.
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    College papers are the literal WORST.
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    ZENDAYA CALLS PULSE 87 NY (North America) Zendaya has been having an interesting month, to say the least. She launched her new single BOHO a few weeks ago, a disco-inspired 80’s pop-bop that reached a peak within the top thirty of the Hot 100 thus far. This is Zendaya’s first single in over half a year, and will serve as the lead to her second studio album. The album in question will be the follow-up to Heart, an album that racked up over 200 million streams on Encore and a number one single with Ariana Grande. The earworm of a summer song is showing signs of promise, staying consistent in both streams and radio airplay, as well as sales. Zendaya would call into some radio shows from her hotel room today, after flying back to the United States to rest up for her Jimmy Fallon appearance tomorrow. The second station she called in to was PULSE 87 NY, a dance radio station based in New York. She talked about the usual topics she would talk about in interviews, as more complex topics were usually saved for televised appearances. After the interview, the station went on to play BOHO for their listeners. On her promotion this week Having this much lined up in one week was not the original plan at all. I wasn’t actually going to visit as many countries that I did in the span of a few days, but here I am. Resting in my hotel room because I’ve done so much in such a short window of time. But I wouldn’t have it any way. We have Fallon planned for tomorrow and I’m excited. Nothing personal over me not showing up in person, haha. I just need a moment to lay down. On her rise in recent days Another thing we weren’t really planning for, that sort of just happened out of the blue. Another thing I was shocked by, but I’m more than grateful happened. After years of attempting to break up with a solo song, this is probably the greatest gift that I could receive. I just want to thank everyone for the millionth time for supporting this single. The Zisters, the general public, radio DJs. Everyone for being so supportive and kind to me through the hardships I've been facing. On what she has in store next Nothing too far into the future is planned yet. We just have a rough idea of what will be done, but nothing is set in stone at this point in time. What I do know is what’ll happen at the end of this week. My Fallon performance, and my issue with Complex magazine. I want to ask everyone to support both. The episode when it airs, and the magazine when it starts being sold in stores. The episode will be fun, because hello? Jimmy Fallon is always a fun show to watch and stop by. The magazine will spill some of my darkest secrets. It really was a way for me to get some closure.
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    I can't take anyone who says Beychella is lackluster seriously. Like call me when any other fave sings 100% live, while dancing almost all the show, looking HAPPY while doing it , enjoying herself on stage and being in control of herself as an artist and a woman.
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    Other fanbases are starting to get brave now because her new material hasn’t gone to number 1. They say her career is gone because she’s been “flopping for the past year or so” and have conveniently forgotten to mention Beychella, her sold out tour, Homecoming, her ADIDAS x Ivy Park deal and her multi million movie deal with Disney. She stays above everyone else in the industry even when she’s not on the Billboard charts or selling millions and when B7 comes out all the stans who have been getting brave are gonna sit the fuck down and go back to hibernating.
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    YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer All places where you can search for artists you don’t know, but if you couldn’t simply read their Wikipedia pages then I’m not sure how else to help you sweet cheeks
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    When stans believe everything their fave does is immaculate Everyone is human, even the most fabulous pop star. It’s okay for them not to be perfect it doesn’t diminish them as a person for there to be slip ups and flaws
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    Reminder Mariah got the #1 song of the decade, TWICE Not everybody has that
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    It triggers me when people stan messy/problematic faves but are quick to clock some male celebrity for much less When people think streams are as impressive as pure sales When people overhype someone's talent
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    yes we are very upset one of her many many many charting achievements have been broken ugh the abuse us lambily endure amirite @Venus XCX
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    MESS a guy in the subway just covered himself in a huge scarf and started masturbating i'm gonna throw up
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    Nowadays it’s like if you get a bad album review or you’re album doesn’t sell millions that immediately means the album is bad when it literally doesn’t. People are just hating on her for fun now because they hate to see how successful she’s become. Everyone damn well knows she literally could not give a flying fuck about Billboard charts or streaming numbers or any of that shit she stopped caring after IASF era.
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    You know it's a sad day when the stans care more about the record than the artist herself.