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    When people bring up Beyonce single chart figures when she's easily one of the most iconic, revered and powerful singers to exist in the past 20 years.
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    Anyway we all know this isn't a real achievement by any means in modern times, i kept saying it. Streaming and memes have corrupted the music industry, notice how so many "records" have been broken or made within the past 10 years which throughout music history were usually years apart and rare
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    I highly doubt Mariah a multi-millionaire and multi-platinum selling artist. Cares all that much, she even congratulated nas. That said OSD is technically speaking still the longest running #1 in pure sales. The only people loosing here are the petty stans on either side who are trashing the others song. I appreciate both songs (despite not being a huge of either), i'm also happy for Lil Nas and hope that he can achieve longevity post OTR.
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    Well, since Discord seems to be the alternative for now and I was bored, I decided to make a Discord group chat for now while we see if Kast works eventually or not https://discord.gg/AhxgtxC @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @RebelHeart15 @Joanne @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Beyoncé @Cosmic @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Surrealism @Alesus @Michael. @phoenixstar @BritneysBitch @Ronlop @Robert.
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    Do you ever find that even though your fav has great music, there’s that one song that just kicks the SHIT out of every other song? that’s a magical thing
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    I agree with everything you just said. If the singer is unable to connect with the song that there will probably be no emotion therefore the audience will have no reaction
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    MESS a guy in the subway just covered himself in a huge scarf and started masturbating i'm gonna throw up
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    This is not the "universal truths that you wish you could change" thread.
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    LOVED IT! i think it might be my favorite of the season so far! Jules at the club and hallucinating about Nate was so beautifully shot and done the Detective Bennett sequence was amazing too and had me screaming So sad that the next episode is the finale What about you? Who are your fave characters?!
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    I would like to officially announce that I'm fucking living! the tracklist is great and exciting, the album cover is interesting and cool, the music is fucking fantastic, and it also comes out after my vacation when I'll be free to listen to it! what a day and what a week hopefully, seeing that The Greatest and Fuck It I Love You! are coming out soon also the new season of OITNB is fucking fantastic so far @Americunt idk if you've seen any of it thus far!
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    It’s fine! It’s just that I thought it was obvious that I was holding back on creating one because of that very same reason, but I guess not
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    Absolutely. At the end of the day, artists depend on an audience to succeed. And while an amazing technique is incredibly helpful in maintaining a career, adding too much makes it so audiences can’t access a song (like sing along) and a lack of emotion creates disinterest. Your mind >>>
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    Yes i do think it's important, however i think equally there has to be emotion. Technique is important as it helps the longevity of the artist (provided there isn't any health implications) and it also means they aren't ripping their voice to shreds (cough Fergie). Emotion is important as it allows the artist to connect with the audience. If someone creates a song they should be able to sing it live, perhaps not in the same set up, but they should be able to sing it live in some way. Another note to point is that a true vocalist doesn't need to be full force at all times, they need to learn humility and respect and know when to add in runs and belts etc. Belting all through a song while impressive isn't necessary. And this! A perfect example would be Rihanna. Technically speaking not the best singer but she has presence, attitude and can engage with a song.
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    I'm selling a rare magazine to a Britney collector Is $25 reasonable
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    Please wait for tomorrow if possible. If that's an issue, you can post it today.
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    zendaya getting elle when i’ve already made a cover for it just in case
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    UK still hasnt caught up to Body Language
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    Spirit may be out but Mood 4 Eva and Brown Skin Girl are IN. The latter which has a very important message and is more representative of what Beyonce is trying to do with this album. I can see more longetivity for Brown Skin Girl tbh
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    It's because radio wouldn't play her beyond one or two spins; she called them out for it, they promised to play "Heat" and they never fucking did. Radio is the issue here, not the material.
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    Mte. I like both Mariah and Madonna, both women have made incredible accomplishments in the music industry that cannot be denied. It's silly to pit them against each other.
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    Honestly I'm sad. I thought humanity had evolved from turning threads in to Mariah vs Madge wars.
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    Some delusional statements: Beyonce is not a great dancer. Gaga's success with ASIB is because of bradley cooper. Janet, Mariah and Beyonce aren't global. Madonna doesn't have talent.
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    They're a minority. They don't have controlling interest. #BYE
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    Any hate towards Selena Gomez lowkey triggers me Girl is far from being one of the greats but she knows it, she has a cute tone that works for the songs she sings that happen to be BOPS on top of that. She really isn't all THAT BAD, she's good at what she does imo.
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    Now this is a true unpopular opinion. Nearly everyone I know DESPISES Woo
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    For someone who gets triggered by Ariana, her name sure does leave your lips a lot. You seem to mention her in almost every BG thread that you can without straying too far off topic! Ariana living rent FREE in your mind aww. Granted I know how hard it is to not think about her given how she hasn’t left the headlines since April of last year, but still! Get her a ticket, sir, she's a fan, sir!
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    I would say Beyoncé is on the same level as Ariana. Not better or worse but equal. Beyoncé also belongs to a different generation of singers.
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    Ariana Grande is the greatest vocalist of our generation
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    Girl he just said when was Madonna last solo hot 100 hit, it ain’t that deep but you’re deep diving the issue as if human kind depended on it chile Mariah has a recurring, solo song that’s re-peaking every year. You can’t change it no matter what and no matter how you will try to twist it
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    Oh man. If this is a valid reason to cancel someone, then none of our faves could have made it through the 00s.
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    True Blue remained #1 in Europe for 34 weeks - a record that will never be broken. Hung Up & Sorry replaced each other on the WW chart for a total of 20 weeks at #1. She had the biggest song of 1986, 1989, 1990,2000 and 2005 WW. One Sweet Day - Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men Columbia - 1996 - 6.934.000 points Like A Prayer - Madonna Sire - 1989 - 9.520.000 points Laughs in global! OT:
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    I think Lizzo is one of the most interesting and most talented new performers we have had in YEARS. I'm rooting for her success.
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    huh? almost every Ariana stan except the 12 year old super cupcakes are calling her out for this too? we are ALL very aware of how gross that joke is so I don't see why you're popping off? but anyways, the joke was gross and it wasn't even funny. her and her unemployed friends are so corny. however some members on this forum, as well as on the internet as a whole, are gonna pretend to be extra offended for the sake of cancelling her even though they post even nastier comments on the regular. the sad part is I can name at least three members that will enter this thread and do exactly that despite having a history of making worse comments than Ariana's. imagine how tired we are.
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    To me, Sweetener is more timeless. It just sounds like a Pop classic album that doesn't stale (again, to me). Thank U, Next falls off after a couple repetitive listens but what makes it equally as strong as Sweetener (again, to me!) is that every now and then you go through something or whatever and the album fits well with that narrative & feels good in that moment. So yeah, they draw different atmospheres but ultimately they're equally as good.
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    Do it then bitch cause we all know they’re better
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    i also love how you skipped over MCR. and 21P, Halsey etc. are you a stan?
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    Poor Bey Everything Is Love, poor tour sales and now this She is so past her sell by date! The music sucks, and no one is here for it! Finally, this will send the Beyhive back to earth
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    Shallow is the better song
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    Leona is the better singer
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    I'm talking about the album, yes. We're talking about all time #1 records - that's the theme. Hung Up was #1 for 15 weeks on the Global chart anyway, longer than any Mariah song internationally. I'm not sure why you're trying to undermine an album being #1 for 34 consecutive weeks lol. That's far more impressive than Mariah's newly broken record. omg Jjang we are not talking about the harder and more impressive record to achieve, we're talking about THIS overrated one powered by corrupt radio stations!
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    Well maybe not now that Beyonce has hit rock bottom, literally Spirit was battling with Carly Rae Jepsen, Nicki Minaj and Charli XBox to stay in the top 100... Beyonce is on CRJ level now Gaga is still going and is one of the most talked about celebs of 2019. If people cared about Bey, Spirit would have done better than 1 week in the top 100 and The Lion King would be a smash, and EIL would have sold more that 7k debut.