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    Let the memes begin
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    stan twitter is the reason why homophobia exists in this world
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    Just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% THAT bitch
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    The fucking disrespect I've had to endure in the last 24hours is despicable, I'm about to put these straight people in there fucking place I have HAD it
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    First female artist and i think second solo artist (behind MJ only) to have four different music videos from four different decades with over 100 million views! 1980s: La Isla Bonita 1990s: Vogue 2000s: Hung Up 2010s: Bitch I'm Madonna Creating records in the streaming era too! A streaming force yes.
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    Why do they deserve Earth-like planets? Send them to Mars in a suit.
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    I'm so sad My local record store said they had all Kylie's PWL records but sold it to some other gay yesterday and said I was just a day late I really can't have everything huh
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    - track 9 is allegedly a ‘true track 9’ again, it’s usually one of the fan favorites (Getaway Car, Wildest Dreams, Enchanted among the rest) - track 10 is emotional and made people cry? Idk if I trust them on this but cute
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    Omg thanks @Hylia I was about to make this Here’s a compilation of screenshots of descriptions. Take them with a grain of salt since last era’s Secret Sessioners coined the ‘lyrics that could cut glass’ term for Garbageous. But this info sounds promising + this
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    I’m fierce and I’m feeling mighty I’m a golden girl I’m an Aphrodite all right all right yeah yeah
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    Oh wow @Harry_CAL, your mind. This campaign is next level
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    It’s far from her best sista
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    Can't tweet for a week because I tweeted "shut up skank" under Scooter's tweet.
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    Threatened with violence at work today for not serving alcohol to drunken assholes... I adore my job
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    Recently watched an episode of The Twilight Zone like this, except they sent the criminals to live on asteroids. It’s what they deserve
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    Speak Now’s pop sister really is here
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    People forget that Keeps Gettin' Better & Dynamite were released long before Gaga appeared and very similar in sound to Bionic. It's very clear based on those two songs alone the direction Xtina was going. So the logic that she was copying Gaga is simply flawed and deluded.
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    Did you miss all the screenshots I posted or? There was nothing but extremely positive feedback They all sound very pleased. The last time this happened everyone raved about the wrong tracks and we ended up disappointed since they were being very clearly biased... I’d rather have a level-headed opinion leading up to the album, personally.
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    I’m so hyped but I know that these are HARDCORE Taylor stans so they may be a tad biased
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    She needs to bring this title track back like she used to re-up Light Years
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    Can all the pro-environmental non-problematic cuties move there and leave the trash behind to rot on this earth as they continue to damage the planet
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    Edit it with her handing me a Nelson Mandela Mint McMilkshaké and we’re off_to_the_races.mp3!!
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    The last time i checked Madonna's biography, it was saying that she was the one setting the trends. Also, almost every FOTP fave (and most of all Lady Gaga) has say that they're influenced by Madonna. According to you, i guess they're following her try-harding ass. Lady Gaga is trying to be edgy since her debut, her outfits speak for itself.