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    stan twitter is the reason why homophobia exists in this world
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    Just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% THAT bitch
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    The fucking disrespect I've had to endure in the last 24hours is despicable, I'm about to put these straight people in there fucking place I have HAD it
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    The descriptions remind me of Red tbh! Mixed bag, some bops but lots of emotional tracks, some solo written tracks but not the whole album, etc As a Red stan you spilled! Fans (myself included) didn’t love it upon release but now it’s THE fan favorite The main thing I’ve been missing in her music is emotional and lyrical complexity. Her songs have also become far more formulaic, feels as if she shortens them and dumbs them down when they could be much better if they were left longer and without co-writers, I guess. Hopefully Lover is a good mix like Red.
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    First female artist and i think second solo artist (behind MJ only) to have four different music videos from four different decades with over 100 million views! 1980s: La Isla Bonita 1990s: Vogue 2000s: Hung Up 2010s: Bitch I'm Madonna Creating records in the streaming era too! A streaming force yes.
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    With succes there comes hate ugh Ariana keeps them girls pressed, that’s the price she pays for being so succesful.mp3 other pop girls WISHES
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    Lmao people will drag you but you’re making points because this song deserves the lashings... It’s so uninspired, like the hook is just so simplistic it hurts.
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    WEEK 14 OPEN NOW Please arrange your playlists and release your singles until tomorrow, Sunday Connect followers are updated! @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @RebelHeart15 @Joanne @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Beyoncé @Cosmic @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Surrealism @Alesus @Michael. @phoenixstar @BritneysBitch
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    THIS. I'm actually really glad people aren't over hyping it because it only leads to disappointment. These are all really positive comments that have me excited. Not every new album has be your new fave or their best. You can still really love it. Besides, all of my fave albums of hers weren't necessarily my faves when they came out. Stuff like that takes time. PerchedTTT for the album.
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    Why do they deserve Earth-like planets? Send them to Mars in a suit.
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    I'm so sad My local record store said they had all Kylie's PWL records but sold it to some other gay yesterday and said I was just a day late I really can't have everything huh
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    - track 9 is allegedly a ‘true track 9’ again, it’s usually one of the fan favorites (Getaway Car, Wildest Dreams, Enchanted among the rest) - track 10 is emotional and made people cry? Idk if I trust them on this but cute
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    Omg thanks @Hylia I was about to make this Here’s a compilation of screenshots of descriptions. Take them with a grain of salt since last era’s Secret Sessioners coined the ‘lyrics that could cut glass’ term for Garbageous. But this info sounds promising + this
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    Oh wow @Harry_CAL, your mind. This campaign is next level
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    Can't tweet for a week because I tweeted "shut up skank" under Scooter's tweet.
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    OF DEBUT Four #1 Singles Best Selling album of the year Best Vocal Performance & Best New Artist Grammy's Inspired a whole new generation of singers We deserve a special edition for it's anniversary! Re-release it on vinyl! Extended mixes on a bonus disc! New mixes of songs she is now unsatisfied with! (Like Someday, so she can stop bitching about it) THOSE DAMN DEMOS WE KEEP HEARING ABOUT! Other good shit like liner notes or commentary on each track! Now that she's back on Sony it's probably easier for her to get the old masters so what's stopping her! IT'S WHAT WE DESERVE! It's what ^SHE^ deserves
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    Threatened with violence at work today for not serving alcohol to drunken assholes... I adore my job
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    I’m really glad Agugaga just made a thread about Ariana being over and she won’t get another #1 or Grammy. Given his history of being wrong and speaking the opposite of everything he says into existence, it looks like Miss Grande has more hits and Grammys secured! We love to see it!
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    ZENDAYA CALLS DELUXE RADIO (United Kingdom) Zendaya has been having an interesting month, to say the least. She launched her new single BOHO a few weeks ago, a disco-inspired 80’s pop-bop that reached a peak within the top thirty of the Hot 100 thus far. This is Zendaya’s first single in over half a year, and will serve as the lead to her second studio album. The album in question will be the follow-up to Heart, an album that racked up over 200 million streams on Encore and a number one single with Ariana Grande. The earworm of a summer song is showing signs of promise, staying consistent in both streams and radio airplay, as well as sales. The song has reached a peak of #7 on the CAL Hot 100 and is showing signs of rising even further. Zendaya visited the Deluxe Radio studio in London for an appearance on their radio show. This continued Zendaya’s return in the United Kingdom since her controversial performance on the X Factor last week. On what BOHO represents on the album + more album details I think this song really works as the lead single, as well as the opener to the album I’m going to be dropping in a month or so. It’s by far the most upbeat and joyful-sounding song on the album. I think because of that, it will put the listeners in a good mood and prepare them for the moodier songs on the album. I think people expect a ton of happy pop songs on this record, but I explore a few subjects that are actually rather heartbreaking for me so sing about. Some in the perspective of someone else, some as myself. So while BOHO is upbeat and fun, I want it to give sort of a false sense of security, if that makes sense? They know that the moodier songs will be coming afterwards, but they’ll be having too much fun to notice. That’s what I’m aiming for with its placement on the album. Once you get through the darker middle songs, you go back to the 80's inspired sound that BOHO introduced you to. The album closer is probably the most similar to BOHO, I would say. It’s a hopeful and ambitious end after making it through the storm. On some of her favorite songs + her recommendations The music industry is in a really good place right now, so there are several songs that are being promoted currently that I adore. So it’s not really difficult for me to rattle off a few song titles and tell you what those favorites are. I’m really liking 6ix Shots by Tinashe. That girl has something special, and she’s someone you should keep an eye on. She will be huge soon and you can hold me to those words. Another song I’m in love with would have to be Secret by Shawn Mendes. This isn’t some big secret… see what I did there. It isn’t a secret that I think Shawn is an immensely talented individual. I said that I would love to meet him a while ago, and we actually had the opportunity to exchange a few words with one another. There’s nothing but love and respect there. The last song I’m going to throw out and recommend is Nights With You by Mariah Carey. That one doesn’t really need an explanation. I mean, it’s Mariah Carey. I’m so stoked to listen to her new album, because she always brings something new to the table with every release. Arcane is such a classic album, so that’ll be hard to top. But I believe she can outdo herself! It’s already sounding amazing judging by the lead. On her acting past + Connect exchange with Lindsay Lohan A lot of people know me because of my past acting jobs on children’s shows and movies for Disney. There are some people that were fans of me since then, that are still fans to me this day. So I’m grateful for all of the opportunities and fanbase that being with Disney during those years granted me with. But while I’m eternally grateful towards the company, I’m much older now and for years have been trying to shed away that flawless image you’re meant to portray as a Disney star. I think another artist in this industry right now that gets that is Lindsay Lohan, hence why I commented on her most recent connect photo. She replied, so that’s really cool. I wasn’t expecting her to, but she really is one of my favorite artists to listen to. I think sometimes her words either get misconstrued, or she just doesn’t say the right things at the right time. But that doesn’t take away from the talent she displays with every release.
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    Fingers crossed she releases like 8 more albums before going to a Vegas residency deal idk why but her doing this cruise again made me think of vegas residencies
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    well, it would be new music
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    Imagine new Kesha music
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    imagine a Kesha x Lana collab
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    No matter how long you've been a stan, there's always something new to you
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    KWORB 5.0Radio Radio is up! http://kworbcal.byethost5.com/pages/radio.html "White Ferrari" chosen as the only PR this week. @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @RebelHeart15 @Joanne @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Beyoncé @Cosmic @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Surrealism @Alesus @Michael. @phoenixstar @BritneysBitch
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    I know right, even her youtube views shows that she had a constant success throught the decades, while others 80s/90s singers most viewed videos are just from their peak moment and their rest videography is flopping.
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    Recently watched an episode of The Twilight Zone like this, except they sent the criminals to live on asteroids. It’s what they deserve
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    Speak Now’s pop sister really is here
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    People forget that Keeps Gettin' Better & Dynamite were released long before Gaga appeared and very similar in sound to Bionic. It's very clear based on those two songs alone the direction Xtina was going. So the logic that she was copying Gaga is simply flawed and deluded.
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    Did you miss all the screenshots I posted or? There was nothing but extremely positive feedback They all sound very pleased. The last time this happened everyone raved about the wrong tracks and we ended up disappointed since they were being very clearly biased... I’d rather have a level-headed opinion leading up to the album, personally.
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    I’m so hyped but I know that these are HARDCORE Taylor stans so they may be a tad biased
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    Can all the pro-environmental non-problematic cuties move there and leave the trash behind to rot on this earth as they continue to damage the planet
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    Edit it with her handing me a Nelson Mandela Mint McMilkshaké and we’re off_to_the_races.mp3!!
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    The last time i checked Madonna's biography, it was saying that she was the one setting the trends. Also, almost every FOTP fave (and most of all Lady Gaga) has say that they're influenced by Madonna. According to you, i guess they're following her try-harding ass. Lady Gaga is trying to be edgy since her debut, her outfits speak for itself.
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    These 4 videos alone have a combined count of nearly 1 billion views.
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    Rihanna’s career was already thriving before Brown attacked her
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