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    Just gonna say, @Luca is a CRIMINALLY underrated FOTP member. Not only is he extremely nice and adorable as hell, he happens to be extremely talented in terms of graphic design and music production. He doesn’t get nearly as much praise as he should. For sure one of FOTP’s most talented members. Thank you for coming to my TED talk
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    The fact that she didn't perform Cowboy Style on the Golden tour is the biggest mistake of her career.
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    Guys, how do we feel about @Craigg calling Madonna's adopted children "slaves" in threads on other forums? Can't say I'm surprised in the slightest that our most recent messy member turns out to be a racist who has a history of negative reputation on many forums.
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    not that user also being from COP thank god I made it out when l did
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    The way her makeup has been looking worse with the launch of this makeup line.. no words, so boring.
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    Anyways back on topic. Björk is a genuine artist and it’s gross how people just write her off as crazy just because of how alternative and experimental her art is.
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    Slaves? He thinks Madonna belongs to the 80s while his views belong to the 1880s.
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    never change gaga stans.. never change
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    hawld awn....the girls being a mess in here
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    Throwback to when she was doing the fan choice acapella section in the KMO tour and I SCREAMED at her from the front row DREAMS and she did Sexy Love instead
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    She needs to show more legs— leg and more tour dates to the US. Please someone tell me they got this joke
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    People still think because ASIB is a remake, it has this success? If I recall correctly, remakes usually get scalped and dragged for filth for being not as good as the original movie. It were Gaga, Bradley and the story itself that gave it its success. Not just one thing on its own, that's why it's called a project too. Stop being delusional.
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    You are a Kesha Historian. I'd love to have a wine with you haha. Welcome! I Taste Like A Cherry was leaked by Pebe. I think @Americunt said something about that after I had mixed it up as being among the Animal sessions.
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    And a #2 that was blocked by her own #1. Didn't you say she will never top BB 100? She did it twice. Didn't you say she will never win a Grammy? She just did recently for one of the most relevant categories. Didn't you say she's not an album seller? She has the best selling female album of the year. Didn't you say she's not respected / won't get acclaim? She just scored her 3rd universally acclaimed album. Oh and her tour is an absolute smash and already out-grossed Christina's entire career probably. I don't think I've ever seen a member be so factually wrong before, you can claim that record sis. Anyway, this is a standalone single. You know the hype for her next lead single is going to be ten times bigger so learn from your mistakes and stop setting yourself up for failure.
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    did it again... what a legendary song
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    Thinking back to the glory days of when Kylie used to include at least one rarity or obscurity in her setlist since Fever 2002 This is stuff like Limbo in Fever 2002, Dreams in the Showgirls, Loveboat X 2008, If You Don't Love Me Les Folies What tracks do you think should be aired in a larger tour down the line among all the hits and current album tracks I think Love Affair is definitely one that should be considered as it is popular within the fanbase plus one of her most popular album tracks in the UK according to digital numbers - It also has never been performed before Loving Days is another as it is again a popular track in the fanbase and also never before performed Turn It Into Love should be performed in its entirety at last as a big smashing arrangement - Every time she has performed this track it has been part of a medley or mashed up - So I think its about time she airs this in full Like I have said a million times there is no reason she cant make room for at least one song thats more obscure and she has not really done this since Les Folies Golden Tour had a tiny bit of I'll Still Be Loving You but thats hardly enough to satisfy the super stans Shes really out here thinking The One and or Your Disco Needs You are obscure What do you all think
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    Like fave like stan... All hail @Madonna the official Queen of FOTP. Gargle stans are presst.
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    it really is ugly as sin
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    At least back in the day buying a single had an impact on charts. Also you couldn't "cheat" by having a bunch of 15 years old kids repeating your song again and again 24/7.
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    Listen y'all I haven't seen everything that has been said but I know Craig and he isn't racist (and I haven't got clouded judgement either, I've called him out on COP(oop) many times before), although I must admit @Craigg it was racially insensitive to call them slaves...you should know that kinda shit is heavy on POC's hearts. I'm not gonna speak on any other argument that I've had a peek at the past couple of days because I have no doubt the good sis's taste is questionable at times and quite frankly it does deserve to be dragged (sorry sis but that's just the tea, you gotta watch where you walk) But don't call Craig a racist because he's nothing of the sort, just apologize and move on y'all
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    Calling madonna’s Children slaves??? Oh hell naw
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    Why do you dislike Beyoncé lol
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    This is the perfect time to bring back THIS iconique moment that I bookmarked so I would never lose it
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    @Madonna really wants that 20 pages thread Reviving it after everybody had calmed down
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    This has nothing to do with Beyoncé or Madonna. I personally don’t care for Madonna’s music. And you know what I do? I don’t listen to it and enjoy what I do like, rather than trashing her. I really don’t care if you hate Beyoncé. At all. But I don’t like your attitude in what you say and what you have said. Don’t play dumb if people have proof of what you’ve said.
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    Omg I’ve had it: to the electric chair with @Craigg
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    He also came for Rihanna. I guess it’s quite obvious
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    How does you being a racist have anything to do with Beyoncé or Madonna?? We don’t have to do anything to make you look bad you’re doing an excellent job of that all by youself. You haven’t got a fucking leg to stand on because we all know you’re in the wrong here. And have fun with reporting my comment because nothing will happen.
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    Before ASIB dropped everyone was saying how it will flop and she will sweep Razzies. However, once everything about it smashed they switched like faggies to "It would've been a success no matter who the actors were" The transparency
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    More Mountains Out With a Bang Raise Me Up (Mississippi South) Off to the Races Blue Velvet Shades of Cool Terrence Loves You Get Free And the best from the current composition of my mixtapes, just for good measure
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    Her cutting Breathe after opening night when I had golden circle tickets but had to sell them because my faggot ass decided to move cities on that day is an absolute regret of my entire Kylie stanning career and then when I eventually saw her she did I believe in you instead?? Ma’am
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    Drew Ray Tanner, that's it, that's the status update
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    Tea @ Love Affair, it's the only Fever track that sounds like a songle. We deserve a Sleeping With The Excellence performance
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    I'd love to hear More More More or Every Little Part Of Me.
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    I don't really care about her sales or her doing promo but the timing of this post is... off? That added with the... lets call it "odd" pic is just not good. Like what was the point of this? Was it to tell us to "stream more" or did she just simply want to post these pics to have it on her feed? She doesn't need to tweet or post on social media. I don't care for it but when she does she should use it to her advantage.
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    global superstar Marina Diamandis stanning local act Kylie, I love to see it!!!
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    that Shakira's irrelevant because she's not that big in the US (which is a lie cos she literally had a diamond song in 2016 but anyway)
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    I’m really glad Agugaga just made a thread about Ariana being over and she won’t get another #1 or Grammy. Given his history of being wrong and speaking the opposite of everything he says into existence, it looks like Miss Grande has more hits and Grammys secured! We love to see it!
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    Playlists play a huge role, but some acts (xxxtentacion, for instance) are naturally massive streaming forces - even their soundcloud uploads are popular. I think streaming is far more Urban oriented, Pop acts rely on them much more.
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    To be perfectly honest, ASIB would've been bigger regardless of who the lead actress is. It's OST isn't really great either. Glitter and Burlesque OST shits on it despite not having a huge chart impact. Oh, and you also have Evita OST with chart impact and creativity to boot.