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    nights with you music video
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    Kelly Announces New Single Via NBC Teaser
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    Everyone say hello to our new emote: gag'1
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    ZENDAYA INTERVIEWED ON B96 FM CHICAGO (North America) Full excerpt below. Zendaya has been having an interesting month, to say the least. She launched her new single BOHO a few weeks ago, a disco-inspired 80’s pop-bop that reached a peak within the top thirty of the Hot 100 thus far. This is Zendaya’s first single in over half a year, and will serve as the lead to her second studio album. The album in question will be the follow-up to Heart, an album that racked up over 200 million streams on Encore and a number one single with Ariana Grande. The earworm of a summer song is showing signs of promise, staying consistent in both streams and radio airplay, as well as sales. The song has reached a peak of #3 on the CAL Hot 100 and is showing signs of possibly having enough momentum to rise to the top spot. Regardless of that achievement being reached or not, BOHO already marks Zendaya’s highest peak on the charts as a solo artist. On top of that, it is also the blossoming It Girl’s first platinum single since the release of About U back in 2017. Things seem to be looking up for Zendaya’s career, and the star is taking advantage of every moment of it to push herself even further ahead in the music industry. Promotion continues this week to give the current single another push. On THE ALTERNATE VIDEO FOR BOHO The idea for this video came to me only a few days ago actually. It started off as a joke between Ari and I, then I was like… what if we actually did this? How crazy would that be? So, lo and behold, the BOHO Workout Video, starring us, alongside Maluma and Kylie. While I co-directed the video and gave my ideas toward the overall product, the main director credited is David Richardson. He helped us piece together our crazy ideas into a visual that was fun, but also made sense. He’s extremely talented and was a key component in bringing this video to life. We bounced off each other really well. Being on set with everyone else was a lot of fun… and pretty wild as one might expect [laughs]. A lot of memories were made during filming. The most out of the box thing I’ve ever done, but truly unforgettable. ON HER UPCOMING STUDIO ALBUM The questions about this are just going to keep coming, and I’m going to continue being my secretive little self. However, I can say that you might want to pay attention next week. Some news might be coming… and that’s all I’m gonna say. The album is still ten tracks long, with some extra songs I’m recording for an exclusive edition. Maybe just for Encore, but we’ll see if I change my mind about that. There are two songs completed so far, with two more songs planned. They won’t be on the standard version of the album, because I already have everything shaped around the ten songs I already have. These newer songs I’m working on don’t follow the original storyline, so I don’t want to throw them on the track list carelessly. But I like the idea of having something a little extra for my fans to enjoy, so that’s my reasoning behind including these bonus tracks. ON THE FOLLOW UP SINGLE TO BOHO When you score a hit of this caliber, people are expecting you to bounce off that momentum and release something even bigger and better. That pressure weighs down on you, and especially so if the hit you have comes so unexpectedly. Would another hit after this be great? Absolutely, and I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing to make sure that happens. But is another hit guaranteed? No, it is not. But I’m trying not to think too hard about that. I would rather just bask in the moment. We do have the next single picked out, if anyone is curious about that. I think I might as well just come out and say that it’s with Shawn Mendes, someone who I’ve been growing closer and closer with as the weeks go by. He’s a kind and genuine soul. The type of person you cherish in this hectic industry. We already filmed the music video, so everything is ready to go. We’re just trying to figure out when the best time to release it is.
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    https://shrib.com/#hTL9JMDQrFShF4rGxpXo INSTRUMENTAL
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    But will she ever get a #1 hit One of her stans holds the record for the longest
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    ...with a Beyoncé impersonator.
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    OH MY GOD, I REMEMBER THAT! Dinosaur & Party At A Rich Dude's House were the live versions What an amazing time that was to be a Kesha fan Tbh I think that I still have that leak saved somewhere on one of my drives
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    Because Gaga's vocal ability has to be one of the most overrated qualities of all time by any Pop stars in the world.
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    Y’all up in arms about her not really liking albums that... no one else really likes HC aged badly, MDNA was a dumpster fire... If her COADF reaction is shit then sure y’all can have it but... this is too much! at least she stans Rebel Heart.
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    Yeah i wanted to give her a chance since gays for some reason treat her now as new music guru, right after vocal coach But i dont buy her act, her persona is based on taystee and cindy from OITNB, she as most of "reaction people" obviously heard songs before doing video and read their Wikipedia pages, she sings along where she shouldnt as she apparently hears it for the first time And she clearly read wiki pages to sound more "professional" thing is she talks Complete bullshit and gibberish sometimes Especially with this video And judging by other artist albums reactions it seems she kinda decided beforehand to not like her stuff since she "loved" some of really mediocore ones from other artists.
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    Have any of the Madge stans in here actually LISTENED to his albums? Off the Wall was funk and disco. With Thriller he evolved a LITTLE bit from that but it was essentially the same. Bad was far more progressive (especially at that time). I mean hello?? Have y'all listened to songs like Dirty Diana, Leave Me Alone, Liberian Girl...? They sound nothing like the stuff from OTW and Thriller. Then you have Dangerous which was definitely one of THE most inportant albums of the 90s and is credited for starting the New Jack Swing trend. He incorporated beatboxing into the production of his songs (something that was not done at that time). In the Closet, Who Is It and Dangerous are literally some of the most experimental songs of his entire discography and were so innovative for RnB music at that time. HIStory was a bit of a mix of everything he has done before but thematically it was a huge progression. EXTREMELY personal, political and also very controversial especially for an artist like him. His music progressed but I must admit that his tours were all carbon copies of his first solo tour and he wasn't very flexible when it came to incorporating songs from his supporting albums.
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    His sexual preference never evolved to adult
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    Not too bad. Her main point was that the album aged and that it was clearly following the trends of the time, which is definitely all true. At least Confessions is next.
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    theres a baby rabbit on our front porch
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    Ready for it at one condition: that the old Taylor stays the fuck away from the phone like in 2017
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    I cannot find any other pictures But this is so cute
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    Just sang the "Check On It" chorus in one breath. Finished another important milestone of my life!
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    She nailed it. Pretty much every thing she said I have been thinking and saying for years. It is cheap, basic, trend following... Even elevators have more expansive sound than this. It is so non-Madonnaesque. She is right. Many songs could have been great with different production. Just compare Heartbeat to Robyn's With Every Heartbeat. I screamed when she dragged Incredible for its length. She has a point. I wished Dance 2night got more love, but she wasn't too harsh. 4 Minutes is the only standout, because it is a bop that would make anybody dance, but that doesn't mean it is a great work overall. Now, to people who thinks she is so negative. Would you be OK if she described HC and MDNA as masterpieces? They are her worst works, so what exactly did you expect? Personally, I wished she praised certain songs on MDNA (Gang Bang, I'm Addicted). She only liked Masterpiece, which is cheap like anything on HC. However, she was right about album's quality and overproduction. RH is how a Madonna album should sound and she recognized that. It wasn't perfect, but it should have been made after COADF. And Madame X... On many forums there are fans who don't like any criticizing of that album. AJay said exactly what many of us think. There were many "WTF moments" and she pointed that out. Certain songs were basic and safe, some were tacky and trashy, too much autotune... Yes, it has experimental songs, but the album as a whole isn't experimental. Maybe AJay didn't acknowledge it, but it is very ambitious and Madonna really tried to make something with it after HC, MDNA and RH (which was too retrospective).
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    I literally saw it yesterday, but didnt want to comment
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    Damon Albarn didn't invent britpop for this lack of recognition
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    Humidity is rising Barometer's getting low According to all sources The street's the place to go
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    Did anyone else notice as he got more white his dancing progressively became worse?
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    Because she's Barbara? She obviously took impeccable care of her voice (despite it having changed just a bit since her early days, but not much). Not many people can match Babs. Also Gaga just has a different voice in general. It's hard to compare.
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    It is KP's second video to achieve this Most liked videos on YouTube: 1. Roar — 9.8M 2. Dark Horse — 9M 3. Bon Appétit — 4.4M 4. Swish Swish — 4.4M 5. Last Friday Night — 4.3M 6. Firework — 4.1M 7. Chained To The Rhythm — 3.5M 8. Wide Awake — 3.1M 9. Hot n Cold — 3.1M
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    Gaga definitely gets too much credit as a writer. Most of her lyrics are cringe.
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    I really like Kylie's singing voice. It's so light and feathery
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    at least she's done with all the bad albums
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    I would lie if I said I didn't agree with her on this one. The album has aged pretty badly over the years and most definitely is a trend chaser album which is a fact. Can't wait for her reaction to Confessions, Music, Ray of Light and American Life to be honest. I feel like she might not like American Life and half of Music because they are pretty experimental; could be completely wrong tho.
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    @Divine are you gonna stir the pot and do messy pairings?