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    And weren't some people on here defending him saying to give him the benefit of the doubt and telling us to calm down? Yikes
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    It’s not like I’m defending his actions but all these things about MJ and kids surfacing after his death feels weird. Like dude is dead for 10 years and has no option to defend himself yet all these allegations are still coming up
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    Hello everyone! As we approach our final day of the Set Swap, I just wanted to remind you all that sets must remain ON until the it's officially August 31 NYC time. So for all the Aussies and Europeans and inhabitants wherever else, just because it reaches the 31 your time, doesn't mean you can remove your set! I will tag you all again when you can remove the set! Saturday will also be the partner reveal! See you all then and enjoy your final 24 hours with your ~gorgeous~ sets! xx
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    The idea that Moo has a video anywhere near as iconic or well-remembered as Vogue or Can't Get You Out Of My Head
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    All right, it has been only one week since the album release, but we shall see how we feel about it at this point. Even though we are not pumping hundreds and hundreds posts on a daily basis, I am sure with the help of entire forum, both dead, past and present members we can indulge ourselves in a game full of twists, turns and other characteristics completely opposite of what the album itself is about. As you are already aware, everyone picks one song to represent and through rounds, match-ups and battleships, we will get ultimate winner. After that being done, first Head of Household ( HoH) will be chosen that will have to nominate two (?) songs and thus putting them up for eviction. Members will cast their votes and the member with surviving song will be next HoH/to nominate. Buuut, it won't be just that, so yeah. So, ladies and gentlemen, will you please attend and play? Pick a song and don't be unwilling to play if the song you like the most has already been picked. If we manage to get 17 people to play, I will represent last song standing without its member. Hope we will manage this. I Forgot That You Existed - @CHOKE Cruel Summer - @fab Lover - @Hyun. The Man - @Daenerys The Archer - @Eclipsa I Think He Knows - @Fletch Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince - @Freaky Prince Paper Rings - @RepuTAYtion Cornelia Street - @CharnyBoy Death By A Thousand Cuts - @Venus XCX London Boy - @Liam Soon You'll Get Better - @millitanthomo False God - @Lover You Need To Calm Down - @Chris Morlock Afterglow - @Divine ME! - @Aquamarine It's Nice To Have A Friend - @DW Daylight - @Hylia
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    I don't know who of you will read this. I am posting this on another forum too, where some people of this forum go too, and it would seem fair that I share my story here too. Maybe this is also a little bit for myself? I have been in a really bad place these past few weeks and maybe writing this off will help me with my healing process? I am also sorry to all of my friends on here, especially to the royal squad. I'm sorry that I was never able to tell you guys. But I just can't. Trigger warning! Do not read this if you are sensitive to explicit stuff. So yeah, I'm really REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry for putting up this facade. What I want now, is that you don't treat me differently, like I'm some kind of doll or something. Because I am not. I just needed a place to write this down I guess.
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    This generation has no shortage of talented pop musicians, with Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, and Katy Perry filling the airwaves. These modern-day stars have amassed quite a fortune with their musical careers, and continue to release hit after hit. Here are the top earners in the history of the genre 1. MADONNA Madonna is arguably the most renowned singer of all time. With a net worth of over $800 million, she is one of the most successful pop stars of our generation. With a career spanning 4 decades, Madonna has released 14 full-length studio albums, including her most recent, 2019’s, Madame X. Universally recognized and adored, Madonna has also starred in over two dozen films, and has directed two. A woman of many talents, she is the most successful pop star of all time. https://www.therichest.com/pop-culture/highest-paid-pop-musicians/
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    A fucking clothing line that sells Social Justice fits, with MEGHAN TRAINOR and Meek Mill opening NFL Kick-off An absolute slap to black social justice and the actual meaning of the protests Colin Kaepernick started. Issa Capitalist.
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    I just came across this. As Entea said, you don't owe any of us anything to begin with, therefore you shouldn't apologize for not telling us this story first-hand. I'm sorry for what happened to you, but I think you really should consider sharing this to your psychologist who'll probably do a better job than us to help you heal/deal with this trauma. We love you and admire your openness about the struggles you've been facing. <3
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    I'm so sorry that this has happened to you. You had no idea that this guy would be a rapist so don't go blaming yourself for feeling wanted. I know it's hard to tell anyone right now but in time this will get easier, especially the more times you speak up about it. You're one of the strongest and most bravest person I know, you'll get through this. There's no need to apologize for not telling me, although you should know that, I'll always be here if you need someone to talk to. I love you bbe
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    And just because you choose to remain ignorant towards Kylie and her career (probably due to your lack of Google usage?) doesn’t mean her videography isn’t better than Mariah’s. Which it is btw, by miles.
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    kiii most of ya'll would hide your online profiles if you EVER became famous. Don't try iT.
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    OFFICIALLY REVEALED INFO On August 30th, 2019, Lana announced the title of her next album, White Hot Forever, in an interview with The Times. During this interview, she also stated that she would like to surprise-release the album within the next twelve or thirteen months, meaning the album may be released in September or October of 2020. Jack Antonoff is likely to be producing the album, but this is as yet unconfirmed. On October 21st, 2019, Lana's interview with Q Magazine revealed the existence of a new song titled Let Me Love You Like a Woman. On November 6th, 2019, a fan claims that Lana spoke to them and told them that her next album was no longer titled White Hot Forever. The new name of the album was not revealed. POSSIBLE TRACKS Let Me Love You Like a Woman White Hot Forever POSSIBLY RELEVANT INFO
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    something tells me someone will choose paper rings out of sympathy bc at least the lyrics are cute. ME!th however, no redeeming qualities in sight...
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    it and paper rings... feeling bad for whoever gets those
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    poor ME!n Kampf never gonna be chosen
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    Lover (the single) also ended up at #2 on global Spotify and #1 on US Spotify to end the week It matched the weekly peak of ME! and outdid YNTCD
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    you don't need to tell me tell @Lachlan and @Chris Morlock
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    I never really got into HM and LFL tbh. I tried listening to them hoping they’ll grow on me but they never did. I fell in love with NFR on the first listen though, glad she can do that for me again
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    Right UV and HM have been fighting back and forth for my number 1 spot and this is such an amazing blend of the things I love about both records while still feeling fresh and exciting rather than a retread, ugh her MIND
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    In your car, I'm a star, and I'm burning through you
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    Britney about to murder us with Blackout 2.0
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    YESSSSSS this is my song A very good hot mess, I just know it's gonna be a lot of twerking WHEW. Cash Shit has a video but I don't know what happened... she needs to release it now because Hot Girl Summer kinda stole it's shine.
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    Which is like a portmanteau of "sassy" and "bop"
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    I have the same with people who rank How To Disappear as a bottom tier
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    Her best song is Over, which also neatly sums up blah blah blah
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    Thats what I also thought I was like oh she's recreating the memes
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    We will be streaming even though she was the Michelle of Britney and Paris' Destinys Child
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    You need to get rid off your annoying ass complaining all the time bitch
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    Kyloose stans getting brave! I admit CIMW is one of the best videos ever though.
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    I'll probably be the only one using this thread but oh well that's just more Meg for me.
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    The VMAs have been absolute shit for years now. They only slightly redeemed themselves this year by finally giving Missy the Vanguard award. I'm sure by next year they'll be back to giving it to artists who don't really deserve it. It's really sad, honestly. Award shows and the awards themselves don't really hold as much significance as they used to.
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    That's what happens when you try desperately to promote new artists and turn them into bigger names in music. Its like they think that they can force us to like them, or their mediocre music.
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    Pushing 30, girl just turned 26. Y'all really love to add the years to justify your ageism. Also what now 30 year olds can't wear cute costumes? The ageism jumped out hard Plus Ariana has been relevant for 6 years now, she ain't going anywhere
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    Wishful thinking with 2021 - watch it be 2023 edit: it’s 2020
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    She literally has been quiet for weeks, you just be talking for no reason. I swear to God you irritate my soul. Anyways I wish they would leave this boy alone pls if he dont wanna admit it that’s fine bc some of us know the truth.
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    And again you made other users laugh at Xtina. Are u proud?
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    I'll Start: I Run Away Make Me Perfect Lover Early Mornin Radar Freakshow Everybody Can't Make You Love Me That's Where You Take Me