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    Maybe that's why Shawn Mendes doesn't have a problem with kissing her.
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    I think this girl is in dire need of a reality check. Camila is so power hungry she is using a semi-attractive gay man to manipulate his fans into buying her new double single release! This is the work of the devil even if the fag is clearly infected by her sickness. This puta has to go so I contacted Fifth Harmony reps and they have given me the personal contacts of Normani, Alison, Laura and Dino. We managed to locate them to ask them questions about the Camila Virus, how they were infected and how to rid of it Normani was found doing background vocals for R9 next to Rihanna cutting up bikinis on the studio floor. She told us when they first met on X-Factor Camila yelled "omg colour sister" then proceeded to do the crip walk in front of her. "Everyday for three years Camila would call me gangster hood thug rat," she cried while slowly falling into a split. Years after the group broke up Camila sent messages to her answering machine requesting she teach her how to dougie. She recounted the time they recorded Flex (All In My Head) with Fetty Wap, "she went up to him and said 'did you lose your eye in a gang fight?' #BlackLivesMatter" before telling him about the time she was in Taco Bell and they forgot her pinto beans so she wrote on their Facebook page about how they racially profiled her. When asked about how to get rid of her, Normani nodded up to the shrine of Aaliyah then to the window where a Boeing 747 was crossing Caught sprinting out to the waiting bay to give customers their food, Ally shuffled back to the drive thru. After ordering a Big Mac Meal with a frozen coke, I got to the window and asked about her experience with the Camila virus. She paused before mumbling "the frozen coke machine is broken" and ran out to salt the fries. Her coworker Nicki Minaj came to the window shortly, yelling at customers through her headset about dungeon dragon toys not being included in the Happy Meals anymore. She told me about how she was rejected from Red Lobster so she planned to retire after working at McDonalds. After giving me me the wrong change, I questioned her to which she responded "did I lie? Did I lie!?" before slamming the window shut. Driving to the next window, Ally handed me my order with hands shaking. Disheartened by my experience, I went to the carpark to eat my food before noticing a note plopped inside. All it read was: put in them hours, I'mma make it hotter, I'm cooking fries after fries, I'mma get Nicki fired Fresh off her home arrest for marijuana possession, Lauren was found in a k-hole passed out with her ankle bracelet beeping. Frantically running around looking for her birth control pill, she made me drive her to the local chemist because she let Skip Marley dick her without protection if he collaborated on her album. Talking about her experience with Camila she said they had not talked since she tried to get with Shawn, claiming that her collaboration with Halsey was mimicking her gay relationship: "I called her a faggot and walked out." After ranting about mental health not being real, she went inside to get her dosage. Seconds later sirens were heard and police surrounded the facility with guns pointed at the door. Lauren came out with a sledgehammer proceeding to smack my car windows while screaming about Halsey not loving her. She was arrested shortly after. Dinah was performing at her local community centre, hyped as her comeback by her fifteen siblings and the Trump federation. She talked about #AllLivesMatter to the empty stands saying she sided with her hood girl Camila to make America great again! Speaking backstage to the media of one aka me she spoke about how Camila is her best friend, how they talk about which colour cornrows to get for their ten year Fifth Harmony GMA reunion and how hip the new Travis Scott album is. Talking about her future projects she said her and Rachel Dolozel had been working on a new single together about skin bleaching. She is also sad that Normani will not join their iMessage chat with Azealia Banks to talk about hood girl tings! In conclusion, none of the Fifth Harmony girls could help me figure out how to cure the Camila Cabello virus spreading. Their discography reflected their intelligence, nothing of substance. Perhaps we need to find a new scientific approach to ridding this disgusting freak! I was thinking a nuclear bomb but I heard cockroaches can survive them. Make sure not to stream Liar or Shameless because they have harmful bacteria that will fill your eardrums that could be fatal.
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    Exposed implies that people thought that it was real in the first place
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    It's what that payola'd RAT deserves! A shame too since I feel like I would enjoy both of her songs if they weren't sung by someone who sounds like they just ingested an entire helium tank.
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    motivation was released weeks ago + she went down bc of post malone.. also, debuted higher than camila's tracks! with all that payola and camila's barely debuting in the top 50? embarrassing
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    This used to be my playground This used to be my childhood dream This used to be the place I ran to Whenever I was in need Of a friend Why did it have to end And why do they always say
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    By a Shawn stan too “Same day, same clothes and same accessories. This video was recorded 1 month ago at his Boston concert where Camila was present. And they are holding it, with these lines all ready to post today 1h after the release of her music video” Canola is so desperate omg Shameless.mp3 indeed
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    they cannot be more embarrassing imagine stanning them..... a total nightmare
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    I completely forgot this performance existed
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    Die Young on iTunes is literally cursed, anytime I tried to edit the cover art to be the single cover, it would always switch back to the Warrior cover, which I used to hate
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    It‘s not a single, it‘s an unreleased track she decided to put on streaming platforms.
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    I think he means that Die Young is all the way down with the Ys as opposed to being with the Ds in terms of alphabetical order
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    I have no idea what are you talking about
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    I’m reading a Psych article that refers to someone’s “first time” as a “coital debut”...
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    forget the demonic shit, she doesn't even sound ON BEAT when's rapping .... i'll give her the benefit of doubt and say that may be the producer's fault (if there even was one???) but lmao wyd az honestly tho is that even her screaming or the sound of her sacrificing some goats to lucifer or sth
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    They really thought they were doing smth.....this is just embarrassing and disgusting
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    Canola is getting desperate and pulling out ALL the stops
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    I guess my greatest failure as a collector is not buying the ARTPOP vinyl before it went out of print and the cheapest you can find now is like $250
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    the most twisted season in big brother history
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    Yeah, it does not seem very reliable
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    WHAT THE ACTUAL FUUUUCCCKKK???? This would have easily been her best ballad. The natural and soft vocals, the melody, the lyrics. This just keeps proving what many people have been saying. ARTPOP has been screwed up BIG TIME. Who needed a Rick Rubin production when this slayed the absolute SHIT out of the final product??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0XjLUF844k
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    They've been there for a long time.
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    Starting to move on from you. It's happening OMG It feels amazing
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    I would refrain unless you want your ears to bleed
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    i think she will release a breakup song soon gettin that media attention for ending that relationship
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    I've always wanted to know the context behind this gif like who would record the Glitter ad then slow pan up to the WTC 
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    These twists are more confusing than the actual Big Brother on CBS In the words of the legend himself, Chris Morlock, “what?” p.s. Death By a Thousand Grammys deserves better
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    omg please i'd tweet it forever the fotp admin curse is gonna get you
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    applied for Admin, you are going to jail
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    I don't believe anything of this