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    This used to be my playground This used to be my childhood dream This used to be the place I ran to Whenever I was in need Of a friend Why did it have to end And why do they always say
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    I’m reading a Psych article that refers to someone’s “first time” as a “coital debut”...
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    I guess my greatest failure as a collector is not buying the ARTPOP vinyl before it went out of print and the cheapest you can find now is like $250
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    Starting to move on from you. It's happening OMG It feels amazing
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    im so revolted by this false relationship between a gay and his beard, that i have to delete their music from my itunes
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    I've always wanted to know the context behind this gif like who would record the Glitter ad then slow pan up to the WTC 
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    Ellie is scared of touring and that's why she won't put the album out I feel sorry for her but I am angry at her too. Will we ever get EG4?
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    I had no idea was an obscure boss from a video game
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    Ugh, I love Lauren Daigle's music so much
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    thought i was able to register for ATRL for a minute