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    The way Don’t Call Me Angel gets better with each listen Miley’s fierceness Ariana’s angelic vocals Lana taking us to church during the bridge
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    I hope you're pulling a @Mariah's 18 #1's made up everyday stories with this and aren't actually arguing with your students that Shawn is gay
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    Bloodpop and friends have just been making fun of us this whole time for being so thirsty and annoying, and y'all really proved them right by actually believing some of the shit they were saying and getting mad cause the false scenario you created in ur head didn't happen
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    What do i say. What a fucking bop But do you think this song of 2019 will it remove Sin of Doritos from the top of the charts? Will the Angel, Dolly Parton's Goddaughter and the Sleepy have the power to top the Rat and her bottom from the top? Or will the GPs taste buds remain deluded and stuck to a fake relationship? Awaits thread from well known FOTP user Agugaga trashing the song, dictating how it'll flop and that Car Wash - Xtinas collab with Missy Elliot, will forever remain more eyechronic.
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    Awaiting Agugaga's thread about how Dont Call Me Angel will have a quick one week peak then plunge
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    The obsession, you seem pressed that Stage Booker Christina Slayguilera doesn't struggle to sell seats like vocal relic Mariah.
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    I just never understood this... Let me just keep quiet and continue scrolling
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    Honestly I've been slowly but surely winding down my usage. They banned porn yet I STILL get porn bots following me almost every day. It's so aggravating that Tumblr STILL hasn't fixed this problem which has been going on for YEARS now. At this point, it deserves to die out. They've ruined themselves.
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    It is a reach. That is just based on certain angles and certain pics. They look similar there, but this is the reality:
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    Yup. In the school I teach for example. I had to argue with them about Sean being gay too. They wouldn't believe it. "Mr. XYZ! That's a lieeee!!! They are a couple!!"
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    True. I do always wonder how this forum will feel about the particularly big/successful songs though. "Bad Blood is good" in particular is the fetch I've been trying to make happen for years on here to little avail
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    Nessa is already one of my fave gym leaders of all time (can you tell? ). Bea reminds me of Marlene and Greta too which we STAN
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    Eh, I'm not a big fan of the song and the video's just OK. I will see the movie, so I wonder how it will be featured in it, probably over the credits I guess but maybe in the climax.
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    The girls in these games are bad BITCHES I’m probably gonna choose the female protagonist since they usually have more customization features. The sissy in me jumped OUT
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    https://music.apple.com/us/album/manic/1479627997 Expect: January 17, 2020
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    @Diamond I just realized that your return means there's at least one other active member that watches this show now Or at least you did - are you looking forward to season 14?
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    Like A Girl is so underrated omg it's such a bop
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    im so revolted by this false relationship between a gay and his beard, that i have to delete their music from my itunes
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    I’m reading a Psych article that refers to someone’s “first time” as a “coital debut”...
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    Ellie is scared of touring and that's why she won't put the album out I feel sorry for her but I am angry at her too. Will we ever get EG4?
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    omg QUEEN where have u been? I was thinking about when the Australians + you and Hakan spammed Britney section everyday
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    It's a running joke. I know she's finally given fans a tour, something we thought we'd never get again. It's just a that the 6 year wait between Lotus and Liberation scarred us.
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    Why is Post-it Note at #1, who actually buys his stuff.
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    her accusations aside, the fact that she has shown zero artistic growth since her last album and the terrible gross pedo-y lyrics that are on this new one, not to mention her terrible acting and just generally insufferable personality, is enough i think to just ignore her existence like we all have been and act like this shit album never happened
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    Huh, that's actually not true at all. In fact, there's this utterly vile "diss track" Melanie released, which purports to refute the claims, yet actually just demonstrates what a truly reprehensible person Melanie is. Nobody with a solid moral foundation would put out something as childish and flippant as a diss track against someone accusing them of a serious crime like rape.
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    Tyler he really made this season worth it