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    Don’t Call Me Angel made several points
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    The way Don’t Call Me Angel gets better with each listen Miley’s fierceness Ariana’s angelic vocals Lana taking us to church during the bridge
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    Dont call me angel is a SERVE
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  5. 5 points
    They really made 2019 level up just like that
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    I texted my dad “Your icon, Lana Del Rey released a new album” and he said “I know! I already bought it.”
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    Ariana: Keep my name out ya mouth Miley: Say my name with a little respect Ariana: Lana:
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    I cant believe GTA 5 runs on my budget 4 GB ram laptop but I'm glad
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    By a Shawn stan too “Same day, same clothes and same accessories. This video was recorded 1 month ago at his Boston concert where Camila was present. And they are holding it, with these lines all ready to post today 1h after the release of her music video” Canola is so desperate omg Shameless.mp3 indeed
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    Kai gets lines sometimes....??????? Irene, great raps beautiful raps..... meniniSM can suck a fat one omg I hate them so much
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    oh they're good finding visuals and then giving them zero lines too askjndjkas yes let's not bc we could be here ALL day if we started on them.
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    SM really knows how to pick visuals like wow they really do have the cream of the crop please I'm too exhausted to fume about SM today....
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    He really is.... ugh that's my baby. (btw I'm looking at his teaser again and I wish SM put all that budget into our girls but... we're talking about SM here.)
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    Lucas a cute girl too though
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    Oops this is what I originally meant to post in the first place, thank you.
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    do y’all see MY man?!! a winning for me today
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    This PR trap is so embarrassing
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    Exposed implies that people thought that it was real in the first place
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    they cannot be more embarrassing imagine stanning them..... a total nightmare
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    Melanie has never been a big seller so this is not even a drag She found her niche and has a big and loyal following, she’ll be fine.
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