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    @Venus XCX @Maraj @Liam @Lachlan
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    Not gonna photoshop and all that shite but i'm here
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    Welcome to the 2019 FOTP Member Awards official ceremony. Today's show will try to run under two hours but do expect delays because the host is a one man show. We have amazing performances, presenters and awards to dish out. For those who win tonight, congratulations. For the losers, bye Dogmation on iTunes. The schedule for the show will be similar to what is in the spoiler below. This is not ran to time because clearly it's early morning in Australia and Legend L is very tired right now. Get ready to have some fun!
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    a little preview of @Venus XCX's performance
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    @Liam cancel the whole show omg the vanguard winner is leaving
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    cruel summer best song on Lover? I think so
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    And here's to all the ugly f*gs and h*gs PERCHING for my meltdown! 9x a bridesmaid yet I won ONE! Some of y'all can't even spell ONE!
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    the performers actually thinking they did something up on that stage other than cause everyone in the audience a lifetime of PTSD and hearing loss
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    I have finally arrived, oh yes!
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    I would like a spicy chicken burger with a side of chips with guac- no I don't want a K-12 Happy Meal with nappies!
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    @Maraj becoming a robot when he announced the winner i-
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    I cannot believe we just gave the most iconic performance of all time
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    Does anyone think global warming is a good thing? I love @Maraj. I think he's a really interesting artist.
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    the way looka's bridesmaid mentions are the only thing keeping this ceremony alive
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    Just got back from a bathroom fight with a forum fossil; was told that my job on this forum is to "stink" and "take space"; the person also screamed MAGA and "build the wall" when I left the room. Wishing them godspeed!
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    bringing back this holy gif from luca's AGAs meltdown for when he loses btw
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    THE RESULTS #1 | FLORENCE | 8.7 #2 | LORDE | 8.6 #3 | LANA | 8.4 #4 | CHARLI XCX | 8.1 #5 | CHRISTINA | 7.9 #6 | LINDSAY | 7.7 #7 | ZENDAYA | 7.6 #8 | HARRY | SAVED BY PANEL #9 | BEYONCE | UP FOR ELIMINATION #10 | KELLY | UP FOR ELIMINATION @ryjapo you can PM me and choose either to eliminate someone or automatically save yourself for the next round and have players vote who to eliminate. The choice is yours! @Harry_CAL @Maria @ryjapo @8Bit Heart @Love So Soft @Harry Styles @Edu @Cosmic @Bleachella @Surrealism
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    Agu in 2016: “X would never do a residency like FLOP Britney! I’d remove my stan card!” Agu in 2019: “My fave is adding more dates to her residency! She keeps winning!” FOTP, ladies and gents, where your brain cells go to die.