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    cruel summer best song on Lover? I think so
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    THE RESULTS #1 | FLORENCE | 8.7 #2 | LORDE | 8.6 #3 | LANA | 8.4 #4 | CHARLI XCX | 8.1 #5 | CHRISTINA | 7.9 #6 | LINDSAY | 7.7 #7 | ZENDAYA | 7.6 #8 | HARRY | SAVED BY PANEL #9 | BEYONCE | UP FOR ELIMINATION #10 | KELLY | UP FOR ELIMINATION @ryjapo you can PM me and choose either to eliminate someone or automatically save yourself for the next round and have players vote who to eliminate. The choice is yours! @Harry_CAL @Maria @ryjapo @8Bit Heart @Love So Soft @Harry Styles @Edu @Cosmic @Bleachella @Surrealism
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    There’s a ton of resources out there if you’re at all confused. We’re living in a very modern world now so I’d suggest a quick googling session to acclimate yourself with it. After reading some of the disappointing replies in this thread I’d suggest the same for most of the people commenting.
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    Agu in 2016: “X would never do a residency like FLOP Britney! I’d remove my stan card!” Agu in 2019: “My fave is adding more dates to her residency! She keeps winning!” FOTP, ladies and gents, where your brain cells go to die.
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    I feel like @Agugaga's hate for Ariana stems purely from the fact that he desperately needs some new pop girl to flop in order to show that "XTina had more longevity in her prime!!!!!". Yet, all his prophecies about Ariana have turned out to be false/the opposite. Just give up, Agu. Ariana has already a very different career than XXLTina and there is no point in comparing them or rooting for her to be over cause it's not happening any time soon. You have another girl that you stan though who is actually sort of repeating XTina's career path and it totally went above your empty head.
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    Don't Call Me Angel saw 21.5 million views in it's first day (her third most ever), 7,183,425 streams on Spotify during it's first day, reached #1 on iTunes in nearly 50 countries, is currently #17 on Apple Music and is the second highest charting pop song on the platform behind Truth Hurts, not to mention 11 of the top 17 songs are Post Malone and the other songs are hip hop, on top of all of this, the song is also showing pretty good stability. All of this for a soundtrack single for a film that will most definitely tank and be a critical bomb. If this is a decline, I'll gladly take it over the likes of the Bubbling Under chanteuse Xtina. Besides, we all know you contributed to many of the MILLIONS of streams and views this song got so thank you for helping give Ariana, Miley, and Lana yet another smash hit single. This is where I would say to stream the song and link the video but clearly you already do and most likely have the video bookmarked for later viewings so why bother? We love a stan.
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    Marina was so cute last night. Every song on the setlist slapped
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    I wish i could stop forgetting my password here
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    Iconic! Our faves could never deliver such a flawless bop.
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    Boyfriend never fell out of the top 20. It went to 20 in the third week and last week rebounded to 19 but nice try tho. Stop spreading false information
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    ok but people seriously sleep on Britney's self titled album
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    9.5 It looses half a point because Miley doesn't sing the second chorus.
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    Listening to Adele's "Set Fire To The Rain" reminds me of why i love the song so much, but fucking hate the vocal production on the studio version. The use of Auto-tune on it is far too excessive.
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    Shameless by Camila Cabello has debuted at #11 on the leaderboard with an average score of 5.22. Next single to rate is... Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus & Lana Del Rey - Don't Call Me Angel Rate this single from 1 to 10 in this thread. I do accept rates to 1 decimal place.
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    Brooke kinda ate everyone else up on Shake It
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    It's not really a reboot since like four cast members are back, but it's clear that they want to distance it from the first movie since it wasn't particularly good
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    So you agree, Xtina is following in Britney’s footsteps but with less tour dates, less tour gross, smaller residency and smaller audiences? scalped indeed
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    yas! more non binary celebrities edit: heres more of their tweets bout it!
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    @Darth Sidious @Kirjava @LittleDudeNT5 I reorganized my entire house and finally double-sided my DVD shelves, which means more were available for my toy collection and here's my Star Wars shelf if any of you care
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    The correct term would be "staple" but "stable" fits since Pigstina will soon be taken back to hers after her residency ends!
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    I just never understood this... Let me just keep quiet and continue scrolling
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    @Harry_CAL @Maria @ryjapo @8Bit Heart @Love So Soft @Harry Styles @Edu @Cosmic @Bleachella @Surrealism
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