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    seeing this image whenever I close my eyes now
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    Where the f*CK is Lorde?
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    idk who is who anymore where my ancient bitches at
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    When you find out the ugly truth about people, I'm honestly shocked and scared. I hope he'll never come back Alexa play Glad's He Gone by Tove Lo please
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    There’s a ton of resources out there if you’re at all confused. We’re living in a very modern world now so I’d suggest a quick googling session to acclimate yourself with it. After reading some of the disappointing replies in this thread I’d suggest the same for most of the people commenting.
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    Iconic! Our faves could never deliver such a flawless bop.
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    I really, really like Hustlers
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    when are we getting you into kpop king
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    pop culture was in art, now art's in pop culture in me
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    @TomTom posted this in the K4 thread the other day. But, super exciting! I cannot fucking wait, I've been dying for new music. I also am glad it's somewhat confirmed, so I don't have to check for it everyday Also, welcome to the forums
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    A blend of both sounds? Boogie Feet 2.0 is coming
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    Don't Call Me Angel saw 21.5 million views in it's first day (her third most ever), 7,183,425 streams on Spotify during it's first day, reached #1 on iTunes in nearly 50 countries, is currently #17 on Apple Music and is the second highest charting pop song on the platform behind Truth Hurts, not to mention 11 of the top 17 songs are Post Malone and the other songs are hip hop, on top of all of this, the song is also showing pretty good stability. All of this for a soundtrack single for a film that will most definitely tank and be a critical bomb. If this is a decline, I'll gladly take it over the likes of the Bubbling Under chanteuse Xtina. Besides, we all know you contributed to many of the MILLIONS of streams and views this song got so thank you for helping give Ariana, Miley, and Lana yet another smash hit single. This is where I would say to stream the song and link the video but clearly you already do and most likely have the video bookmarked for later viewings so why bother? We love a stan.
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    I think the correct comparison would be "Lady Marmalade." You too, are a fucking nitwit.
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    ok but people seriously sleep on Britney's self titled album
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    Exposed implies that people thought that it was real in the first place
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    Girl, you’re a feature artist. Get on with it
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    Nope. Peaking inside the Hot 100 is a reach. Xtina should be focusing on peaking inside the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart