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    seeing this image whenever I close my eyes now
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    idk who is who anymore where my ancient bitches at
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    i LOVE to see it some of their best on here so i'll allow it
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    "A place for music and chart fanatics to have their own "HOT 100". With ZERO you can generate weekly charts of the songs you listen most based on your Last.fm. In addition, you can also access curiosities from your charts and create 'certificates' for songs and albums. To use ZERO, you must have a Last.fm account, a "social music network," where you can track the artists and songs you listen to most." They have this on ATRL and I saw a member ask about it here not too long ago so I thought I should make one for FOTP! Just post your Zero charts below! If you would like for your profile to be added to the OP, give me your username as well! Users: Divine
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    Iconic! Our faves could never deliver such a flawless bop.
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    Don't Call Me Angel saw 21.5 million views in it's first day (her third most ever), 7,183,425 streams on Spotify during it's first day, reached #1 on iTunes in nearly 50 countries, is currently #17 on Apple Music and is the second highest charting pop song on the platform behind Truth Hurts, not to mention 11 of the top 17 songs are Post Malone and the other songs are hip hop, on top of all of this, the song is also showing pretty good stability. All of this for a soundtrack single for a film that will most definitely tank and be a critical bomb. If this is a decline, I'll gladly take it over the likes of the Bubbling Under chanteuse Xtina. Besides, we all know you contributed to many of the MILLIONS of streams and views this song got so thank you for helping give Ariana, Miley, and Lana yet another smash hit single. This is where I would say to stream the song and link the video but clearly you already do and most likely have the video bookmarked for later viewings so why bother? We love a stan.
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    Girl, you’re a feature artist. Get on with it
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    ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Singles Without Me (Buzz Single) Graveyard (Lead Single) clementine (Promo Single) Finally // beautiful stranger (Promo Single) Suga's Interlude (Promo Single) You should be sad (2nd Single) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tracklist 01. Ashley 02. clementine 03. Graveyard 04. You should be sad 05. Forever... (is a long time) 06. Dominic's Interlude 07. I HATE EVERYBODY 08. 3am 09. Without Me 10. Finally // beautiful stranger 11. Alanis' Interlude 12. killing boys 13. SUGA's Interlude 14. More 15. Still Learning 16. 929 17. You should be sad (original voicenote) 18. I'm Not Mad 19. Wipe Your Tears ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Merchandise ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Manic Album merchandise ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Spotify "Fans First" Exclusive Picture Disc Vinyl ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Clementine Merch Drop 01 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Finally // beautiful stranger limited 7" LP ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HALSEY X VERDY 48H collection ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Manic" Candle ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Manic "Ashley" Edition (Signed by Ashley) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Flash Sale USA Store | UK Store ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ http://www.manicthealbum.com/
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    hello my new favorite thread
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    Lana did that on DCMA. Ariana was a perfect fit. Miley's verse blew
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    We just need someone to take "Love" so we can start the game
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    What do i say. What a fucking bop But do you think this song of 2019 will it remove Sin of Doritos from the top of the charts? Will the Angel, Dolly Parton's Goddaughter and the Sleepy have the power to top the Rat and her bottom from the top? Or will the GPs taste buds remain deluded and stuck to a fake relationship? Awaits thread from well known FOTP user Agugaga trashing the song, dictating how it'll flop and that Car Wash - Xtinas collab with Missy Elliot, will forever remain more eyechronic.
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    Omg yay! And that's interesting, people liked Gimmie Love here. Real Love might be my favorite song on Dedicated, so I was happy she added it to the encore at my show too. I liked Party For One from the very beginning. It's a message I needed to hear at the time and it gave us one of her best videos.
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    It seems you have been doing charity for Xtina for the past 10 years then Also why the fuck are you listening to artists you want to fail? Quick stop listening to Xtina the sis might rebound a bit.
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    I already scalped you regarding residency sales and audience % in your other thread, or did you forget? Britney was sold out first two legs and had multiple legs at 90+ % sold. Her last leg also broke records Xtina’s first leg didnt even break 80% So Britney had a +7% audience average for TWENTY TWO LEGS compared to a mini-one leg debut for Xtina? do you not realize how BADLY Britney scalped Xtina here? Britney hasnt charted since 2016 BECAUSE SHE HASNT RELEASED ANYTHING SINCE 2016, DO WE REALLY NEED TO EVEN EXPLAIN THAT TO YOU? Versus Xtina who released multiple singles this year, ALL OF WHICH DIDNT EVEN LAND ON THE HOT 100 GIRL, YOU LOSE! PS im actually happy for xtina because shes doing well, i dont hate her like you hate britney. I just drag her with facts and receipts because you make it so easy
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    Marina was so cute last night. Every song on the setlist slapped
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    By a Shawn stan too “Same day, same clothes and same accessories. This video was recorded 1 month ago at his Boston concert where Camila was present. And they are holding it, with these lines all ready to post today 1h after the release of her music video” Canola is so desperate omg Shameless.mp3 indeed
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    I just never understood this... Let me just keep quiet and continue scrolling
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    That's because she can't keep her big beak out of other peoples business, then she gets the backlash and goes on a "twitter break" that lasts about 29 minutes. She'll hate Taylor again by next week.
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    I hope you're pulling a @Mariah's 18 #1's made up everyday stories with this and aren't actually arguing with your students that Shawn is gay
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    These two bitches are annoying as fuck. Basic closeted white guy with guitar and basic racist payola singer.
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    Yeah, I know that Just the black one so it reveals the red part, but like what kind of purpose does that serve? Obviously scripted.
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    I think the red part of the costume wasn't meant to rip off.
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    Lowkey a little mad that the UO vinyl are hot pink and not the the more purple based pink in the preview pic. (I never realized they updated the site later with pics of the hot pink). That shade of pink just works so much better with the cover but whatever.
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    It's not fake, for a pop artist in this age to pull of such a gorgeous music video with an amazing choreography and the actual song sounding fresh and good pop music, I don't see why it would be fake hype. Normani has talent and so much potentional, she definitely deserves the hype and acclaim she is currently recieving from not only her peers, but the GP and more.
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    Honestly it won’t even come close, there’s no hype or anything. She might debut on the bubbling under chart though
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    Say Something clobbered everything in that era, both digital and in streaming. I guess we can thank, A great big world and not Xtina . “Just a Fool” had no video and no radio yet still outpeaked “Perfume,” which did. If “Feel This Moment” was a hit because of Potbill, then y did his single before that, “Don’t Stop The Party” only peak at #17 . The single before that one, with Shakira, peaked at #89, and the one before that, “Back in Time,” peaked at #11. Try again pathetic nitwit.
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    "Breaks the streams for an all female collaboration" What is that like 7 songs? What's tomorrow's "record" gonna be? "Don't Call Me Angel" has smallest fall with two females on it under 27? The reach is hilarious.
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    He still has a dick right? And his chromosomes are still the same? Then ok, he is male.
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    “Make Me” debut at #17, plummeted from there, and then re-peaked at #17 following her VMA performance and a discounted price, before falling off the face of existence. Can Xtina “Accelerate” passed #17 with her lead single off X6? With T.Y Dolla $Ign on board who is huge in streaming, and 2 Chainz, this sounds like its gonna be a hood bop which means it can do well on Spotify. This should be interesting.