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    Is that what you're all getting from this He got the disease several years ago when he was 25 and still learning how to be gay. More so he was dealing with abuse and and eventually drug addiction which is common with gay men who aren't nurtured by their families in the right way. I'm sure he didn't mean to catch it. Let's not HIV shame and say he is irresponsible. Yes he was a prostitute, but people who sleep with prostitutes know the risk on their part. and for his other sexual partners, unfortunately that's the nature of sex. He should've got regularly tested but testing is still hard for many - either there is no clinic near them or inconvenient hours or booked for weeks. There are many ways to catch HIV while being responsible. I myself just had a HIV scare because the condom broke and I immediately took it out and contemplated getting PEP - I did but it ended costing $350 with insurance. Not everyone has access to just drop money like that and prep without insurance is also not available to low income communities.
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    Some of the replies in this thread are absolutely disgusting
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    From the image he portrays on the show and on Instagram I never would have known he's been through so much. It just goes to show that you never know what someone is really dealing with. Hopefully JVN speaking about being HIV positive will normalize and destigmatize it to his following.
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    Just a positive little discussion thread! This is obviously for the STAN stans. How much money have you spent for your fav?? whether its on their merch sites or fake bootleg items lol. If you can list the artist how much you think you spent on them and what you specifically have bought if you remember! Ill start: Beyonce. Ive most definitely spent about $500-$1000 or more on this bitch. This is spanning from - Buying her albums on itunes - Lemonade/Selftitled/Bday vinyl plus fake bootlegs like 4 and Everything Is Love vinyl - OTR tour book on her site - All her Cds and documentary/concert dvds - HUGE collection of tour t-shirts from Mrs. Carter WT and onward - Magazine's where shes on the cover - Tons of posters - Ive seen her in concert 6 times.... damn this hoe makes me BROKE
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    Halloween as Lisa Bonnet - New Years- Blue Ivy's 7th Birthday Oscars Afterparty Beyonce In The Studio Adele's 31st Birthday
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    Hustlers has led me to researching pole dancing classes in my area
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    Kim Petras: "If you wanna pop one in the hills..." Me:
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    I'm serving hair body face with this new set and I am LIVING!
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    Kind of you to say that Camila is plaguing any charts, both Liar and Shameless flopped
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    Morocco is gorgeous y’all
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    Camila's old Facebook apparently got hacked, screenshots coming about her racist ass
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    Shake it is possibly the oddest.. Bop I have heard. Like I really like it
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    She really dragged both their asses
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    As do I, these hoes can seethe but I’m pumped that my first Madonna concert will include some bops I love in addition to mostly supporting a concept record that I also really enjoy, #AbsolutelyNoRegrets
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    Shawn also had his share of problematic tweets aimed at poc so let's not think he's completely innocent
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    I’m sorry but I can’t take any sort of criticism from a person calling a show shit when all they’ve done is listen to a shitty amateur audio and look at a few pictures and a setlist seriously. It’d be one thing if we got to see the performances and get context for everything, but we can’t unless we have a ticket. This happens every time she tours. People talk about how it’s the worst thing she’s ever done at the start and then are in love with it by the end. She’s doing something new, something brave. You all bitched about her not taking risks anymore and when she finally gave you an album and tour full of risks and chances, you again just bitch. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.
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    Katy Perry & Adam Levine // Can You Feel the Love Tonight // Single // Week Two Katy Perry // The Lion King // Pop Soundtrack (Album) // Week Two 1 Circle of Life 2 Little Roar 3 The Morning Report 4 I Just Can't Wait To Be King 5 Be Prepared 6 Hakuna Matata 7 Heart to Heart 8 The Lion Sleeps Tonight 9 Is It Really You? 10 Can You Feel the Love Tonight? [with Adam Levine] 11 He Lives in You 12 If I Don't Fight 13 The Hula Song 14 It Is Time 15 Into the Sun
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    This is a look but can we stop with the coats? Come on X move on to your next fashion era
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    Leave Shawn ALONE asdndsgk So proud of Cupcakke fighting against RACISM. Sooner or later the GP will come to their senses and we will DRAIN the sewers and get rid of the infestation that is plaguing the charts as we speak!
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    Yes she’s a fad, as evident by her recent singles failing to last more than a second in top 20. She got most of her hype from being a IG comedian and the faux Nicki rivalry. Cardi B 2 will debut with less than 100k first week, and she has yet to do a tour because she has no power. Floppi B. All those streams and collabs couldn’t solidify a solo career. A moment most pleasing to my career to see Cardi in the line at unemployment with kulture sipping a Capri-Sun.
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