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    You know her well enough to create constant threads about her. Imagine how tired we are
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    According to your rap queen Nicki Minaj, Ariana is the girl that “run pop”
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    Skinny talented singer who can effortlessly hit 5th octave notes in her prime and doesn't have to scream like a pig in a slaughter house, she stayed relevant past her second album and out did her peak 6 years in to her career something others who haven't had a solo top #5 hit since 2002 fail to do. She also once sang with an oreo sales person, however the oreo sales person was clearly inexperienced and didn't know how to control her voice and be respectful. Ariana is a triple threat: Great singer, good dancer, good actress. Xtina is a triple FLOP: Bionic, Lotus, Liberated. Agu remains the FOTP clown
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    VMAs Stage FROM 9 VIEWS ________________________________________________________________________________________________ To send your performances, make sure to include at least 4-5 different frames. Please send in the following form: Frame A: + If anyone needs help or has a difficult time using Photoshop, PM me and I'll try to help! @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @RebelHeart15 @Joanne @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Beyoncé @Cosmic @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Surrealism @Alesus @Michael. @phoenixstar @BritneysBitch
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    Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, don't go I found a letter from your friend, he said you're gone He said you were going to the mountain with the most snow, so long Told me you were headed for Alaska I thought I dreamt it, but I know it, now it's on Instead of writing letters, Jimmy coulda had my heart to lean on
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    The long ass receipt. Agu shut down as usual
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    I haven't fat shamed anyone in this thread. Calling someone "skinny" in the context i did is not fat shaming. Hun.... - you need to find something to do with your life.
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    Ironic you ask for videos, songs and stats about her since you literally follow everything she does so you can comeback and make a thread in BGs about it.
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    When a person doesn't know what to say or what to do, they make these kind of comments. It's called desperation ladies and gentlemen.
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    That's funny from the so called Xtina stan who only ever posts in BG, has probably never bought an Xtina album in his life and has an obsession with Britney and Ariana for no reason.
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    I love this show. I stopped watching after Kelly left tbh, but I also watch the clips on youtube lmao they're so good. My favorite dance moms are probably Jill and Kelly. Jill is always read to scrap when she has to plus her outfits are ridiculous sometimes .
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    Madonna's first single got released exactly 37 years ago!
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    For the people who say they don’t get it it’s not for you to get. Same way people don’t understand how someone can be gay.
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    Yes and she retired to start a family with him. Oh and she also supported her brother who raped his 9 year old, mentally impaired step daughter. Nicki and Cardi are both kind of trash in different ways but Nicki stans have been onto Cardi's ass from the very beginning and they continue to look for things to "end her". They fail to realize that the girl they call "queen" is just as bad if not worse.
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    Singles: Yummy Out January 3
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    Fucking iconic! Agu will now probably claim you're obsessed with him, despite the fact the forum has a search feature so it's easy enough to dig receipts up without much effort. Once again Agugaga is the clown. END THREAD
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    Even if it means that I’ll never put myself back together, gonna give you my heart to break Even if I end up in shatters, baby it doesn’t matter, gonna give you my heart to break
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    Actual footage of @Gilly & me bopping to Clarity, TOTL VOL1+2 & Era1 songs
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    Creates a thread about Ariana.... Randomly goes on to mentions Mariah for no reason... The typical Agu excuse for when he has no comeback. It's the best circus i've ever been to! It's almost as bad as the wait for R9
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    My fave managed to stay relevant past her second album unlike yours who just sells Oreos.
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    Yes. She said in a recent interview that the process wasn’t working for her - it was all about the Producer telling her what her story should be and not about her point of view. When she came back from Broadway, she called up producers she wanted to work with and Emotion sessions began. The 40 track thing was a running joke with her cause she wrote so many songs for that album - it is hard to know if she was really serious but she did say Emotion Side B was always in the plans. Her intention was to perform them first in concert while on tour for Emotion but she never did, so she released them anyway on the 1 year anniversary date of Emotion. Lucky for us.
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    But my fave has much more #1s, same number of Grammys (she got robbed) and much more albums sold. Poor Agu.
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    But isn’t making useless bg threads the same thing?
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    Curiosity (The Album - 2012) Eternal Summer - The Album she recorded in 2013 after Kiss, but scrapped it and did Broadway instead. Emotion - (Double Album 2015) Her intention was to release a double album but her label said, “No“ Disco Sweat - 2018
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    well that explains why he finally showered
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    I've started actually watching it from season 1, and my thoughts so far are: Chloe deserves her chance to shine, but the fact that Christi is literally seething in jealousy over a child (Maddie) is disgusting. How Abby treats Maddie versus the other girls isn't Maddie's fault, it's Abby's. Melissa's blatant favoritism of Maddie over Mackenzie is really sad. She's so cute and funny and deserves just as much love as Maddie but Melissa doesn't care because Maddie has a better chance of becoming famous. Abby is horrible but I have to admit she was made for reality TV. I hope they show more of her personal life outside of the studio, but I'm starting to think she doesn't have one and that's why she's so obsessed with competing. I feel bad for all of the girls whose moms care more about dance than they do, such as Kelly's kids and Vivi. It's such a stressful lifestyle and they're clearly over it, their moms should let them have normal childhoods. Cathy is INSANE. I didn't think anyone could be worse than Abby, but Cathy is such an over-the-top Disney villain it's amazing. She really hasn't done anything that bad compared to Abby yet though, she's just weird. The pyramid is such a terrible teaching method. It does nothing but make the girls see each other as enemies but Abby enjoys the drama it creates. So far my ranking of moms/adults is... Holly Kelly Christi Melissa Cathy Abby
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    Christi and Kelly were the OG gangsters of Dance Moms, but Holly had some awesome one-liners, too.
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    I stopped watching when the OG moms began leaving. It just was not the same. Oh, and yes, the Kelly slap was fucking deserved. Abby got into her face and began to bite at it.
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    considering this is lamer than most Agu threads... i'll ruin the ~fun Christina María Aguilera (/ˌæɡwɪˈlɛərə/, Spanish: [aɣiˈleɾa];[1] born December 18, 1980) is an American singer, songwriter, actress and television personality. Her accolades include five Grammy Awards, one Latin Grammy Award, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Aguilera ranked at number 58 on Rolling Stone's list of 100 Greatest Singers of All Time in 2008, and was included on Time's annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2013. With estimated sales of 75 million records, she is one of the world's best-selling music artists.
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    I think she was on Married With Children or something.
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    A 2018 fad, lacks relevance outside of twitter.
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    At least Nicki just says it in her prayers. What u doin Cardi.
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    Also I guess Mariah is a 5x flop since Glitter, Charmbraclet, The Elusive Shamu , Imperfect Angel, And Caution all tanked
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    So Ariana should be rewarded of the fact that her first 3 albums were irrelevant in pop culture it took her 5 years to get noticed for a few months and now she’s right back to where she started again. Things came full circle quickly huh.
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    I’m so confused, people here keep talking about this girl Ariana. I did some research on her and she only has 2 #1 hits and 1 Grammy after a 6 year career and 5 albums I believe even Paula Abdul racked up better stats. Then people talked about her being the biggest female artist of the year so I checked Billboard’s top 25 and didn’t see her anywhere either. Does she have any classic or iconic songs/videos I can look at to ring a bell? Or maybe some legendary live performances? Anything? Can someone help me fill in the blanks?
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    But @I Brings That Levity’s constant fat shaming is somehow acceptable. Is that not desperate either?