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    So.... on their own admission they didn't write the lyric either. What a nothing burger.
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    Maybe she is doing a YouTube live event like she did before?
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    We Belong Together by Mariah Carey still hits me hard after all these years
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    I just got done fighting with a w̶h̶i̶t̶e̶t̶w̶i̶n̶k̶ Camila Stan on twitter who was trying to come for Normani imagine thinking a racist lying rat who preys on helpless homos (miss Shawn) is better than a queen who is a professional dancer, gymnast, hard worker, and isn’t a plagiarist. The icing on the cake is she isn’t RACIST Also her voice is annoying for the love of god she reminds me of Alvin and the Chipmunks even Xtina’s screeching is a gift sent from god compared to this circus act. Her music just isn’t the tea for me, I would suggest for her to become a Youtuber, she looks and sounds like she could be a good vlogger If that doesn’t work I hear that Olive Garden is always looking for someone to hire!
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    As the artists with the most albums to spend 100+ weeks on the Billboard 200 all of her albums have passed the threshold except for Lover which is less than two months old and will certainly also reach that. All of them have 6 albums over 100 weeks. Taylor Swift - 275 weeks (peak: #5) Fearless - 255 weeks (peak: #1) 1989 - 252 weeks (peak: #1, currently #132) Red - 155 weeks (peak: #1) Speak Now - 137 weeks (peak: #1) reputation - 100 weeks (peak: #1, currently #157)
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    That would be nice
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    AMAZING I wonder what she's doing there if it's not talk shows
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    Good. This precedent needs to be destroyed and irrelevants need to stop suing bigger artists for some sort of financial gain. x
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    I’m so high I can’t believe I just watched the entire thing
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    3:13 - 3:16 has me feeling all sorts of h0rnih
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    I remember very vividly when I first heard Tik Tok for the very first time. I'm pretty certain it was September 2009, and my sister and I were with our mother driving on a freeway nearby us on our way to somewhere. My sister introduced the song to me, (playing it on her iPod nano) and told me she thought I would like it. She was right, I definitely liked it. I bought the Animal album when it came out as well as Cannibal later that year and I've been a fan ever since.
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    As Chris already said, before the official release of Animal there were a few fake versions online, most of the real songs were already available but in my version DWTIME, Blind, Hungover and Animal were some unreleased with fake titles
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    I live in America where we don’t know Kylie exists, so I only know of Rihanna’s Anti Tour
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    Britney did Pepsi at the height of her career. Most artists do product ads at some point, and this campaign is just putting her image on a can, she's not doing anything new for it, it seems. What makes the Xtina thing so easy to poke fun at is because when she did the ad, her music career was as stale as a 2 week old box of Oreos. Hunny had to take that Nabisco coin cause she was flopping elsewhere.
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    Literally no one in the GP knows who Tinashe is Demi Lovato is waaaaay more high profile than fucking Tinashe But sure, let’s act like having Tinashe on a track is the same as loading a song with promo with BBMA performances, Carpool performances, and a featured musician that actually has multiple Top 10’s. Sit down, dumbass
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    Okay so what's your point? How is this relevant when discussing their music careers? Britney would have taken time off too after 2007 if she was allowed. Stop bringing this 'good mother' shit when Britney actually does a pretty good job at being a good mother when she is with her kids. You think if she would have it her way she wouldn't want to be with them?? Also lbh Xtina could very well be a good mother and support her family while still releasing albums and doing a little promo. Plenty of singers who are mothers do it. This family thing is an excuse she pushes bcuz she was lazy for 6 years and got too comfortable sitting in a chair and getting easy money. Liberation was recorded shortly after she left The Voice in like 1-2 years so it's not like she can't put good music out more often she just can't be bothered to.
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    Charting in the 80’s counts as a Hot 100 entry in their records as an artist, charting at #101 doesn’t. SP was a second single with no promo besides a music video. FIL was a lead single with a BBMA performance, music video, younger featured artist, Carpool Karaoke performance, and “should’ve” been the hyped return after an absence, yet no one cared even after all that. Now sit down hunny. We’ve been through this a million times. You’re a glutton for punishment.
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    Peaking at 56 on radio doesn’t get you into the top 20. Sorry but your bullshit doesn’t work on me. I know how the charts work.
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    Do you ever get tired of defending why your fave can’t get into the Top 100?
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    Britney was nominated for a Grammy for Womanizer in 2010 so that's only 9 years. It seems you need to do more research before writing a drag so off you go 😘
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    shes horrible no real direction she's the female equivalent of shawn mendes bland and boring how can anyone stan this
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    Her entire album cycle so far has been her ripping ideas from other pop and alt girls, like the building in that 1 initial teaser clip matching the one in K-12, the verse flow from Karma by Marina getting copied in Liar, this, etc. Does she ever get tired
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    So first it’s about quality and talent, now it’s about sales? Do we really want to bring up Liberation?
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    A Pepsi campaign is what artists kill for sweetie they literally sponsor the biggest show in America the Super Bowl she's next to MJ and Ray Charles as this generations prominent pop figure are you really gonna compare THAT to an Oreo plug? ESPECIALLY when xtinas singles have tanked and the album is guaranteed to flop? + they're using old shots of her so legend brit collected checks without even getting out of bed and what did xtina have to do? Oh well amongst other things sit on a dunk chair for children to throw balls at... Brit won give it up!
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    Omg if it's in New York I better get an invite!
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    Erotica lowkey one of the best covers ever.
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    He's talented, attractive, kind, charitable, hard working, and just an all around amazing example of what a human being should be
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    Didn't Mariah also released a song for a goat or sheep animated film awhile back? The impact I hope that this is a better jam than Absolutely Anything and Anything At All
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    Eh. I know Kylie’s music, but Rihanna is undeniably the first thing everyone in the US would think of first. Sorry.
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    Honestly that lyric is just me @ my dogs and cats
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    You couldn’t take a joke if it smacked you in the face as hard as Mega Stuf Oreos hit Xtina’s shopping cart in Aisle 22 of her local grocery store
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    It also re-peaked at #17 after performing at the VMAs so the radio deal argument is BUNK. Nice try
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    So many options that after TWENTY TWO LEGS, her last leg set a record and hit $957k per show at 99% attendance Oops! Xtina’s paltry $500k and 78% attendance rate isn’t even in the same league
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    Im glad this Video is blocked in my Country
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    Fixed for you. Not even the one and only Swedish Pop Producer God could save Xtina from bombing as hard as she did
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    With Like a Prayer, Ray of Light, True Blue, Vogue etc. in her discography she can relate too.
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    Pepsi is a legendary sponsor for artists. The king of pop himself, MJ, was a Pepsi star. Congrats on X’s first tour in what, 12 years? If I remember right, her last 2 albums bombed so hard they couldn’t even spawn tours. At least even during Brit’s bombs like BJ she was still performing shows night after night in Vegas to millions of people overall. You tried and failed miserably once again