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    My nephew was just born and he's adorable as hell
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    What are y’all hearing this song is a certified BOP and potentially bop of the year... move im stanning
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    Ok but you not posting it here is homophobic
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    I'm legit bopping, y'all are nuts. Great blend of old and new Kesha Can't wait for this album to restore pop's crown
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    Same actually! It’s gonna look gorgeous on physical copies! I hope she has another digipak like Rainbow
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    Right? Imagine not appreciating this motherfucking bop
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    Awww, i have to disagree, i thought Big Freedias vocals really added flare to it
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    New piece titled Catalyst! Let me know what you think!
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    Time for people to pretend they stan her boring music so they can flaunt and drag anyone using Adele’s receipts instead of their own flop faves.
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    Who knew she was so sexy! I liked the video, it’s very Kesha. The song is full of hooks but a bit dated in sound. I do like the “country” vibe going on which suited her vocals. Not saying this is her “Golden” but maybe her “Kolden”era
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    13 llistens in and I'm starting to appreciate it more
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    Idek what to say this is literally so unreal to me I literally was expecting and predicting the complete opposite this is amazing
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    Drop it down low where the good lord split it!!!
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    Oh wow this could be her biggest hit since Timber... I'M BOPPING POPSHA IS BACK
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    Y'all are mad at Lizzo for not giving any credit for ONE line that these men didn't come up with either?
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    Figured it'd be nice to have a place to post our edits or fanmades we find! HQ:
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    Waiting for a mud fight Kesha vs Ke$ha
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    A lil text makes this looks stunning yes
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    Thank you nothing ground breaking, but I love doing simple edits
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    I like the video, and I think she looks amazing. But yeah, it does seem rushed.
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    im done with the threads i needed to update and now im gonna play Skyrim on the XBox One well you werent using FOTP
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    yes! look climatic af too this might be my favourite album cover of hers
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    Freedia is a Bounce producer and possibly help produce the beat drop in the song. If you dunno a freedia sound, she is a big hype voice in her music which is common in Bounce
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    i dont mean to be a bitch but i made this thread already @Venus XCX
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    Can you please merge and pin @Onika
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    Arrived just in time 2 minutes to premiere on youtube
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    Nah, it's not that deep. They're just reaching for the pot now that it's full. Lizzo stated she's sharing the songs success with the originator of the line, so fuck these bros and their 5% of a song they had absolutely no involvement with.