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    LOL none of Mariah's songs qualify for this title quite frankly.
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    The Potato Song will snatch her a Grammy.
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    I mean, what is pop? People describe 'pop' as the current popular sound and this sound was popular for some time, but this song is as RnB as it gets, so maybe "Best RnB song" would be a better generalization But anyway, not when Bad Romance and CGYOOMH exist
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    Yes it is. But We Belong TogethEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER and Tutz Mah Baddy say hey too.
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    Evan Peters and Halsey are dating? Kanye's and Kim's baby is called Psalm?
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    Lorde broke out pretty instantly with a huge hit, and all her follow-up singles were benchmarked against Royals. Same with Meghan Trainor. Billie Eilish's career on the other hand evolved much slower. She had a string of songs throughout 2017-2019 with each release being bigger than the previous, which allowed her to steadily grow her fanbase until her big breakthrough this year. I think she has a pretty solid fanbase now, something Lorde and Meghan Trainor never had.
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    I fucking loathe Salami Gomez. Thanks for coming to my ted talk
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    I learn something new everyday
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    I hope she writes that broadway musical for RWSM
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    you're entire profile is the Reputation era tho...
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    ive been playing RH and RWSM on and off loop
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    I just took an LG6 test turns out she scrapped it again
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    Already more interviews than the whole Rainbow era
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    oh definitely. the acclaim is there, her fanbase is astounding, her streaming numbers are insane, her pure sales too and she's already building a great reputation as a touring act touring arenas worldwide on the back of ONE album. NONE of the girls mentioned in the OP have done that with their first era. in fact i think we might be looking at another Taylor Swift and have her grow in success with every album she releases.
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    That basically describes billie though her entire brand is weird videos, looking like she's on xanax and horse tranquilizers 24/7 and dressing outrageous and "quirky". She appeals to the mainstream completely because being depressed and quirky is VERY mainstream in today's climate.
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    Ok and? That doesn't change the fact that modern pop is disposable and all the new girls are doing the same boring shit as eachother with no excuse, or preaching an elaborate concept only as a cover up to the fact that they're doing the same boring shit as eachother!
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    "I bought you a car, and you're going to make the payments!" Vicki clearly became scripted over the years; Vicki in the first 4-5 seasons is NOT the same Vicki now... and I'm not just talking about her face.
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    I do know that some songs she keeps (for future projects), some songs she gives to her publisher (to sell to other acts) and some songs go back to original writers/producers (which they can keep for themselves or leak) - These are the ones we can hope to hear one day.
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    I was watching the making of emotion and heard these two songs (second song starts where the comment is) the second song I managed to filter out from around half way through but the first one wouldn't so its just a snippet from the first few seconds the second unknown song took up like 1/3 of the entire video so its weird how 1/3 of the making of emotion was a song we never got to hear her powerful vocals in the second half of the second song when she says come back 5 emotion era leaks isn't enough we need 200
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    I dont See Like a prayer or Baby one more time in the OT so No ABMB is the best Pop Ballad tho and in mariahs Overall best songs top 10
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    both the albums are gonna tank, but ofco poppy will tank alot more cause she has a very small fanbase of fags stanning
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    Everyone on twitter is going all ”I thought that was Jeffree Star”
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    Also, after reading a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff about how producer-driven Dance Moms is, I'm curious about how much of the Housewives is actually real and how much is fake. I've never really thought about it before until now and I'm suddenly interested. I don't think it's necessarily "scripted" (except for the people who rehearse their lines like Phaedra and LeeAnne) but a lot of it wouldn't happen without cameras present or pressure from production. I'm guessing that the early seasons are more authentic, and over time it becomes more fake in order to raise the stakes. But a lot of the moments are things that can't be scripted or faked, like Russell committing suicide and Vicki's mom dying. Those things are 100% real and worked into the show. I wonder how confusing and frustrating it must be for the cast to know which parts of the show are real and fake and not being able to tell us. I highly doubt this is true, but I saw an amazing fan conspiracy theory that Andy was the one who called the feds on the Giudices to get back at Joe calling someone "gaylord" at the dance lesson scene in season 1. Imagine if he was behind them going to jail and knew the whole storyline would get great publicity and ratings. I have no evidence for this but I'm going to choose to believe it anyway because it's amazing.
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    Shakira coming with new bops this season
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    Also, I know this is considered their best season in a while but I'm feeling some fatigue over OC anyway. It's too screechy, toxic, trashy, and just gives me a headache. Braunwyn is desperate, Gina is infuriating to watch, Emily is lame, Shannon is tired, and Tamra is just vile. Ryan creeps me out and Dr. Deb is unwatchable. It's a sad day when Kelly Dodd, who is listed in her poor daughter's phone as "Mommie Dearest," is the most likable of the bunch. And I never thought I would say this, but I actually find myself preferring the Vicki episodes. I'm kind of over the West Coast shows in general (and even Dallas to be honest) and will probably only stick to the 4 East Coast shows from now on. The more I think about it, the East Coast ladies are the ones I actually root for and don't hate-watch. Beverly Hills is obviously boring, and then the best way I can describe Orange County lately is just...draining.
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    Well considering how Purrr! EP rolled out vs her debut album, I’d say yes She’s getting a lot of recognition lately, maybe not really blowing up per say but she has more fans and there’s definitely some hype around her and Hot Pink!
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    Decided to make a cover with one of the press images that got released a couple weeks ago.
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    Look at her mini-boutique at Tower Records - Tokyo
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    Lorde is another perfect example of the point I was making!
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    She basically the next Alanis Morisette / Avril Lasagne / Kesha / Meghan Trainer -esque star. She'll have her moment but she won't be remembered by the GP in 30 years time, nor will she be a legend. She'll have to reinvent herself, which is near impossible given the direction she started off in. I mean just look how Agril went from Sk8er Boi to Hello Kitty . I get this will be a unpopular opinion, especially mentioning someone like Alanis, but it's true! You don't consider her in the same league as Celine, Mariah, Beyonce, Christina, Britney etc! She came on the scene as the alt girl with a big song but didn't do much after.
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    What's with all the Messiah and Body Shop hating in here
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    i think the colors were trying to show what she wanted to be and the black represented what it winded up being: dull.
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    It perfectly describes how disgusting the album is