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    Evan Peters and Halsey are dating? Kanye's and Kim's baby is called Psalm?
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    I fucking loathe Salami Gomez. Thanks for coming to my ted talk
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    I learn something new everyday
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    Already more interviews than the whole Rainbow era
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    oh definitely. the acclaim is there, her fanbase is astounding, her streaming numbers are insane, her pure sales too and she's already building a great reputation as a touring act touring arenas worldwide on the back of ONE album. NONE of the girls mentioned in the OP have done that with their first era. in fact i think we might be looking at another Taylor Swift and have her grow in success with every album she releases.
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    That basically describes billie though her entire brand is weird videos, looking like she's on xanax and horse tranquilizers 24/7 and dressing outrageous and "quirky". She appeals to the mainstream completely because being depressed and quirky is VERY mainstream in today's climate.
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    Ok and? That doesn't change the fact that modern pop is disposable and all the new girls are doing the same boring shit as eachother with no excuse, or preaching an elaborate concept only as a cover up to the fact that they're doing the same boring shit as eachother!
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    Shakira coming with new bops this season
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    Well considering how Purrr! EP rolled out vs her debut album, I’d say yes She’s getting a lot of recognition lately, maybe not really blowing up per say but she has more fans and there’s definitely some hype around her and Hot Pink!
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    Carrie Underwood // He Thinks He'll Keep Her // Single // Week Seven Carrie Underwood // Classic Country 2 (Deluxe) // Album Reissue // Week Seven 1 Girl in a Country Song 2 Rich (Carrie Underwood & Perrie Edwards) 3 Romeo (Carrie Underwood, Lady Gaga, Amelia Lily & Troye Sivan) 4 How Blue 5 Only Prettier 6 Who I Am 7 Boondocks 8 Take Me as I Am 9 He Thinks He'll Keep Her 10 Goodbye Earl (Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez) 11 Leavers Lullaby 12 She'll Never Love You 13 Falling 14 Famous in a Small Town 15 Girl Going Nowhere
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    Decided to make a cover with one of the press images that got released a couple weeks ago.
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    This sound is unexpected but it surprisingly works and the video is a serve
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    Look at her mini-boutique at Tower Records - Tokyo
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    Lorde is another perfect example of the point I was making!
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    She basically the next Alanis Morisette / Avril Lasagne / Kesha / Meghan Trainer -esque star. She'll have her moment but she won't be remembered by the GP in 30 years time, nor will she be a legend. She'll have to reinvent herself, which is near impossible given the direction she started off in. I mean just look how Agril went from Sk8er Boi to Hello Kitty . I get this will be a unpopular opinion, especially mentioning someone like Alanis, but it's true! You don't consider her in the same league as Celine, Mariah, Beyonce, Christina, Britney etc! She came on the scene as the alt girl with a big song but didn't do much after.
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    What's with all the Messiah and Body Shop hating in here
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    i think the colors were trying to show what she wanted to be and the black represented what it winded up being: dull.
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    It perfectly describes how disgusting the album is