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    I will never forget the time I posted this in the Kylie section https://fotpforums.com/topic/175388-will-we-ever-get-a-tour-where-she-doesnt-end-with-halo/
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    hung out w a cute german boy last night
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    Her second song to do so as a solo artist and third overall!
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    How is everyone today
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    My new favourite gif
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    Clarity I got clarity I’m the bitch with the sauce apparently
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    We're gonna be halfway through this month until yall change the spotlight sections
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    #83 - Bad Romance I think they’re based on chart points. Without Me is #12 for example, it spent a long time on Hot 100
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    After Celine started her show, Elton John, Barry Manilow, Toni Braxton, Bette Midler, Cher, Rod Stewart and Shania Twain all had residencies. Britney paved the way for artists who appealed to the younger crowds that frequent nightclubs. Celine started the residency boom, while Britney extended its appeal.
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    I honestly don't think so, but I also hope I'm wrong and she releases it.
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    I agree, it would’ve been higher
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    The November winner of the Featured User Playlist is... @AtiRiRi Congratulations! Your playlist will launch on November 8th!
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    I want both of these idiots to just disappear off of the planet forever. Our society is REALLY rewarding them for acting like uncivilized morons. Ship them to a fucking zoo and let them stay there. I'm tired of hearing about these two irrelevants.
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    Right girls and gays as we all know by now Mrs. Carter has a thing for ending all of her shows with 'Halo' but the real question is do you guys think will we ever get a tour where she doesn't finish with 'Halo'? Thankfully Beychella and OTR II didn't but Beychella wasn't a tour and OTR II was a joint tour so they don't really count. I have a bad feeling her 'Halo' obsession is here to stay and it will always be on her setlist no matter what However there is a possibility we might be getting a little break from 'Halo' for a while until she inevitably returns again comment what you think will happen