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    I will never forget the time I posted this in the Kylie section https://fotpforums.com/topic/175388-will-we-ever-get-a-tour-where-she-doesnt-end-with-halo/
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    hung out w a cute german boy last night
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    Her second song to do so as a solo artist and third overall!
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    Madonna at 1985 ending male dominance in seconds Madonna only woman into top 10 for 21 years, and higher than Mariah in 1995 when Mariah was at her peak Celine and Whitney showing who really dominated the 1990s Christina Aguilera failing to enter even top 5 at her peak @Agugaga Beyonce entering for few years and then disappearing Kesha having bigger peak than most pop girls Rihanna ending literally everyone at her peak Drake being the only to reach 10 million
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    I mean it's not her fault this remake looks visually bland and the girls except for Kristen Stewart look boring as hell, the soundtrack tanked but the movie will tank harder. kii at the studio thinking the soundtrack could save this mess
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    OH HAWLD AWN! so you're coming back with zara?? thought u were only playing with kim!
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    Clarity I got clarity I’m the bitch with the sauce apparently
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    Nothing in the foreseeable future. It will take a long time until another song of her reaches 300 million streams.
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    no one gives a fuck about reviews they're just people like us, but they get a platform to publish their opinion and get paid for it
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    really!!! omg kajabsf yes u can pm me anytime!!!
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    difference is that i actually have an era planned out so hopefully i will not flop and yes sis omg hmu!
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    We're gonna be halfway through this month until yall change the spotlight sections
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    #83 - Bad Romance I think they’re based on chart points. Without Me is #12 for example, it spent a long time on Hot 100
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    After Celine started her show, Elton John, Barry Manilow, Toni Braxton, Bette Midler, Cher, Rod Stewart and Shania Twain all had residencies. Britney paved the way for artists who appealed to the younger crowds that frequent nightclubs. Celine started the residency boom, while Britney extended its appeal.
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    I honestly don't think so, but I also hope I'm wrong and she releases it.
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    a witch hunt literally a witch hunt
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    The Promise is Girls Aloud’s best single, huh?
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    i haven’t omg or the first one... just didn’t find time
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    I think the latin album was a really good idea to capitalize on her last name and it actually worked out cuz it was very successful in latin america. I don't get why they DIDNT keep making those. Maybe cuz Xtina didn't like it and reminded her of times she was controlled by her label? The Xmas album was such a bad idea. It tanked and it also got bad reviews. Idk why they thought she was fit for the Christmas vibe. I guess they wanted to make her the second Mariah Carey with the good vocals and the christmas album? Idk but totally didn't work out and it slowed her momentum in the US. She should've had another pop album or proper studio album in late 2000- early 2001 before Stripped.
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    Madonna did what she had to do britney outsellin xtina during her Peak we been knew Beyonce
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    Bwahaha. He could take some classics, change 'em up a bit to match his musical style and put out a kick-ass Christmas LP. This is why @Ronlop needs to launch CAL12! Him not doing so is homophobic!
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    i highkey wanna do that, lemme steal from michael buble! oh wow!! so u're releasing ur zara music with kim?
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    i've been planning but... xmas type beats are... horrible to say the least
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    Britney have may paved the way for younger pop stars but, without Céline, I can guarantee that Britney wouldn't have even had her residency show in the capacity that she did. Céline was being told she'd fail in Vegas and would be laughed it, yet it turned into a ten-year career. Many residencies popped up after "A New Day" launched, much like those mentioned above by @CharnyBoy. Céline proved it wasn't a place for "old retired acts" as you so age-istly put it. She proved popular artists could sustain a residency show. Caesars Palace built the colosseum for her specifically. That's power.
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    I only looked at the starter evolutions since we already had details of them from way earlier this year, and I stan. Not looking at anything else though.
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    looking at the leaks made me just want the game even more
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    We need to know if the chart is based on pure numbers, the exact period of time and whatever detail taken into account, also the list that I found (they're removing everything) is kinda weird compared to the year end charts Does anyone know where it was Bad Romance?
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    I agree, it would’ve been higher
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    I want both of these idiots to just disappear off of the planet forever. Our society is REALLY rewarding them for acting like uncivilized morons. Ship them to a fucking zoo and let them stay there. I'm tired of hearing about these two irrelevants.
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    Right girls and gays as we all know by now Mrs. Carter has a thing for ending all of her shows with 'Halo' but the real question is do you guys think will we ever get a tour where she doesn't finish with 'Halo'? Thankfully Beychella and OTR II didn't but Beychella wasn't a tour and OTR II was a joint tour so they don't really count. I have a bad feeling her 'Halo' obsession is here to stay and it will always be on her setlist no matter what However there is a possibility we might be getting a little break from 'Halo' for a while until she inevitably returns again comment what you think will happen