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    I just found this online. Can we add this to the list of reactions?
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    They even come with matches
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    More: https://radioalice.radio.com/events/alice-winterland-2019
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    The noise level at work let’s me hear the instrumental of the song playing but not the vocals, so I can never tell if it’s Cheap Thrills, Crying In the Club, or Shape of You
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    So what? Praying was church-themed too
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    This one might have been my favorite so far!
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    Yeah I saw it, the video is fun and the drunksha vibes are so classy
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    Interviews, interviews everywhere
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    Thank you @Sheezus. Here's another one!
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    im glad she did and i WILL be posting them all over my socials
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    I had been thinking that it would be cool if she sold candles like the one on the cover, but I never thought she’d actually do it
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    The irony of you shading “dusty CDs” when Xtina’s majority sales came from that period of 1999-2003 selling them “dusty CDs”, and of course when youre shading Ariana you always pull up those receipts as if they’re suddenly dust-free receipts Girl bye
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    @Onika you know what to do
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    I'm fucking DEAD
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    @Mods delete my FOTP account
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    It's not his voice
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    I don’t get why but slay anyways
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    I don't see "thank u, next" in the OP though?
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    It's that time of the month where you can vote for the FOTP Faves Playlist; our very own Spotify playlist focusing on our FOTP Faves and the current Spotlight artists! This playlist will contain a handful of artist classics, new releases and some fan-voted songs. On or around the 1st of the month, we will ask you for songs that you think should be in next month's playlist; you cannot vote for songs already in the playlist or songs that have been voted in the last 6 months. The top three requested songs (two for Spotlights) will be added to the playlist. The playlist will be updated on the 8th of the month. Here's what YOU have to do: Post below with 3 songs from the artist's discography that you wish to see in the playlist. You CANNOT select from the following list: Like a Virgin Like a Prayer Hung Up Vogue La Isla Bonita Dark Ballet I Rise Die Another Day Frozen Isaac Deeper and Deeper Devil Pray Crazy
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    she really is just pure comedy sometimes
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    Not yet, in all honesty I would rather start with an album than best of though
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    bitch the song is a week and a half old. Old??
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    omg you're so obsessed with britney, i'm starting to think you're her biggest fan yet!
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    "human hunter" you can say trump supporter
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    I had the same problems with Daisy Jones. The writing style kept the characters at arm's length and I don't feel that I connected with any of them as a result. I also took issue with the fact TJR made no real effort to individualize Daisy from the women she was based off which made her almost one dimensional. I love anything to do with the 60s/70s rock scene so I enjoyed it on a superficial level but I was mostly disappointed. I think the upcoming TV series will probably expand upon its source material to flesh out the characters and be one of the few times a book is improved upon in its screen adaption.
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    54 places too low but stan a bit 55 Rosalía – El Mal Querer (Columbia, 2018) Rosalía broke through at the tail-end of the decade by doing something extraordinary: El Mal Querer takes flamenco, an Andalusian artform steeped in tradition that is very rarely heard outside of its context, and juxtaposes it against propulsive electronic arrangements and pop sensibilities. Co-produced by El Guincho, Rosalía’s musky, capacious voice guides the affair. The next decade will belong to her. –Gabriela HEAR IT: Spotify | Apple Music
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    Added Raising Hell‘s debut on Adult Top 40
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    Billie is 100% going to stay, and Dua proved me wrong. I thought she was gonna flop because she waited for so long and Electricity didn't do that well, but she has the receipts and now a fanbase. Camila will (thankfully) be gone in a few years. Normani + other 5H girls, forgotten already. Halsey has a sizable fanbase, but she just needs to prove her artistry a bit more. Being known as the indie edgy pop girl isn't it. However, Nightmare was absolutely the path to go because it fit her so fucking well, but she strayed away from it unfortunately...
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    Do you consider Ariana "new pop girl"?
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    To be fair, neither of these projects were promoted to the extend as their regular studio releases. By the tweets, you could tell Miss Ponytail didn't give a FUCK about this project. She just did it to satisfy her label. Same with Bey, this wasn't a Disney release, it was a BEYONCE release. The same slut that would release music and never be seen again. In the documentary, she said she only had 2 weeks to get the people from Africa together and make the album, hense its messiness lowkey. At least Beyonce did something different with her soundtrack and wanted to shed light on others rather than herself. All it says about The Gift is that NO ONE wants Afrobeats, but at least she tried.
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    Perched for the @Agugaga drags in this thread
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    I really like it Looks clean as fuck
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    we also stan a strong ass woman do not worry this however is the Diosalia thread and the two cannot be compared.
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    Lana will probably take "gangsta nancy sinatra" to her deathbed reycists do yew agree ?