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    @Andy! had opened this server a few months back around the time between the FOTP server and the Gaga server were opened. since then, we've gathered 17 members (including those outside of FOTP) and a few bots. if you want to join, simply post below and i will send you the invite link xo. note that the invite link will expire within 1 day. when you join, we have this thing where each member has their own role as a single Kesha body part. (for example; i'm Kesha's Right Tit) list of server channels ungrouped channels Kesha Updates (generally new FOTP Kesha threads or important Kesha news) High Road Discussion General Animal Kingdom Cannibalism Corner (fan arts by yourself) Collector's Corner (our Kesha collections) Other Random Rant Place Wrabel Fan Club Other Artists Cruiseship Casino (games) Lastfm Voice Blah Blah Blah (voice chat) Okan's fapcast Ass-shaTM () Get Sleazy list of bots in use KeshaBot (so far the only commands are !keshaspeaks and !askkesha) TypicalBot https://top.gg/bot/typicalbot MatBot https://top.gg/bot/265161580201771010 UnbelievaBoat https://top.gg/bot/unbelievable Poll Bot .fmbot https://fmbot-discord.github.io/docs/commands/ Yggdrasil
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    Boots makes my panties wet
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    All track lengths out now on iTunes!
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    well it was never meant to be on the album. she just released it cos she didnt want it to collect dust on her computer.
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    Sis is just trying to get money out of a situation 💀💀💀. I don’t blame her, I would too. Cause ik damn well her life isn’t ruined cause someone called her out for stealing food(or being super late) 💀
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    In other words, they are too lazy to bring it back. It has been years
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    The album sampler has got me hyped It is mad she hasn't included Right, White, Straight Men though. WTF???
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    Wait, queen just snapped! Slay, it is an iconic song
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    Partiarchy found shaking This song goes HARD
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    did someone say discord??? count me in
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    YUP YUP YUP! And they will continue to lose and then be put out of their misery next November when she rerecords!
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    This was nothing other than a spiteful last ditch attempt to try and stop her from rerecording her own songs, and if she didn't back down they were hoping they could at least get revenge and sabotage a huge moment in her career. They deserved neither, and I'm glad they didn't get their way.
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    Netflix, Stan, Spotify, and I’ll probably get Disney+ for a few months.
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    + Megara!!!! I won’t say I’m in love OUTSOLD
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    No they shouldn't if they have enough self respect. No one should put their life on hold and make their lives harder for a fucking celebrity. The fact that you brag about sleeping on the streets
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    He is an average adult Caucasian man
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    Trying to do max raid battles 4 stars and up is legit fucking impossible with the AI They give them the WEAKEST of mons and expect them to help you out. I just want some exp candies man
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    the international implications that that has, the TASTE that that has, the flavour...
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    EXO and BLACKPINK are my top 2 fav KPop groups
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    but The Light is Coming, Successful, Borderline, Blazed, Pete Davidson all give you a rash.
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    Heaven Upside Down is his 2nd best album.
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    Tove Lo got a nomination? That's actually a shock.
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    I enjoyed hearing Say10 in The Punisher, I just finished the 2nd season
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    I wanted this to drag out, honestly. I want her to take them to court because I know she'd win. And it would set a good precedent for artists. Hopefully Taylor doesn't back off of them.
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    Also, Caroline and Jill look stunning. I feel like Kim is much happier now and I hope she enjoys her life with her family off cameras instead of coming back to this group. It's not a good environment for her and I think Kim is a good person who just got lost for a little while. I'm always rooting for her.
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    if anybody else from the tag list wants to join if they dont have the time to log into FOTP
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    And we can pretend it never happened also I completely forgot it’s they* now
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    She very much is the type to use a scandal to promote herself. She pretends to be some big advocate for mental health, but she's a total hypocrite, who often uses other people's mental health diagnoses against them, in order to discredit them. Recently, she attempted to gaslight a rape victim in order to support a rapist who she's friends with, then backtracked and pretended she hadn't when she got exposed, despite screenshots existing that showed her doing exactly what she said she hadn't. She is a narcissist of the highest degree.
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    i believe ive seen this but for Lays chips in the US?
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    Gwen Stefani is more of a female rapper than Lizzo girl
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    Britney’s man can CRUSH me Anyone who chooses Jay-Z is going to jail, p e r i o d.