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    Hosted by @Ronlop Welcome to Create A Label, a game where you can manage artists under your label and release singles and albums. Every article you post must be a minimum of 400 words (but more is welcome!). Also, you are only allowed to post a maximum of 15 articles per week for each artist that you signed. Since the very first season, there has been a very big improvement in articles so we want to be clear with this season's standards. This is the format for the articles this season and an article that will not follow this format will simply not count. PLEASE INCLUDE: - Name of region that promo is aiming for (e.g. Europe) - Title of article (e.g. Florence Welch appears on Le Grand Journal) - At least one image - Article (at least 400 words) - For articles posted as images, please also include a text version of the article title in your post and link it to Shrib where you should include the text version of the full article SALES Every 1 copy of a single = $1 in-game Every 1 copy of an album = $5 in-game You take 35% of your weekly tour gross. (Unless your contract says otherwise) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ HOW TO SIGN-UP? Post in this thread: 1. Your label name. 2. The artist you chose (Keep in mind that it can't be an artist that's already taken: http://kworbcal.byethost5.com/pages/networth.html ) 3. Picture of your artist 4. Short 300 words introduction of your artist and what your early plans are for him/her. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here or in PMs LIST OF PLAYERS
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    1. Aphrodite Records. 2. Zara Larsson (main artist) & Kim Petras (new artist) - Zara will be very absent this season but since she is my main artist, I thought I'd still name her. 3. 4. As you all may remember I have been trying to play this game for quite awhile, but always came in trouble with either time or personal problems and I have been regretting that, because I really love this game. This time, times are different for me. I am in a good place mentally and I have a very stable work schedule, so I have enough free time to play this game. My plans for Zara are very simple: before I left in season 11, I wrote an entire EP for Zara, called “ZARA”. I even did some promo for it on Twitter. I’d really like to release that EP. Not because I want it to chart high or because I want good Metacritic rates for it, but because I have worked so hard on it. After that release, I will probably let her slip a little bit, because I really like to play this game with Kim Petras. I have a cool album concept in my head and I’d like to work that out. I have planned a little era around her and even some cool performances, which will all be themed. Also I see that a lot of Kim Petras’ her real friends are playing, so I’d like to reach out for them later in the season to do some fun stuff. I’m stanning Kim in real life, so I think that I will be so motivated to do well with her and I think it would be amazing to see her on an actual chart (lmao). Anyway, those are my plans for the upcoming season and I’m not totally on 300 words, but I don’t know what else to say. So yeah, these are my plans.
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    After being honored in 2017 as Billboard's Woman Of The Year, she does it again! Lana Del Rey becomes the first and only woman to be honored more than once. In 2017, the star just came back from two years of absence and was honored for her comeback with her now Diamond certified album "Silver" which sold over 29m records (including singles and albums as of today) and a $74m grossing tour. Later on that year, she released the album "Midnight" which was an even bigger success and gave her four Grammy awards, among them Album Of The Year and Record Of The Year for her Diamond certified single "Midnight". However, Del Rey's career seems to never stop attaining new heights of success as at the end of 2018, the "Running From Love" singer released her Diamond certified album "I Believe In Love" which debuted at #1 with over 4.3m copies worldwide, including streaming, and broke the record for the biggest debut for a song with "Forget Me" which sold over 3.6m copies worldwide in one week, including streaming. The album has spawned four #1 singles with three of them being Diamond certified. Lana also broke the record for the biggest selling tour of all time for the "I Believe In Love" world tour which grossed a total of $699m with 1.9m tickets sold in total. In July, Lana arranged the first ever Freedom Festival in Rio De Janeiro. The star-studded festival marked a pivotal moment in Del Rey's career from the biggest selling artist in the world to a business entrepreneur who took on a huge financial risk with this deal yet managed to bring in the biggest stars, the biggest investors while benefiting the local area and Brazil's tourism. The festival which was broadcasted on Encore turned out to be a total success with over 1.1m tickets sold and the new date for the festival is in the works as we speak. There is no other woman who has achieved so much this year and therefore, Lana Del Rey will be honored at Billboard's event, receiving the Woman of the Year honor. @Harry_CAL
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    Attacking an artist because they choose to express themselves how they want to and not how you expect them to is somewhat hypocritical. If a singer wants to flash their arse on camera and rap/sing about how their pussy is still a very busy public transport system then let them do it. That's their choice, if it bothers you don't watch and/or don't pay attention. So long as they're not forcing others to do what they're doing i have no issue. We all should live in a free world where people are free to express and present themselves how they want, not how others want. I hate how (and i must say it specifically comes from Gays) people expect singers to speak out on random issues that have no connection to them. If the artist wants to speak out on an issue then that's fair enough let them, but there is nothing at all wrong with not speaking out - especially when it's an issue that has no relation to what they do. The brain dead would argue that Britneys Toxic video objectifies women, i disagree. What i see is a confident female expressing herself in the way she wants. If it bothers you then turn over the channel or stop watching! To answer the OP, probably not. It takes more than a good song to make it on the charts, i also think the fact she's a trans-woman puts her at a disadvantage as there's still loads of transphobic people around. She may stay relevant in the media and as a "indie artist" (whatever the fuck that even is these days), but i can't see her making it big. That said i would've said the same about Lizzo a year ago and look where she is now. And no i am not putting these woman down or saying their inferior, i'm just being realistic about how the general public tend to go. This, if she wants to express herself as a woman then let her do that. I really don't understand the logic of people who expect her to push "non-binary trends" or whatever.
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    @Sheezus um we do not need to force people into non-binarity. I think most people are comfortable with expressing themselves within the binary system. She is a woman. She chooses how to express her femininity as a trans-woman.
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    - Bionic Monster, a Gaga stain (2019)
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    Honestly she should just say that it’s not coming this year so I don’t get my hopes up! And actually by now I prefer a 2020 release than a December release
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    I detected a little bit of 5 Foot 2 shade, I did.
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    You didn't have to come for Ms. Germanotta like this
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    I know the first two, the last one. Who?!?
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    Does anyone know how to remove a watermark from a picture, if you could do it for me. I'd be so grateful for it.
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    what boygroup do you think got booked to perform at the biggest festival in Texas
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    I love MY Song Of The Year. Fuck them MNET Awards!
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    Alanis Morissette Reveals ‘Jagged Little Pill’ 25th Anniversary Tour Dates Who else is ready for the slayage of this summer?
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    It takes Snom 10 years to come to the front of my camp but gosh darnit is it fucking ADORABLE
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    Love Max Raid Battles so much. Really fun to do with my friends, so much activity together and we've just spent like the last 2-3 hours just raiding together. Love that. They really snapped with everything this game.
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    well this didn't go as planned
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    15 minutes for heartless video. i hate waiting
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    but to answer the question Super Model / Cuz I Love You Love Galore / Like a Girl Doves in the Wind / Juice Drew Barrymore / Soulmate Prom / Jerome The Weekend / Crybaby Go Gina / Tempo Garden / Exactly How I Feel Broken Clocks / Better in Color Anything / Heaven Help Me Wavy / Lingerie Normal Girl / Boys Pretty Little Birds / Truth Hurts 20 Something / Water Me CTRL: 14/14 CILY: 0/0
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    Discord sucks for Kesha banter and news. Keep it here huns and chill with the porn.
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    ctrl and there’s no comparison
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    oh wow, meanwhile im a flop coz i only have like 20 done yeah I agree. i legit was shook when I walked into the first PMC and saw it. I genuinely thought it could be Galarian Audino. Playing the game without any leaks was truly a fantastic experience
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    OMG She's doing live now, and said there are gonna be 2 singles out in Dec 6. and one of them have video !
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    By pretentious fossils on here? Yes. By the GP? No. She was a cute pop star who took some risks back in the 80s and 90s, but we're in 2019.
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    I don't know. She's pretty popular in the LGBT community and many people know her or heard of her name somewhere on the Internet. However, She still needs a huge fanbase before being considered as an IT Girl. Therefore, I'd definitely say she's almost there. All she needs is a huge hit and better promotion.
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    This. Newer generations kinda see her as “granny trying to be hip” and barely know her impact on the music industry.
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    If anything her legacy has a tendency to be downplayed among the GP
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    Yeah, I just have a feeling that she keeps doing music as a way to thank fans and to honor that it is the way she got to do what she really loves: make up and fashion.
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    I'm really starting to dislike all the teasing. Like girl, if you're not sure it's coming this year don't say anything.
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    What I see is that no one dressed up as Xtina when she’s part of the performance that they’re doing a tribute to.
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