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    It's all down to @Simón.'s bank account
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    FOTP users dragging Madonna for using controversy to succeed yet they try to be edgy on BGs for a hit thread. She has influenced them too and they just don't know it.
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    052. Beyoncé - I Miss You Album: 4 (2011) Beyoncé's excellent 2011 release aptly titled "4" was an introduction to the Bey we know today and so there were hints of what was to come and of the way Beyoncé would navigate through r&b on her follow-ups; "I Miss You" being at the forefront of that. The atmospheric production, the impeccable vocal delivery and those harmonies (!!!) that hit all the right spots and make Beyoncé sound both manic and at peace at the same time, "I Miss You" is still one of Bey's finest this decade.
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    I really had to deal with y’all shading it for months just for me to be one step ahead of y’all... LIKE ALWAYS downvoted. next time it’s a wp.
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    i'm an og reveluv tyvm
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    Right now my ranking is Psycho > In & Out > La Rouge > Remember Forever
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    that thread title change is nasty as fuck
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    Just ask David where he wants to be Guy is such an ass
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    He couldn't wait until the new year? You can tell he did this now just to spite her and ruin her holiday. Yikes.
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    The song sounds a bit dull, but I will wait until I hear the whole thing, before making a judgement
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    Lover - 313 Woo Hoo - 196 Meet Me In Space - 168 Dancing with the Devil - 123 Innocence and Pills - 112
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    I wonder why it doesn’t have CUNxT then
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    You got this @Simón., Make em' wait for it...
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    I have come to the conclusion that Bad Boy, Russian Roulette, Psycho, Red Flavor and Automatic are their 5 most excellent titles. Like wow... the level of quality. Far too much Also: Look at these gifs of GOD
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    you got me feeling like a are a psycho on topic: yes psycho yes success
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    the mod team is on my side
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    i do not want to comment #HannahImpeachment for abuse of power
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    umpah is lovely, we just hate the mini Mod Notice bad boy amazing and rbb ahead of its time
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    She’s chilling tbh BUT she has her braids back so that means she working!
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    Somewhere ahead of Waldo and behind Carmen Sandiego
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    Seulgod is such a F*CKING STAR. Her wavy mid-length hair look in the mv... UGH.
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    059. Sky Ferreira - Everything is Embarrassing Album: Night Time, My Time (2013) One of the most bittersweet sounding tracks I've ever listened to comes from Sky Ferreira straight from her long-awaited and delayed debut album that eventually saw the light of day back in 2013. "Everything is Embarrassing" is heartbreak in song form with Ferreira coming to the sad conclusion that some things never seem to work after all, while being carried by the 80s like production.
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    He is stanning so hard and I love that he’s watching these older videos
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    I think these are the key things to note here. Obviously there were artists collaborating with rappers in the late 80s/early 90s, and maybe they were chart successes, but they apparently hadn't made any sort of impact. Mariah putting ODB on "Fantasy" was a huge deal at the time – not because the Remix was a chart-topping smash – but because it was sort of a sensation. Mariah got asked about it constantly at the time. People were surprised to see Mariah – who had just come off her squeaky-clean, proper-pop Music Box and Merry Christmas eras – paired with a hardcore rapper of ODB's "Wu-Tang Clan" caliber. The "genre" she is noted as popularizing isn't really just pop-rap features; it is putting this relativity safe, universal, family-friendly pop star with a rapper whose music reputation was already established as opposite of that. Fantasy Remix wasn't the first, but it also wasn't the last for Mariah. Even if it wasn't as commercially popular as you suggest, Mariah kept following this formula for herself throughout the rest of the 90s, and she did have a smash hit in 1999 with Heartbreaker featuring Jay-Z. (which, although it isn't often cited as being influential like Fantasy-ODB is, most of these pop-princess/hard-rapper collabs didn't really start coming in droves until after 2000 when all of those girl-next-doors were pushing for more "adult" images) WBK that other people did it (and, although Mariah isn't white, other white artists did it before her as well), but that doesn't mean it isn't influential in its own manner.
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    I actually looked through the list of songs in the OP and am laughing at how tragic these “receipts” are 1. not a single track paired the It-Pop Vocalist of the moment with a squeaky clean image with a “leading MC” rapper of the moment with the complete opposite appeal. 2. many of those tracks weren’t even singles let alone hits 3. Mariah was the first to popularize this because it was NOT popular before she did it, as evidenced by the lack of #1 singles by pop vocalists which featured a rapper like on Fantasy. Those receipts posted were not in the same vein as Fantasy in terms of mainstream recognition and success, let alone legacy. I’m really not sure why you guys don’t get it
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    All right, well, I saw it and I'm still figuring it out, but here's some of my initial scattered thoughts:
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    086. FKA Twigs - Cellophane Album: Magdalene (2019) Ugh. I don't think I've listened to this song for maybe more than 6-7 times ever since it got released a few weeks ago simply because it's one of the most heartbreaking songs I've ever came across to (and I know a few songs by now already). I feel like I have to either be in a very strong point mentally to tolerate this either at my lowest low and let it tear me apart completely. This is maybe the best vocal performance I heard in the past year(s) and FKA deserves every single award for it even though her art is not about that and it wouldn't surprise me if it got overlooked. Regardless, did I mention the incredible video yet? Just watch it for yourselves if you haven't yet because there's nothing this woman cannot do.
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    089. A$AP Rocky - Fine Whine (feat. Joe Fox, Future, M.I.A.) Album: AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP (2015) Hmm. This sounds as three songs mashed into one and it's honestly so well done and... intricate. A$AP, Future and M.I.A. deliver a killer tune while all singing about a damaged relationship from each other's point of view. The song starts out slowly until M.I.A.'s verse kicks in ("Tell your new bitch she can suck a dick" is A LYRIC) and Future does a great job at carrying her momentum ("I gotta conquer everything in front of me" is another great piece I kept in mind). I recommend you all to listen to this if you haven't yet and be pleasantly surprised.
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    091. Taylor Swift - Blank Space Album: 1989 (2015) Oh boy. The news of Taylor Swift going full pop for what was going to be, at the time, her fifth studio album, got everyone, well, basically shook. After releasing the album's lead single Shake It Off, a huge song on a commercial level but of questionable quality, the plot was only thickening; what does pop music mean to Taylor Swift and will she deliver something better than this Kidz Bop inspired lead single? Well, Taylor Swift had all the right answers for a while with follow-up single Blank Space being an absolutely immaculate pop song accompanied by a brilliant video. With Blank Space, Taylor Swift the Main-Pop-Girl, for better (or worse as we'd see later on her career), hath fully arrived.
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    093. London Grammar - Rooting For You Album: Truth Is a Beautiful Thing (2017) I don't know and I don't have much to say about this song honestly other than that is first and foremost a vocal masterclass and the way vocalist Hannah Reid flawlessly goes from high notes to low notes then back high and that head voooooice....; London Grammar's sophomore effort released in 2017 lacks a bit of diversity for me at least but it also suffers of a case we've heard on other albums from other artists as well, when one specific song is just SO GOOD that you can't help but observe the flaws in the said record's songs even clearer. Regardless, nothing takes away from this song's brilliance and boy if they come back with better material next decade then I'm ready to STAN.
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    097. Rosalia - Nos Quedamos Solitos Album: Los Angeles (2017) This must be one of the saddest songs I've ever listened to and even if you listen to it without understanding Spanish it should feel that way as well. The lyrics however are some of the most painful lyrics I've heard someone sing and, well, this is a song I find hard to go back to on a frequent basis but that doesn't take from its greatness at all, if anything it only adds to it somehow. Rosalia delievered a vocal masterclass and her visceral voice on this should cut to the very bone of every listener. Gorgeous.
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    You can donate the whole collection to me asap
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