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    For the love of God, can we please leave ****** ****** in the 2010s? He will not dominate the new decade!
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    #7 - Madame X by Madonna #LucaSUGGESTS: "Looking For Mercy", "I Rise", "Crave (with Swae Lee)" and "God Control"
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    Thumbs Up a whole bop yup but we aren't gonna disrespect I'm So Hot in this house
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    When you're nearing the end of a story but you don't want to let the characters go
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    (Copied this from my other thread tbh) 2009 was one of the greatest years in pop music. Britney's comeback was in full force. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were breaking onto the scene. Beyonce began cementing herself as the greatest living entertainer in music. Lady Gaga turned the world upside down. With such a flawless year behind us, the 2010's seemed promising and started off with a big, colorful BANG as these pop queens served us hit after hit. Then, everything changed - Soundcloud, Tumblr, and Spotify brought us new ways to discover, share, and consume music. Instead of the artists we were once marketed and given to us on the radio started wearing now that we had the ability, freedom, and exposure to choose the music we listened to and as a result, many new artists began filling up the charts and our last fm scrobbles. 2009 was the year I started posting on here (before the first hack) and now here I am 10 years later, with much different musical preferences than I had as a young twink. The 2010's introduced me to so many different artists, genres, and sounds it is hard for me to pinpoint the music that really impacted me. While artists I entered with such as Taylor, Katy, and Beyonce shaped a lot of my listening habits this past decade, I was blessed to live through such a rich period of music. Today I am going to share with you the 200 songs that captured my attention and admiration this past decade - a little bit of pop, a little bit country, and a little bit of rock n roll (or what's left of it). Enjoy!
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    Me celebrating now that all of my college applications are in
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    The way The ReVe Festival dominated this year
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    All I’m gonna say on this matter is... see you tomorrow
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    seems pretty accurate overall! annoyed at the one single that occupied the spot of what could've been another album though
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    Omg I’m so excited about this party I’m going to in one hour everybody have fun this new year’s eve, be safe with alcohol, drugs and fireworks and don’t forget to have fun! see you all in the new decade, xoxo Royalty
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    Finally, someone acknowledging Emotion Side B
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    Keep that WRONG opinion. Future 2 though, we love the most daring moment from a band's best album!
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    i have but Flop of the Pops won't let me embed it properly FIX IT @RihannaRTT https://open.spotify.com/playlist/64ZCTiN9EwNQDNBbi41jnC?si=JLRu4NAQSKCW09knrWfwLA
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    thanks so much for keeping up and do listen to Climax! that song was so ahead of its time honestly!
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    i've been a fan since DW i just didn't post much in her section and such and prefer to think sweetener was a mistake she didn't actually mean to release except for the singles and the gorgeous R.E.M
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    I totally understand you, I should cancel her as well, but maybe if her music wasn't so fun I would have dropped her quicker.
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    "All I Do Is Cry" is really good but i can't listen to anything from her. her justification of working with Puke was NOT IT so she's on my cancel list for ever. i'm conflicted because i know she must have some bops i'm missing on but i also think nothing of value was lost.
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    my supreme bae Jake thank you so much for dropping by and yes! Paramore is the act i've been a fan of for the longest period of time (11 years now) so i guess i'll stan eternally! looking forward to your lists!
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    I mean clearly wishing an entire genre would disappear is messy especially one that’s rooted in black politics. You don’t have to like it but the way you said it was just problematic. Don’t take it that deep sis.
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    this is SO fucking good omg been obsessed all day my fave from them
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    002. Paramore - Future Album: Paramore (2013) The first time I listened to Paramore's self-titled album back in 2013... I was slightly disappointed. The album felt all over the place sonically and I must say I was pretty sad and surprised that I made it to the last track, Future without feeling the need to hit the repeat button on any of the previous tracks. Seeing it was almost 8 minutes long, I thought to myself... HM, but hit the Play button regardless. Future starts off very slow, giving some old demo recording vibes, and slowly, slowly builds up, and up helped by Hayley's soft, airy singing of how essential moving on from past trauma is. "Think of a new life," she almost whispers, while keeping your eyes on a new prize. Ok, Hayley, ok... 3 minutes in and we finally arrived. Paramore's finest moment as a band, Paramore's most daring and brave moment ever, the song has takes a monumental 360 degrees turn into a post-rock behemoth that to this day makes me feel all kinds of things. We don't hear Hayley for the remaining 4 minutes or so of the song but we get to listen to Paramore at their absolute heaviest, sonically. Oh. Now the music stops playing and I was like... what? why? Only for it to return later, louder and stronger than before. See, sometimes you don't even need lyrics or vocals to send a message. Future sends a very realistic message on how DISTORTED and messed up everything could and might be in life, how uplifting you will often feel just for everything to get silent at some point and then to pick up from where it left. Just keep writing your damn future. We don't talk about the past, We don't talk about the past now
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    ugh little mix fucking deserves it too. they're so talented and they work so hard. however, they are the biggest girl group in the world right now so i guess they dont need america
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    004. Frank Ocean - Pyramids Album: Channel Orange (2012) Still Frank Ocean's finest moment to date, this 9 minutes long epic could easily be divided into two halves, sonically. The first half is a tiiiny bit groovy and sets the tone lyrically for the 2nd half in which we'd learn about this female sex worker Frank Ocean gets infatuated on. The lyricism here is top notch but what makes "Pyramids" so damn good is the 2nd half I mentioned before; Ocean's delivery and the way the production builds and builds up is flooring to this day. Also, this is maybe the sexiest verse I've ever listened to in a song. Like what even. Crazy good. See below. You showed up after work, I'm bathing your body, Touch you in places only I know, You're wet and you're warm just like our bathwater, Can we make love before you go?
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    Dua Lipa will rise as the new pop queen. I hope rap will completely disappear tho. Latin could get bigger in 2020s.
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    Tknew Better / Forever Boy Yes sis, you snapped the tea wig hunty!!!
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    WEEK 2 IS OVER Charts will come tomorrow! In the meantime, I need one more review for CUPIDO. I already got two reviews Harry Styles @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @RebelHeart15 @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Jon. @BLACKPINK @Hejira @Cosmic @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Surrealism @Alesus @Michael. @The Hawaiian Queen
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    007. Usher - Climax Album: Looking for Myself (2012) I don't think many of us were checking for Usher at the beginning of the decade as he was busy featuring on David Guetta tracks of arguable quality YET the R&B superstar took the world by surprise with the lead single of his 2012 release, "Looking for Myself" by drastically changing his sound to a quiet storm/electronica mix that sounds current to this day. "Climax" is a Diplo produced track and on paper this combination could lead to mixed results BUT here they're both at their finest; Diplo creates a wobbly beat that just goes into another and into another the more Usher's vocals carry it through the song's bridge where it all goes into a brief explosion only for everything to hit reset following the final verse. Usher's delivery here as he's singing about this troubled relationship he was into is IMPECCABLE and it's a shame the entire album didn't follow this sound as there was a lot of potential to be heard from the Usher + Diplo combo. Oh well. We'll always have "Climax". I just need you one more time.
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    008. Lorde - Ribs Album: Pure Heroine (2013) Much like the above mentioned Taylor Swift, Lorde has also had her fair share of incredible moments throughout this decade, two immaculate alt-pop albums and worldwide success for a teen sensation really is a lot to write about. It is "Ribs" however the one Lorde song I related the most to at the time of its release and I still relate to it as its theme is basically universal; the fear of growing old and repercussions that come with it; "It feels so scary getting old" Lorde sings over a sparse, ambiental beat. The bridge of this song is otherworldly with those background chants and Lorde replying to herself; "I want 'em back, the minds we had, how all our thoughts, moved 'round our heads" only adds to the haunting, eerie feeling the song sails on. "Ribs" remains the best coming of age song I've ever listened to, to this day. And I've never felt more alone, It feels so scary, getting old
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    010. Taylor Swift - All Too Well Album: Red (2012) Although overly long, Taylor Swift's 4th studio album will always hold a special place in my heart as, at the time of its release certain events were happening that were preceeding my first break up from my beau at the time. Of course following the aftermath of said event, "All Too Well" was the go-to song for whenever I'd feel mopey and nostalgic and crap because the lyrics just SEND you there and there's nothing you can do about it except let it hit you like a train. Taylor Swift has had several great moments as far as music goes this decade, from the pop triumph 1989 turned out to be, to the self-written 3rd album "Speak Now" and all the way to present day with a couple "Lover" songs but to me, her absolute best thing about her discography remains this song you all likely know already. So casually cruel in the name of being honest.
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    ARTIST: Lady Gaga TITLE: "New Year's Eve (Demo)" WRITERS: Lady Gaga PRODUCERS: Lady Gaga, Jack Antonoff LENGTH: 3:37 FORMAT: free on SoundCloud LYRICS: INSTRUMENTAL
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    #10 - Hot Pink by Doja Cat #LucaSUGGESTS: "Rules", "Say So", "Cyber Sex" and "Addiction"
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    #12 - MAGDALENE by FKA Twigs #LucaSUGGESTS: "sad day", "cellophane", "daybed" and "home with you"
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    hello fellow xtinctions
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