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    i'm screaming I forgot to logout from my Spotify account on a public computer and now I have tons of shitty techno and german hip hop streams on my last.fm
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    Everyone knew it was going to happen, even the lambs. Honest to god though, it just spent a month a #1, I could give a shit if it fell right off the chart. But you know what, the previous record holder was Mariah herself when she fell from #3. Outdoing herself again
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    Hayley Williams coming to save music FUCK ME UP QUEEN.
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    When your English teachers let you analyze Melodrama lyrics for your poetry literary criticism essay
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    This is a record that can never be broken, only tied. Holy shit
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    GASP! Someone else who thinks MJ is overrated af?
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    Here's the third part to my Non-stop mix
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    Yall are going to Iran, period
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    hmm i stanned trouble when it first came out but i must admit it aged like MILK cant do the lyrics anymore. body talk at #1 is deserved tho glad to see BTW getting the recognition it deserves
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    LISTEN, I am alone at a crossroads I'm not at home in my own home And I've tried and tried To say what's on my mind
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    the BIONIC era being the first flop era of a main pop girl and all the debacle around it at the time. who knew almost all the other girls would meet their sweet fall later on.
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    Medellin song of the decade we stannnnn
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    I mean, both lack quality in their music so I’d say yeah they definitely compare there!
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    Girls Need Love is THAT BITCH
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    Not us being featured in a Koreaboo article https://www.koreaboo.com/news/red-velvet-rumored-releasing-english-version-psycho-official-soundtrack-upcoming-movie-birds-prey/
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    Dark Ballet with the talking part
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    Iconic legend breaking records that cannot be broken, your faves will never.
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    Which is exactly why it's so stupid to let XMas songs chart on the Hot 100. They are purely seasonal.
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    They did good at first though
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    The performance of God Control from the tour is cool and you won't change my mind. Frozen as well.
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    I’m not on FOTP enough to contribute to anything
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    I didn’t think soooo, also when is supposedly announcing tour dates?
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    I love their videos, especially the Kardashian ones
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    This is common sense. Who tf streams Christmas songs AFTER Christmas? The real kii is that it’ll hit the top of the charts for generations to come. Not everyone can do that
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    Yeah But let's be honest, it wasn't the physical sales that pushed it up there, it was the streams. Every artist has those fans that will buy four copies, but I'm not one of them, so I cannot say
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    As I dwell on it more, it just seems butchered. Like Matt Smith? Who was allegedly going to play young Palpatine, it made news when he was hired onto the film? But he wasn't in it, and he was never fired, they just cut him out of it? Palpatine's message for one, that was mentioned in the opening crawl. It wasn't in any novels or comic books -- you want to know where it was, in a fortnight game, just randomly cut in The fact that the opening scene is Kylo Ren fighting a Darth Vader cult? Or the purpose of the First Order when the Final Order is a thing? Or better yet, the fact that they pretty much hacked Adam Driver's lines and scenes in half? There are elements of it that I'd bet my life that were planned from the beginning (such as the Reylo stuff, obviously ) but the overall narrative of this film, it felt like JJ was just rushing shit and wanted to get it over with.
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    Setting the tone for the rest of the decade for ha career
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    Shawn is gorgeous. Justin ruined himself with those ugly tattoos.
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    Well it's over, see you again at the end of this year.
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    Really looking forward to this. Kinda lost hype initially after the string of flops and songs that were mildly interesting, but I love the three new ones. Evil Twin is typical Meghan and so cheeky, which I love. Wave is absolutely fantastic too. Kinda think it was dumb to not put GENETICS since it came out right before Wave like??? Also really liked the EP for the most part. Gonna miss Good Mornin not being on the album). Gonna be adding songs to the end of the album I guess. The new cover is a STUN
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    I was hoping someone would come up with a good drag for this title
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    Neither. I like older and bigger men.