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    @Ronlop hq version so the lanatics/reflectors dont complain like they did with the last magazine cover i posted f
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    obviously, quality isnt the only determining factor, but my point was that at the end of the day, the song was a hit because it clicked with the public. You can have a big name + a movie, but if the music sucks, it will flop. Just look at The Lion king with BEYONCE.
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    There better be, we need a smash to come out of the era.
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    Worship Me Paradise Paradise Cover Art Previous Nominations: 3 -Best New Artist, 2016 -Best Alternative Recording, ‘When We Were Young’, 2017 -Best Alternative Album, ‘Classic’, 2017
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    I refuse to believe that this era is over already
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    It, along with Miss Americana are the ones which have the biggest chances of smashing honestly. The Man is too political charged and the internet is rampant with anti-feminism, I feel she wouldn't take the risk of releasing it.
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    Not pressed about it though, I'm not expecting anyone to really sing pop bops on the GRAMMYs.
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    NGL I've been relistening to Let Go again and the majority of it still rocks.
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    I was disappointed to find this out as well, but I just can't not listen to it Such a good track
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    they're seriously on another level omfg yeah that + their visuals are reasons to stan
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    yes and you have taste. a BOP tbh i like every song this list was harder than i made it seem JPN also has a lot of my faves, I've been busy so I've been holding off the album listens but whew the P Cubed album FED That is okay, I am a big electronic fan in general, I like the repetitiveness of the lyrics and the production being in the forefront (it usually always is but it seemed like it carried some songs more than the girls but i think for the futuristic pop concept it works )
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    Kelly Chats with Yahoo! News | US | Free
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    And who I am Is a big-time believer That people can change But you don't have to leave her I can relate to these lyrics a lot.
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    HC is flawless and ahead of its time
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    Camila coming up with her apology
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    @Ronlop 'Can I Please You, Lover?' by Father John Misty is up for pre-order
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    Imagine expecting your non-American fans to really go out of their way to ensure their streams count for US charts? That’s so disrespectful and unfair. All while threatening he won’t tour. He treats his fans so awfully, at this point it’s borderline abusive
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    It's so pathetic Hope it doesn't go #1 but with all the stunts he's pulled it might. If it doesn't after all that... The way stans drag female artists for doing literally 2% of that, meanwhile so far: Scammer is giving fans money to purchase the song with They're requesting fans used VPNs - when Scammer was so against them when Ariana released and that other artist was using them He broke the radio record - and there is no one, literally no one, who believes this was not funded by payola Him hosting streaming parties, purchase parties, viewing parts whatever like he's a stan Twitter account Selling multiple copies of the single... with a different letter on the cover for each. You can attack Taylor for literally different covers but this is something else Clown.
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    Don't mute it Play it on a low volume Listen while you sleep what the actual fuck? This honestly sounds so weird and cultish. Stopppp.
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    Right? Like not even Lil Nas X with his 300 Old Town Remixes. He's a joke and if he gets that #1 we'll know it's because Scooter paid his way to the top of the charts.
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    Wanda’s villain arc would have really shined with his creative direction. I swear if Kevin and Disney push this to be another cookie cutter Marvel movie to appease the masses... I’m gonna fume
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    All our threads are still open: https://fotpforums.com/forum/304-fotp-faves-archive/
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    "I'm not going back on tour unless that song goes #1" I'm glad he's gonna have a short era then
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    Lmaooooooooo 😂😂😂😂
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    The good sis donated half a million of dollars for the Australia fires. Mother Teresa who?
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    Mariah has never taken credit for inventing the Pop/Rap collaboration. But she did popularize it, and while I understand that not everyone in the room is going to like her, you have to be pretty pressed to suggest otherwise. And that aside, you put 100 musical historians in a room, 95 of them are going to tell you that Mariah did that, only five of them won't, but those five are so busying dallying in the new-wave avaunt-garde existentialist house bullshit that they wouldn't know real music if it came up to them and shook their hand. So, ignore the ground static.
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    To say something like "people can be friends and get along despite differences in political beliefs" is to announce to the world "I am of a high enough class and privilege that I can ignore the effects that enactments of political ideologies and laws have on the lives of millions of people, because it doesn't personally affect me." Don't get me started on "you can be kind to everyone!" either. How is it wrong for a group of people who have suffered violence and oppression for decades to fight their oppressor with the same level of violence that they've been exposed to every single day of their life? How does that make them in the wrong?
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    I've been playing Can't Take That Away since this morning and now I'm ordering the "12 LP
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    Not Azealia congratulating Grimes and Elon Musk!
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    Voted for option #4. The only valid one. Selena shouldn't have a career in music.