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    Mariah's stans and their obsession with "vocals" are such a paradox considering that their fave has delivered some of the most ridiculous vocal performances in the past years. Pop songs don't require some mind-blowing vocals, especially if they are uptempo. Pop songs are production and melody-oriented. The song is driven by the delivery of the melody through the singer and the overall catchiness of the song that is achieved through the interplay between melody and production. Dua Lipa actually has really good vocals compared to most pop singers. She doesn't have to show them off because she knows her music doesn't need or require it. If she were to do all sort of vocal acrobatics, it would totally distract from what a pop song is trying to convey.
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    Was a lot busier than I thought I would be today. We're gonna have to delay until tomorrow. And so that we don't fall behind schedule, let's make tomorrow a double eviction xx @Daenerys @Billie @Alexx @Luca @Hyun. @Maraj @StrippedX
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    There will be a delay in today’s events. Not sure when I’ll be able to do it. Will keep y’all updated.
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    Shading Dua vocals and Physical? Delete this thread
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    Why does literally every person with any hint of relevance have a Argentinan fan page on Facebook or Instagram. They always have the persons name followed by "Argentina" too.
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    Oomfs is sweet but a psycho a little bit psycho
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    I can do it for upvotes
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    True! I forced myself to listen to RITD when it came on the radio the other day and forgot how much of a bop it was. But my instant reaction to the opening bars of any of these songs is to skip/delete
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    The way I'm tired of all these songs, the impact!
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    Also the Venus performance all of the muppets going “VENUS” was an experience
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    I watched if back when it aired and it was pretty good! Though Gaga dressed as a condom while performing Fashion! with RuPaul was… a choice. I’m surprised it’s so hard to find, since she released the audio from her 2011 holiday special on iTunes and (iirc) did official YouTube uploads of the performances.
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    Yes I saw it when it aired!! It was so so cute. There’s gotta be a way to find it. I have the sound rip somewhere
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    @Hylia @RihannaRTT so whilst I have yet to get a Switch, I did solve all my compatibility problems save Dracula's Curse by buying an actual Super Nintendo Got it in a bundle with Super Mario All-Stars and Super Mario World (even though I already own the latter - I might try to flip one copy at this other game store I go to )
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    I might be in Las vegas USA Today
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    Listening to national anthems in 2020 is like listening to Eurovision entries from the 1970s
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    I'm giving the new bts album a shot now since I've been stanning other kpop groups since 2018/2019. Wouldn't be fair to hate in bts simply cos they had a huge US debut
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    I know the guy behind the mash-up. He's very talented
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    oh i wanna stay, wanna walk out the door, oh no, right now baby i'm nominated
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    the bb house is all out of salt, i'm not gonna cry
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    Liz when trying to figure out where organon is
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    Scores: @StrippedX - 10 @Billie - 29 @Hyun. - 52 @Luca - 0 @Alexx - 87 @Daenerys - 21 The winner of the HOH is... Alexx!
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    Low key thought you were the one mad at me mam
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    Are there other national anthems then that one? awk1
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    Set Fire To The Rain is the only right answer btw but let's see what the girlies think Set Fire > Hello > Rolling In The Deep > Someone Like You
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    ya'll remember Wade "Unique" Adams aka Alex Newell from Glee? Well he has a new EP out and this is the first single Its so good here is the music video if ya'll wanna watch
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    that doesn't change the fact that they're messy
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    Uh, this thread was made last year
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    mypasswordiscommingsoon - Lady GaGa
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    newalbumeveryday - Rihannna ifitmovesdateit13 - Taylor albumofdecade - Gaga 69cents - Katy
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    Considering they didn't know half of her setlist, she has to play songs they actually know.
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    You've got me... don't know what to do on this wheelchair all day .gif' alt='ny6'>.gif' alt='ny5'>