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    And with that, we have our final three! Congrats @Hyun. @Billie @Daenerys! Tomorrow is the finale where we will have our three part HOH competition. The winner will then choose who they take with them to the final two. The other person gets evicted and becomes the final member of the jury. One of the two remaining players will then be crowned the winner! It'll be an evening of fun and mess so I hope you can all join! Reminder it will take place tomorrow at 3 pm EST!
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    TODAY GRAMMYs will be held Today 5 PM EST! The one hour and ten minutes ceremony will include the red carpet reviews, performances and winners. The show will be live-streamed on Plug.Dj so make an account there beforehand if you don't already have. https://plug.dj/ Stay tuned. Please upvote if you'll be here! Harry Styles @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @RebelHeart15 @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Jon. @Alexx @Hejira @Cosmic @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Surrealism @Alesus @Michael. @The Hawaiian Queen
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    get your ass in the jury house and answer my roundtable questions
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    Thank you for letting me play baby girl, I know btches was stressing you out and claiming I was just here bc of favoritism but we all know that ain’t the case lol! Love you. @Divine
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    WINNERS Best Alt Song: Father John Misty - The Last Time Best R&B Recording: Lana Del Rey - Skin Best Dance/Electronic Recording: Katy Perry - Golden Apple Best Dance/Electronic Album: Mariah Carey - Mirage Best Music Video: Mariah Carey - Mirage Best Album Campaign: Lana Del Rey - I Believe In Love Best Album Campaign Visuals: Britney Spears - Devotion Best Album Cover: Troye Sivan - Cupido Best Single Cover: Maluma - Criminal Best Pop Solo Performance: Frank Ocean - LUX Best Pop Duo/Group Performance: God Complex by Maluma, Zayn, & Brendon Urie Best Pop Vocal Album: Lana Del Rey - I Believe In Love Best New Artist: Zendaya Song of The Year: Mariah Carey - Healing Record of The Year: Lana Del Rey - Forget Me Album of The Year: Lana Del Rey - I Believe In Love
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    PRE-SHOW SHAKIRA This evening Shakira took to the stage to demonstrate her clear musical talents, as she performed her latest single ‘Sacred Matter’ with Zayn Malik in the GRAMMYs red carpet pre show. The stage was set with a giant white curtain in front of them with a bright white light behind it showing Shakira and Zayn’s silhouettes. Slowly the band faded in with the instrumental to ‘Sacred Matter’, as Shakira’s silhouette swayed and Zayn’s arms were seen likely slicking his hair back. The white curtain carefully came down, revealing the two singers. Shakira wore a stunning shiny black dress with tall leather heels while Zayn had on a black robe of sorts. Starting off the song, Shakira picked up with the carefully articulated first verse, making facial expressions and hand motions signaling Zayn. Replying in a flirtatious fashion, Zayn took over the next few lines of the song, briefly adlibing a section so he could say “Loving Shakira’s the world’s matter”. The two slowly moved closer, building up some romantic tension to make the performance more interesting. Shakira and Zayn then turned their backs to one another and strut the opposite directions, belting out the chorus of the song. The remainder of the performance remained relatively simplistic, as they sang the song back and forth to each other from across the aisle. During the final chorus, however, the two took the song up an octave, demonstrating their vocal range and excellence. Shakira hugged Zayn when the performance came to an end and casually mentioned that her album ‘The Rush’ is coming soon.
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    to the #MarajHive, I love y’all sooooo much. To the remaining houseguests, pls choke. And to Lucas, baby ima see you in a few days whew FUCK.
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    I've been told I look like Madison Beer
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    I guess it's the best song if we exclude the 60 other songs that are better
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    answers were given and shade was thrown
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    Exactly what I was thinking. I just know YG is celebrating the fact that he found the perfect excuse to delay the comeback.
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    Idk if I will be online during the GRAMMYs, so I'm posting these already TMRW > YTD COVER IN HQ:
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    Hello it's time for our eviction! The next person out will join the jury and all the stench that comes with it! @Maraj and @Hyun. face eviction right now. Who will barely miss the final three? It's time to find out! @Daenerys has cast is sole vote to evict.... hi @Billie
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    PRE-SHOW FATHER JOHN MISTY Josh Tillman, better known by his stage name Father John Misty, is an American multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Known for his in depth concept albums and lively stage persona, Tillman has achieved acclaim throughout the years as a solo artist and bands such as Fleet Foxes. After releasing four albums under the Father John Misty moniker with legendary Seattle-based indie label Sub Pop, Tillman has moved on professionally and signed a management deal with XOX Records, home of superstars Lana Del Rey and Frank Ocean. Tillman was introduced to the label through his friendship with Del Rey, their flagship artist. Tillman first made his debut with XOX Records through the release of his brand new single, The Last Time. The epic track grapples with the idea of the looming end of a relationship with a partner - in real life, his wife Emma Tillman. The song features predominantly rock influences, with bluesy inspired bouncy verses. This has since been followed with the second single, Cold, a mid-tempo acoustically driven soft rock song. Both songs are taken from the album Can I Please You, Lover?, which debuted at #2 and saw both songs surge into the top ten. Following the release of the album and the successful debut week, Josh performed at the pre-show of the Grammys in celebration of his three nominations, two of them being in Big Four categories. Best Alternative Song and Song of The Year for The Last Time, as well as Best New Artist. For the pre-show, Josh took to the stage accompanied by his live band for a rendition of the current single, Cold. Josh played the acoustic guitar whilst singing the song, delivering an impressive vocal rendition of the track that conveyed the level of emotion and passion in the lyrics. Stood behind the microphone, Josh played the block acoustic chords of the song as he sang, the rest of his band playing completely in time and in sync with each other. Josh sang the song with ease, hitting all the notes and adding in some slight variations and melismas at various points in the song, including ad-libs around some of the hooks during the choruses. At the end of the song, during the "don't you be so cold" refrain, Josh switched up the melody and sang one of the refrains higher, belting the line and showing off his vocal ability as well as the emotion behind the song. At the end, as he strummed the last chord, Josh took a bow and thanked the crowd as the rest of the band faded out. Can I Please You, Lover?, the album by Father John Misty is available now. The singles The Last Time and Cold are also available to buy and stream, as well as tickets for his upcoming shows.
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    30 Minutes GRAMMYs livestream starts in 30 minutes! The one hour and ten minutes ceremony will include the red carpet reviews, performances and winners. Join now https://plug.dj/ron-cal/ Harry Styles @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @RebelHeart15 @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Jon. @Alexx @Hejira @Cosmic @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Surrealism @Alesus @Michael. @The Hawaiian Queen
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    her nails slash me queen
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    I immediately thought “On The Radio” by piano legend Regina Spektor
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    i never implied that cody would evict me... cody is my friend
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    expect the unexpected
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    Disagree with Katy Perry, Beyonce, Normani, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, wth is the one with Madonna and Mariah?
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    Taylor is sadly not immune of flopping anymore
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    Rihanna is out of the tier. Would put her in the same league as Beyoncé. It’s actually quite insulting to think that Rihanna is the same status as Gaga, Lana and the person I don’t recognize on the right.
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    And the winner of FOTP Big Brother season 9 is @Luca! Congratulations! You won a free VIP subscription of one month!
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    I had to think for a while how is LNX related to this thread, no joke
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    I mean she could be but I'm gonna be right or wrong when the album comes out . For now, my opinion stays the same. Dua or Gaga must be the trend-setter for this decade even though Billie Eilish is the only one currently owning this title
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    So random, and so awful I was wondering just the other day what happened to ha. Never imagined it would be this.
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    We need to see if you look as basic as @Ariana's taste
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    We all know Selena Gomez's latest album, Rare, being a very successful album on a lot of charts of the world. It's number one in more than five countries. It contains her number 1 hit single, Lose You to Love Me, and fan favorites such as Look at Her Now, Dance Again, the title track, Ring, etc. But what do you really think of the album? What about the promotional efforts for the album a.k.a. the Rare era? Is it properly promoted? Or is there a lack of focus in promoting the album? Does the album sound better than her previous work? Do you still play it? Please, discuss here with me.
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    Y’all it’s been 7 years since we've last got looks like this
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    she had two hits in the US + anglophone countries.. that's it.. globally she's a non-factor
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    ATTENTION PLAYERS -Please post your earnings now. -This was the last week of Season 12. During the break, please review Father John Misty's album "Can I Please You, Lover?" Link - The GRAMMYs will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, 2 PM EST. It will be livestreamed on Plug.DJ featuring the entire ceremony + red carpet. If anyone wants to delay it by a little, that's possible. Just let me know and we'll see. - Connect followers will be updated in the following weeks after the GRAMMYs and also Radio which is super late. - Thanks everyone for yet another great season! I apologize for the messy CAL Tube server which was down 90% of this season but hopefully we'll start the next season with a better server. I still haven't decided if we'll continue as Season 12 or just start Season 13 btw Harry Styles @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @RebelHeart15 @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Jon. @Alexx @Hejira @Cosmic @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Surrealism @Alesus @Michael. @The Hawaiian Queen
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    Maybe the side story is that she had trouble with her label. She didn't wrote her two features on the album.
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    this is one of the strangest and most obscure dRaGs i have ever seen, how are you going to say the song was successful and continues to be successful because of anyone but gaga
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    ASMR pop has been done before so how exactly she sounds original