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    NFR! 2019 AOTY!
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    Being home 24/7 done fucked up your minds I see huh Babylon Gaga's 5th #1 I fear
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    Hun, your shade game ain't it
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    Wtf is wrong with yall, this slaps
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    Omg this gives me BTW (Album) vibes omggg
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    Anyone who bitches about this has never had spotty or unreliable wifi where you had to rely on lower quality sometimes. It's super easy to get used to. It'll probably be 720 or even 1080p (just not HD) which is completely fine.
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    I wouldn’t believe China and Iran if they told me water is wet. I hope you’re holding up well though.
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    What the fuck has knee got to celebrate? And Rih and Bey for that matter
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    https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/rosario-dawson-ahsoka-tano-the-mandalorian-season-2-1203540472/ I like to copy and paste the article when I can, but in this case it's a pain and the title is basically all you need to know here. @Simón. @rhi @LittleDudeNT5
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    Was this funnier in your head
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    Say it louder for the faggots in the back
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    This. Also, on Popjustice people are moaning about it. Where are the real fans? This is classic Gaga, but it doesn't sound like she is recycling herself. That is what we want.
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    Let's not forget this.
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    time to get some fresh air sis
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    how does it sound like vogue?
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    It looks like it's getting worse... people don't want to listen and stay home
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    You may also like this one: SeekingThrill serving taste as usual
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    Mess, they did it when it was too late. I hope this will all be over asap
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    You sluts better stan.
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    Here for this tbh. Sounds like the vocal isn’t entirely well placed tho but that could be the leak quality
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    Oh that's good I guess Containment ain't working here that well
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    @LÉON Diamonds Cutting Diamonds is awesome. It sounds like an 80s synthpop gem.
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    Oh snap. I'm from Calabria and Luckily the containment is working, the cases are rising slowly over here but I'm still scared
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    Yas! Which region? How are y'all doing? I'm in Veneto
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    Can they change Telephone's ancient thumbnail? Not the PF one showing the frames
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    My best friend from the UK apparently has Coronavirus He's got very similar syptoms and he can't get tested I fucking hate this year
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    I’m scared of the Million Reasons tumbnail she looks like she’s going to murder me Idk
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    I’m not really a fan of commercial Abel although BL is a slay. I’ll give it a listen
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    China is definitely hiding & manipulating their numbers, I don't believe them one bit
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    I'm shocked by the death toll in Italy tbh I just saw that the global death toll surpassed 10,000 too
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    Both countries are covering up the truth about their deaths unlike Italy and thank you <3
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    Well, If China and Iran were honest about their deaths we wouldn't be that high Also the UK is hiding numbers
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    Double-dare the old world away: @Margerine Flange @Princess Aurora @SeekingThrill @Madonna @Ruthless Love Let's get some music discussion going gorls Music to Self-Isolate To
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    I listen to Austrian pop music!!!!
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    So absolute chaos in my work rn
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    PDP has actually 43 million cuz of double upload as almost every M single on Spotify
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    i get her but she's not the one to be talking about privilege. it's easy to tell people to stay locked at their house when you're a millionaire but most people live paycheck to paycheck and dont have the luxury of staying at home.
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    I repent! Physical grew on me, thanks to the car speakers I had a lovely 1 hour drive replaying this yesterday, chile a serve!
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    CD 1: 1. Oxygen 3:51 2. The Little Things 3:46 3. One Fine Wire 3:37 4. Bubbly 3:17 5. Feelings Show 3:10 6. Midnight Bottle 3:41 7. Realize 4:05 8. Battle 4:03 9. Tailor Made 4:30 10. Magic 3:25 11. Tied Down 3:07 12. Capri 2:56 CD 2: 1. Tell Him 4:53 2. Brand New Me 3:21 3. Kiss The Girl 3:22 4. Somethin' Special 3:06 5. Hoy Me Voy 3:25 6. Circles 3:53 7. Older 3:58 8. Dreams Collide 4:29 9. Killing Me Softly 4:59 10. Turn Your Light Down Low 5:57 11. Magic (Piano Version) 3:20 12. Bubbly (Acoustic) 3:33
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    Like Gaga stans would talk to you, out of EVERY bitch on the globe they would choose an OGH
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    A Dance of Dragons being released 9 years ago... sis if you're not done by the end of this quarantine and you better fix the SHIT ending to Dany's story while you're at it