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    Taylor using the publicity of the call leaking to raise awareness to places you can donate... while Kim literally only talked about Taylor and brought NO attention to the real victims
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    Kanye West is a slimy arrogant sack of shit and Kim is a vapid parasite. Get over your bizarre personal crusade against Taylor Swift and pull your head out of your ass.
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    "bEcAuSe sHe cOnTiNuEs tO sPeAk aBoUt iT" Loving how she said as if Tay spoke about it in various interviews Also Tay's publicist replied and oop- "maybe I got mine but you'll all get yours" indeed!
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    Get in loser, we levitating
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    She looks dumb as fuck going on that whole rant when Taylor literally didn't even want to adress it and provided people links to donate to people affected by this crisis instead
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    Right tho? Didn't realize my daily lifestyle was called "quarantine"
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    Oh my The LASHINGS I have to ****ing stan OT: She ALWAYS wins.
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    ? You good, fam? I literally stan Taylor, she literally has the biggest target on her back & is the least safe from dragging out of all the pop girls. Look, dude. You can try to look into me as much as you like, trying to determine how I'm "acting" or what I'm "here for". Your presumptions are all wrong, but I literally don't give a shit. I opened this thread because it's news. Hence why it's in the news section. Feel free to put 1 + 1 together anytime you like now. I promise it's really not that hard. You disagree? I don't care, go cry about it. And no, I'm not here for the drama. I know that it's probably shocking to you that not everyone behaves the way you do & turn everything that doesn't praise my faves into a fight, but here's a breaking news for you: different types of stans exist. I left artist vs artist years ago. Also, you're missing the point, as always (shocking). I was referring to how people are dismissing this thread because 'there are more important things going on". This is literally drama between celebrities. There are always more important things going on.
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    Join our Discord! We're fun let's play daily Pictionary!
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    Thank y'all so much for sending in your rates and a special thank you to those of you who managed to attend the ceremony Entire top 5 filled with TASTE @Freaky Prince @Luca @Tahj @Divine @SHANE
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    Not Azealia Banks of all people completely obliterating Kim with the cold hard truth.
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    If some ( you ) are here for the drama, doesn't mean everyone else is. And why would anyone be here for any kind of the drama, especially something like this? Not being judgemental towards those who find that kind of hobby as an entertainment fulfilment in the slightest, but still. And the whole point is that this shouldn't have been the thing back then, because it is pretty transparent what was this all about. Apparently, people do crave for drama, so it is pretty evident ( from everything I read about this ) that some used this as their form to attack a person they don't like no matter if they had been able to see through this scheme or not. But the major point is that nothing of this matter and yet people turned this into something of epic proportions. Like, this ( edited ) phone call is not important. At all. That's the most apsurd part. For the sake of the drama you mention, people were willing to give this situation very significant role just because they didn't like certain person in the first place ( because they had their own preconceived notions apparently ). I repeat myself, this is borderline laughable, but I guess it served as a form for everyone to see what are people able to do when there is anything that they could do against someone they dislike. Even though, there is not a reason ( like here where the reason wasn't present since person everyone grabbed for neck was telling the truth or people ignored true intentions behind this on purpose ). Which is a shame may I say, because you could have been doing much more important and immensely funnier things than dedicate yourself in a stone throwing action and "hunt" after someone you don't particulary find likeable ( not to mention that liking or disliking someone you don't personally know is a different kind of problem/topic ). "She did what she had to do..." This pretty much is very telling about someone's character I must say. You basically agree that when someone doesn't like certain person, they should be free and willing to resort to similar tactics. I would apply evaluation of hobbies and priorities, but hey, whatever you like.
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    We could have all used some great dance music to distract us during this time but whatever. The Weeknd's album did fine. Dua's will be fine. Chromatica would have been fine too. At this rate she'll have to delay it again cause Americans are idiots and this mess will still be here come summer.
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    On the bright side, maybe she will restart the era with a better lead
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    The way Rules is one of the best female rap songs of all time, that second verse..... bitch I mean CMON.
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    #02 Rules [9,45] Stans: aQuan | Tahj - 11 Haters: Luca | Urbanov | Ariana - 8 Commentary: Freaky Prince - This is how you PEN a masterpiece She was spitting em bars like there's no tomorrow. Main pop AND rap girl. Manel - That second verse is probably one of the best in mainstream rap. THE DELIVERY. #01 Say So [9,77] Stans: Ariana | SHANE - 11 Haters: Manel - 8 Commentary: Freaky Prince - A disco classic Giving the pop girls a run for their munny. Manel - All the girls are now doing disco bops, and I'm all for it. Doja walked and crawled so the other girls could run.
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    #10 Won't Bite [6,54] Stans: Luca - 11 Haters: Manel - 1 Commentary: Manel - The instrumental and adlibs are just too much for me. It's kinda annoying. Freaky Prince - I think many people don't like it, but it's a very cute song. A solid 8.
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    I mean she never even worded Stupid Love as a lead single so I always felt something was fishy, and then the sudden drop off in promotion. American Oxygen teas. It's great that this era will get a re-do because I'm so tired of her fumbling the bag out of the gate and that's the most interesting thing about the streaming era, you're only as hot as your latest single, so if it flops, you just release another and move on.
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    They gonna give the Star Wars gays everything they wanted
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    A spin-off too, allegedly: https://theplaylist.net/ahsoka-tano-star-wars-spin-off-series-20200324/
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    @Ghostface @Snow Y'all, it's really no use to argue with @Madonna, drama is ha source of sustenance
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    If that means she’s working on a BETTER LEAD and will make a Stupid Love some sort of “gift for fans” I’m here for it
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    Damn, Greece too? Like over a fifth of the world's population is quarantined, what
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    EXACTLY!!!! I win at something in life for once!
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    Most people on quarantine: I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE! Me, on day 11: Can I have more time? I've prepped 27 years for this.
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    Oh for sure, 100%. The best pop girl era we've had in YEARS
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    Shame on all of you who bashed Taylor for 4 years straight over this when she was telling the truth. But the sheep of the world always fall for this. Sensationalized headlines and tiny snippets are all the proof people need to throw stones when they don’t even know the full story. Fuck off Kim, you created 4 years of bullying and ridicule for a girl who was telling the truth all along.
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    I agree. But the obsession with toilet paper in the US is... do Americans take massive shits or...?
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    "that at this point in time feels very self-serving given the suffering millions of real victims are facing right now." pls Kim at least Taylor isn't using the Coronavirus to promote her online shop
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    Taylor was telling the truth all along and at the very least, instead of using this issue to mock Kim she encouraged everyone to donate during this pandemic. That self absorbed woman had always been annoying. She just turned it up to 1000% when the video leaked. As for Demi well...
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    Oh, OK, so she did comment on it. That seems like the mildest way of doing so though, I wouldn't say she reignited anything
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    Literally any song from Kesha. Even the depressing ones.
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    Chromatics & The Weeknd - this is the best piece of music in 2020 so far. Fantastic.
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    I mean, not to be offensive or anything remotely similar, but this was transparent to anyone with a functioning brain even back then. People don’t record conversations with other people just because. Intention of staining Taylor’s image was clear as sky. I would agree it’s nice to see this being brought to the day of light in full though despite being old news.
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    #07 Like That [8,18] Stans: Ariana | Tahj - 10 Haters: Manel | aQuan - 6 Commentary: Manel - I love the 00's R&B vibe that this song has. It's quite nostalgic.
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    Finally someone with taste! Suck on that Faggot Prince!
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    Rules bottom of the barrel! FOTP has NO taste!
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    I'm gonna boot YOU fast with this attitude f word!
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    The joke wrote itself
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    I swear she loves having messy ass album rollouts.
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    about fucking time! This is the final nail encrusted with snake-shaped diamonds in the coffin to Kanye's career!
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    Sure was. And you can stay mad, because what would you be if you didn't?
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    I might not have corona but this song and video made me sick