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    I don't know if she's pressed, but Dua right now is everything that pop music needs. EVERY pop artist should take note of the way that she and her team are developing the FN era, it doesn't matter if they're older and more experienced than her.
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    I think she is pressed. The whole release date (a week after FN) was chosen to crush Dua and give her career a proper burial. That is why she announced her tour for late summer, a secret coachella concert. Then a lame Lead Single (which already leaked), a low quality iPhone music video, the missing album cover, the no track listing... It was all rushed to catchup to Dua and she miscalculated and flopped COVID cancelling Coachella gave her the excuse to tiptoe out the back door.
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    Abel getting his second #1 this era and DOJA REACHING THE TOP 10. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIIIIVE.
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    I honestly feel like Gaga is lowkey pressed that Dua Lipa is getting all of this well deserved acclaim, love, and adoration. This was supposed to be Gaga's grand return to pop and she failed. Of course the pandemic isn't her fault but Gaga is one of the most greediest pop stars we have witnessed, she postponed her album because she heavily relies on her pure sales from her rabid stans with all of those exclusive vinyls and tour bundles. Gaga was supposed to perform at Apple Music Fan Event, iHeart radio award show and Coachella but all of that went down the drain Gaga could have had a grand pop return had Joanne been the original LG5 with RedOne bops but she chose to be dusty and release that bland unseasoned album. A Star Is Born was the career move to prepare her for the upcoming grand return in pop but look how that turned out. She could have released this album last year right after she won the Oscar and Shallow went #1. The stars were aligning, everyone was thirsting for new Gaga music last year but instead she chose to release her CVS dusty makeup that no one cares about and it backfired tremendously causing Gaga to postpone her album until this pandemic is over (They're now saying September). What an idiot To make matters worse she chose her worst song ever as the lead single. Stupid Love sounds like a cute little song at first listen but after the second you realize its a shit song ripped off by Madonna (as always) and its so outdated and dry. I have never seen so many of her fans turn their backs on her. Rightfully so since postponing the album was a selfish foolish decision. Who cares if she can't perform and serve looks in NYC, her fans still want the album. Dua Lipa is doing everything Gaga wishes she could do. Yes her album leaked but she is feeding us fans. We are happy and we love Future Nostalgia. Future Nostalgia is the album that is making us happy during this tragic time. It's literally us dancing through the pain (something Gaga said Chromatica was going to do until she got greedy for money). I hope Gaga takes this time to self reflect and realize how hard she really fucked up and this is the most disappointed and angry her fans have been with her EVER. This is worse than DWUW R Kelly and BTWB Cancelation. Even some of her fans that always kiss her ass have turned their backs on her. I hope she realizes that she destroyed her chances of ever having a good pop era again and I hope it makes her depressed. Rihanna and Adele are going to eclipse her later this year. I feel bad for her fans always being disappointed. I mean we have Future Nostalgia helping us through this difficult time. All they have is Stupid Love and that ugly horrible Babylon snippet If some of you gaga fans are still sad, listen to Future Nostalgia! It's an excellent pop album (something Gaga hasnt served since 2011). After listening to that disaster of a song Stupid Love for 2 months, you guys deserve some good healthy non GMO pop songs like Cool and Levitating. Support real queens like Dua Lipa and stop supporting frauds like Gaga
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    I don't think she is but Dua Lipa's Future Nostalgia is a Pop Classic . I haven't listened to a Pop album this good since 2015. Despite the shitty Global Climate we're living , this album will be remembered as a Pop Milestone
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    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8163247/Lady-Gagas-father-shuts-GoFundMe-asking-50-000-help-support-restaurant-staffs-wages.html Lady Gaga's desperate dad is out here literally begging for $50k to pay the wages of staff, asking for DONATIONS... A profitable company, and with grants available, and this complete free loader wants to be paid in donations because of his famous daughter? I can't believe this man has the audacity to BEG for money from complete strangers and will happily take it instead of asking his daughter who is APPARENTLY worth over $200million? Disgusting behaviour and clearly this is where Gaga gets her self-serving, greedy, and immoral personality type from. This is how the rich stay rich darlens, by getting others to donate in gofundme for their own personal gains! There's literally a pandemic and this immoral family is expecting everyone to part with their own money (WITH A LOT OF PEOPLE OUT OF JOBS FOR THE NEAR FUTURE!) when he is also apparently a millionaire Oh and I will be taking this to twitter and it will go viral and everyone will boycott his restaurant and it will go bust, bookmark me!
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    Canceling your album cause of coronavirus is kinda sad tbh, Sam Smith did it too. Seems like they care a lot about sales, and by her post on IG shows that she wants to delay it too, doesn't seem like it was something her label forced ha to do. Weeknd didn't cancel it and her got the biggest first week sales of the year in US.
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    Dua numbers so high they’re having trouble calculating yup!
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    C'mon dont be shy
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    Remember when we were sick of Missy shoving Dua down our throats? Look at us now... Yeah they switch like faggots.
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    these are honestly such a strong group of singles that I'm not even sure how to rank them fave is probably between Can't Feel My Face and Blinding Lights tbh
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    Or she just wants to give the fans a proper era with videos, performances, interviews and not just drop the album and stay at home
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    Oh shit she's coming Also she's right. She almost tried every cross genre in Pop Music
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    she needs to drop it in the summer at miss coronas funeral or else STFU
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    oh knowing gagz shes fuming now and beating up her team over lost chance same as she was pressed over katy in the past im sure now dua is in her head her biggest enemy
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    Would FOTP user Seska certified the spirit indestructible lie?
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    A disappointment. I loved Beauty Behind the Madness and enjoyed a good bunch of Starboy. This album feels like outtakes from his previous albums. Tracks 1-9 sound almost exactly the same and yall are calling this a masterpiece? He can do much better than that.
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    i think most poeple dont give a fuck about these "new" aristst albums anymore i mean Dua has smash after smash but only with her singles we can see the same with a lot of other artists atm if no1 bought the album we can say at least the next singles will smash again release LEVITATING queen
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    They're tallying all the Physical copies she sold
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    He looking like he got Parkinsons just trying to hit them notes
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    The jury was biased. @Venom hates me
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    I'm fine with Boys Will Be Boys being dead
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    I agree with all of this, and something about his tone really irks me idk, I don't like it. AH was cute, a 7/10, definitely better than FN or other recent pop releases though- Also omg you speak Greek skinny Καλύτερη γλώσσα όλων των εποχών.
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    Omg get your jushtice sis
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    dddddd i didn't notice @Venom tell me which song do u eliminate? i'm really sorry
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    "Deletes Grindr to help ease depression during self isolation." Jks, imma a thirsty hoe.
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    Physical - Phoebe Break My Heart - Fletch Break My Heart - Freaky Prince Break My Heart - Margerine Flange Break My Heart - Ariana
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    Excuse me but it was a tie?
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    Physical - Phoebe Break My Heart - Fletch Break My Heart - Freaky Prince Break My Heart - Margerine Flange
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    Physical - Phoebe Break My Heart - Fletch Break My Heart - Freaky Prince
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    It's the best pop album by a pop girl in the last year btw
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    A robbery was just committed to Boys Will Be Boys omg Physical - Phoebe Break My Heart - Fletch
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    Boys Will Be Boys (@LÉON) has been eliminated from the game. @Madonna PM me your nominees please.
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    get in loser we're going at the crackland
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    Well that I agree cuz Starboy was his start of the pop throwback synthwave thing. But Starboy is not 'every single one of his albums' It's funny how his die hard fans thinks he's changing his sound too much from his roots and then pop fans thinks he hasn't changed at all.
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    Happy birthday to the woman that inspires me for more then 10 years already, encouraged me to be the person I am today and makes me so incredibly happy with her music 💖 congrats Gaga, I love you
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    So my mom got tested today and she'll get the results tonight. She's a nurse
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    Girl’s instagram is so entertaining to follow
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    Not her best friend.
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    the OP being two albums behind
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    True I thought they closed that restaurant cause it was infested with rats not including Gaga, no?
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    Mod Notice Keep shady remarks in battlegrounds.