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    #10 6.471 Highest scores: Freaky Prince, Ruthless Love, Luca, Urbanov (10) Lowest scores: Hunty Bear, jae (2) Comments: "An underrated classic with a strong message. Anyone who says this is shit is tasteless and that's no period" - Fletch "probably the only weak point in the album. it's fine but gives me the man vibes but less catchy " - Merryem "Come through modern day Martika I could have done with a second couplet to rhyme with "women", and it doesn't really fit with the rest of the album." - Modern Woman "I like the message, but it's a bit half-assed and honestly a little cringy. Skippable." - Snow "Some of the lyrics are bad, not bc of the theme, just worded weird. But melodically it’s perfect. I agree with others it doesn’t quite fit on the album nor at the end. " - SHANE "good message, horrible song" - jae
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    #11 6.371 Highest scores: Freaky Prince, Madonna (10) Lowest scores: Phoebe, Entea (1) Comments: "I hate to give it this score, bc it is probably the catchiest song on the album. The lyrics are just a little too cringe, the verses... " - SHANE "Honestly not half as bad as everyone makes it to be." - Snow "Sounds like something Mutya from Sugababes might have released as single number 3 from her debut (and so far only) album." - Modern Woman "cute " - Merryem "The Lilly Allen print" - Fletch
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    #8 7.542 Highest scores: jae, SHANE, Freaky Prince, Ruthless Love, Phoebe, Hyun (10) Lowest scores: Madonna (1) Comments: "it's a great opening song but I feel it's missing something?" - Chris Morlock "it's cute" - Merryem "Clever sequencing means she didn't peak with the first track" - Modern Woman "It’s a classic. Some might find the lyrics corny but I think its excusable for how unique and catchy the song is overall." - SHANE "the verses have grown on me, the chorus is ecstasy" - jae "but wow what a moment. Funky, daft punk in places realness. I knew when she released this promo track out wigs were in danger" - Fletch
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    I rewatched GodLo's and Slaykira's SB performance again and WOW...what a moment! Still the best HTS ever!
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    I guess not Highest scores: Modern Woman (11) Lowest scores: Madonna (2)
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    I knew there was a reason I blocked this tasteless bitch.
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    eat shit #9 7.300 Highest scores: Madonna, Venom (11) Lowest scores: Freaky Prince (1) Comments: "mellow" - jae "Such a smooth chorus. I like how the production grows as the song plays through." - SHANE "Cute album track, but pretty forgettable." - Snow "Groovy but forgettable." - Modern Woman "the baseline. so good" - Merryem "underrated especially in lieu of Cool... stop it gays" - Fletch
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    I am actually fuming. Dua deserves this number one. Its been all about her album, every review, saying its the best album of the year and the first AOTY contender... Yet here we are 5 Seconds of Scammer still getting sales
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    Surely this hasn't happened since Ed Sheeran? #3 - Physical (new peak) #4 - Don't Stop Now (rising two places) #6 - Break My Heart (debut) She really played to win
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    @Madonna is homophobic CONFIRMEDt Also @Freaky Prince did I not leave a comment for DSN?
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    #3 8.728 Highest scores: Habits, Snow, Simon, ajp, Fletch (11) Lowest score: Madonna, Modern Woman (5) Comments: "overrated" - jae "What is there to say about perfection? Not a flaw about this godly track. Play this in the club and suddenly I own the place. " - SHANE "Everyone's talking about Levitating but HELLO, HALLUCINATE? " - Snow "A reviewer said this is "her I Feel Love", but I guess they meant the Sam Smith version" - Modern Woman "if there's another single after break my heart it should be hallucinate! so euphoric." - Merryem "if Physical was just a buzz single this wouldve been my fav on the album." - Chris Morlock
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    #6 8.171 Highest scores: jae, Luca, SHANE, RacoonReputation, Honey, Phoebe, Merryem, Hyun, Freaky Prince (10) Lowest scores: Robi (1) Comments: "a dead-tie with physical for my 11 but physical's superior video barely gave it the edge! the baseline that gives puth's attention a run for its money, the explosive chorus, the lyricism...better lyricist than lana, better vocals than mariah, better production than taylor yes this song instantly cemented dua as pop royalty for the rest of history!" - Merryem "Meghan Trainor and/or Charlie Puke teas i.e. an extremely competent pop song." - Modern Woman "An absolute dance classic. I fall in love more and more with each listen." - SHANE "another perfect single" - jae
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    #7 7.785 Highest scores: Andres, RacoonReputation (11) Lowest scores: Robi (2) Comments: "this song is just.. cool" - jae "One of the slower tracks on the album, but I really love the vibe. Nice production." - SHANE "Honestly a good song, but being positioned between DSN & Physical makes any song sound bad." - Snow "The intro sounds like Allie X circa Super Sunset (Analog Version), which is no bad thing. Need a chillwave video for this, so that everyone on Youtube can tell us about they remember dancing to it at Prom in 1986." - Modern Woman "probably the most similar to the material on her old album. not a bad song by any means but the only song on the album that sounds recycled imo" - Merryem
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    Just play the first few seconds and you'll see what I mean.
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    This isn't really surprising. Like yes the album is extremely acclaimed and she has hits in the US rn but tons of people here still have no clue who she is. Most people know DSN and Physical and New Rules and One Kiss but they really don't know Dua. I still think this is fairly impressive though for someone who's still fairly unknown and didn't get to do any traditional promo for her album in the weeks prior to its release. She was never going to have numbers like The Weeknd (at least not without all the planned promo). And idk why anyone is surprised about 5SOS. You may not listen to them but they still have a HUGE fanbase (and their album is great so y'all can stop coming for them - tho yes i agree some of their promo was DESPERATE).
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    My aunt gave me a box of her old records cos I've been asking about them and this one in particular looks peculiar to me https://imgur.com/a/cRejXtG
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    Me performing for the spiders in my room at 1am during quarantine
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    I’m the odd gay out when it comes to him, I just cannot get into him. I heard Blinding Lights once and that was enough for me. I don’t find his voice enjoyable. As for the current conversation, I think you’re expecting too much from a Lindsay Lohan stan.
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    Wait… Boys Will Be Boys, one of her best songs ever, did NOT deserve this snubbery
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    Good In Bed last is so undeserving omg
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    The highest point in the song. Don't Start Now is the best throughout though.
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    who needs to go to sleep when i got you next to me
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    "A reviewer said this is "her I Feel Love", but I guess they meant the Sam Smith version" - Modern Woman
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    Comments: "nothing too special, unfortunately. Needs a good remix." - Chris Morlock dead4
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    #4 8.657 Highest score: Urbanov, CharnyBoy, Tahj, Honey, Alexx (11) Lowest score: fab (4) Comments: "nothing too special, unfortunately. Needs a good remix." - Chris Morlock "such a sugary bop, we love to hear it" - Merryem "Don't be afraid to catch feels" - Modern Woman "One of the most memorable tracks. Really makes you want to dance and sing along. I woke up with it stuck in my head. That’s why you know you got a hit." - SHANE
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    the streaming numbers agrih
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    she shouldve made those bonus tracks
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    Boys Will Be Boys next EDIT: Oh wow
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    The 1 scores always drive me nuts to me that's like saying it's the worst song of all time...
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    because the results have already been leaked on discord
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    How “Don’t Call Me Angel” should’ve been
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    It was for comparisons sake to other mainstream singles. If they all get a similar treatment then there’s no point in comparing those standards since it’s nothing more than what’s typical.
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    Why is she flopping? I don't get it. Who the fuck are those other two above her?
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    wth posted the thread with the 250k prediction number last week?
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    You've been butt hurt enough about it the past few times when you had to call your gang to come for me, so shush it Lindsay stan. @LÉON and me right now.
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    I wouldn't expect this level of nuanced feedback from a Lindsay stan
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    @Venom @SHANE Reminder if you have an issue with a person then you should take it to NHB and if you have an issue with an artist than you should leave it in BG. Now stop mass reporting each other and leave each other alone damn. Mega annoying for everyone. Stop being childish, stop derailing threads and going off topic, and move on. Thank you. Any more posts about the subject will be hidden and will be subject to WP. Continue about your business.
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