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    Time for the night update! @Ghostface @Venom @Chris Morlock @Margerine Flange @Entea @Royale @Fletch @Urbanov @Simón. @Black Honey @LÉON @Ariana @Freaky Prince @Royalty @Maria @Tahj @Phoebe @mylifelies @SWINΞ @Hyun. @GagaSavingPop @fab @Luca @Jae As uneventful as this evening was shaping up to be, @Phoebe couldn't help but feel that there was a storm is brewing over her head. Almost as if she had a premonition of the things that were about to happen. Ignoring it, she locked the front and the back door, layed in her bed and put her headphones in to watch a few episodes of "Charmed". She didn't hear the phone ringing, thankfully and fell asleep shortly after the first episode was over. At the same time, @fab was fuming in his bedroom. "How could that happen??? I had calculated every possible scenario and I still lost!" He had just lost an online game despite leading with a huge advance. He went to bed, looked at the What'sApp message he had just received and smiled. @Freaky Prince, the sober sister of the sorority house Gamma Alpha Ypsilon was staying home in case someone got too drunk at the campus party and needed a ride. He turned on the TV and checked if there were any interesting things to watch. "God, I hate watching movies and series!" He got up from the sofa, went straight to bed and thought to himself "They can go fuck themselves. I'm not gonna let someone throw up in my car." The night has now begun. The slashers will decide on their first victim and some of the special roles will also be contacted and asked to act accordingly! Good night everyone, thanks for playing and see you tomorrow morning!
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    INSTRUMENTAL Miley Cyrus releases "BLEACH (feat. Lorde)"
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    INSTRUMENTAL TROYE SIVAN RELEASES "Girlfriend Remix (with Christina Aguilera)"
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    Shawn Mendes | Talk Me Down (Official Video)
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    Pull Into Me - Music Video
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    Be there or get slashed. The first twist will be revealed before the first night. @Ghostface @Venom @Chris Morlock @Margerine Flange @Entea @Royale @Fletch @Urbanov @Simón. @Black Honey @LÉON @Ariana @Freaky Prince @Royalty @Maria @Tahj @Phoebe @mylifelies @SWINΞ @Hyun. @GagaSavingPop @fab @Luca @Jae
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    THE RUSH BY SHAKIRA SONGWRITERS: Shakira, Carlo Montagnese, Jhené Aiko PRODUCERS: Robert "Shea" Taylor, John Graham Hill, Hit-Boy, Lang Lang ‘The Rush’ is Shakira's first major studio LP under Her Records and Sony Music, as well as the singer's first record release in several years. Focusing on the excitement and adrenaline at the start of a relationship, the ‘Sacred Matter’ details her experiences with model Marlon Teixeira. The album starts off with calm, joyful tracks like ‘Love At First Sight / Love for Life’, ‘Vision’, the record’s best selling single so far ‘Sacred Matter’, and the title track. Shakira’s careful lyricism accompanies soulful R&B production which brings her vocal talents to life in a unique and powerful way. Once reaching the middle of the record, Shakira begins to explore the more “fun” side of a relationship through romantic evenings and sexual pleasure. The singer becomes most blunt about such topics on tracks like ‘Lovedance’, ‘Worship Me’ and ‘Touch’, in which she pleads her lover to get a bit kinky. Additionally, she also demonstrates some of her reservations and nervousness on ‘Date Night’ and ‘In The Danger Zone’, exhibiting the humanity behind her romance. Closing off the record, ‘Running Back To You (Infinite)’, which is produced by famed pianist Lang Lang, gives a grand finale to the storytelling of the album. The careful ballad delivers a heartfelt moment about seeking her relationship to last forever, a warming finish especially given the world’s current circumstances. Overall, ‘The Rush’ takes a clear diversion from Shakira’s past work in delivering very matured, professional content through the adult pop and R&B styles behind the romance album. Love At First Sight / Love for Life Vision Sacred Matter The Rush Lovedance Date Night Worship Me In The Danger Zone Touch Running Back To You (Infinite)
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    FJM for Billboard Magazine
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    Less than 30 minutes! Get your asses in here! @Ghostface @Venom @Chris Morlock @Margerine Flange @Entea @Royale @Fletch @Urbanov @Simón. @Black Honey @LÉON @Ariana @Freaky Prince @Royalty @Maria @Tahj @Phoebe @mylifelies @SWINΞ @Hyun. @GagaSavingPop @fab @Luca @Jae
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    the voice episode five - one more to go wiii u finally
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    @Ghostface @Venom @Chris Morlock @Margerine Flange @Entea @Royale @Fletch @Urbanov @Simón. @Black Honey @LÉON @Ariana @Freaky Prince @Royalty @Maria @Tahj @Phoebe @mylifelies @SWINΞ @Hyun. @GagaSavingPop @fab @Luca @Jae It was a day like any other day in Woodsboro. Everyone was preparing to head home after the last period had ended. What most people had forgotten that it was a year ago from today that Maureen Prescott, mother of Sidney Prescott was brutally murdered. It was today on this anniversary that another murder would occur; a murder that would lead up to a series of brutal deaths that would change the town of Woodsboro forever. Welcome everyone to the first official night of Slasher! Season 5! Over the past few days some of you have had the chance to ask questions, get in touch with each other and...test the waters a bit. Some of you have had me cackling already in anticipation of what's to come. Others are still a bit confused about how this game works and what you're allowed to do and what not. Just know that most of these question will answer themselves once the game has started. For urgent questions, you can always PM me of course or post in the Support Thread. Now onto the exciting stuff! Of course Slasher wouldn't be Slasher if there weren't any twists. The first one is not as bad but I think it might make things a bit more exciting! To get things started and to possibly help some of you get a bit further in this game: Immunity will start in about 15 minutes. To those who don't know what that means: Immunity is pretty self-explanatory. You win, you'll gain immunity for the night and can't be killed. Sabotage will start once we're done with immunity. Winning sabotage will allow you to possibly sabotage a fellow player (or yourself if you're unlucky). Sooo head over to the immunity thread if you wanna save your asses!
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    Thanks Madge that was fun Thank you @Phoebe for adding some drama too Sorry I got so heated. Please don't kill me once.
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    @fab's internet connection is faster than the quicker than a ray of light. He's been notorious for that in the past season, so yall better be prepared!
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    @fab making 3rd world country members flop
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    This era is literally so tragic Literally everything that could go wrong....is going wrong.
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    Nike WW Commercials and Billboards
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    Nike React 360 Release
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    me to my laptop when it lags and i can't win sabotage
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    Chile y'all internet so fckn fast.....
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    this is so fun and we're not even a day in the game
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    Excellent choice! @GagaSavingPop the punish you're receiving is...
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    only a slasher would not care about immunity tbh
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    is this how your role behaves? interesting
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    Nnnnnn you are gonna be rewarded for this somehow!
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    don't make me spam the refresh button for nothing
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    my internet getting ready to tank on me:
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    Ikr? The cast! The cast is beautiful!
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    Opening 5 tabs for the immunity question.
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    Encore Pull Into Me WW Commercial
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    Next sabotage question coming up! @Ghostface @Venom @Chris Morlock @Margerine Flange @Entea @Royale @Fletch @Urbanov @Simón. @Black Honey @LÉON @Ariana @Freaky Prince @Royalty @Maria @Tahj @Phoebe @mylifelies @SWINΞ @Hyun. @GagaSavingPop @fab @Luca @Jae
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    I have so many favorites so this was tough, but I went with four I wouldn’t get sick of if they were the only albums left on Earth