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    UPDATE! @Ghostface @Venom @Chris Morlock @Margerine Flange @Entea @Royale @Fletch @Urbanov @Simón. @Black Honey @LÉON @Ariana @Freaky Prince @Royalty @Maria @Tahj @Phoebe @mylifelies @SWINΞ @Hyun. @GagaSavingPop @fab @Luca @Jae The day after news broke about @GagaSavingPop's death, @fab went on his computer immediately to search for something that he noticed during the report. As he dug through his files from former school newspapers he found something that confirmed his suspicions. An article about ritualistic, religious murders written by @Urbanov. Being a long-time classmate, @fab knew that @Urbanov was obsessed with these kind of things: the occult, sects, covens… @fab: So it was you, you dirty, little rat. Bet you thought you were really smart, huh? @fab went to the pop music forum where him and Urbanov were moderators. He opened the command tool, typed in a strange code of numbers and letters and suddenly@Urbanov's reputation points dropped like Stupid Love on the charts. He then, grabbed his phone and dialed @Phoebe's number. @fab: Hey, sis! Is @Ghostface there? I need to talk to him real quick... @Urbanov was alone in his room, siting in front of his mirror, talking to himself. @Urbanov: my god, I truly AM the HBIC. The police really thinks these murders were committed by someone who doesn't belong to the Slasher ring. IF ONLY THEY KNEW! Muhahahaha. This will be MY time to shine at last. The slashers are so predictable and dumb. They are gonna be arrested one by one. But me? No. I have a much better plan than any of them. He got up and was feeling himself. Oops (Oh My) by Tweet feat. Missy Elliot was playing on his Spotify. I look stunning! Suddenly he heard people raiding his home. He went on the Slasher Discord chat and typed in "You guys! I think they're coming for me! Please help! Tell them I'm innocent!". Mother: *laughs in legend* Kiss: Y'all hear sumn? III: kim-k-what-she-deserves.gif Taylor: That's what you get for trying to outdo us and basically exposing yourself with that ritual shit. HeartOfGlass: Right. Fat was not on our list and you did your own thing, joining us only to be able to commit murders under our disguise, so you could possibly get away with it if we were to get arrested. Pussy: Bye bye Baby! Give Entea a big kiss from me. It should have been you and not him! @Ghostface: @Urbanov, we know it was you who killed Winnie the Pooh! @Simón.: Oh WOW and he's wearing the perfect outfit already! A fool, literally a fool. @Urbanov: No, wait! I know who the Slashers are! @Freaky Prince! @Freaky Prince is one of them! I was only spying on them so I could be the one who exposed them! He commited the murder. He was just in… @Urbanov was pointing towards his computer only to find that the chat as well as any evidence that could expose the slashers had been deleted by a virus. His computer screen turned red as if blood was running down the screen with a note popping up on the screen. "XOXO, you Bobblehead" Then the screen shut down and smoke started coming out of it. A few more people entered Urbanov's room as he was trying to talk his way out of the situation... @Phoebe: You were gonna say…? @Freaky Prince: Keep my name out of your dirty mouth, you sick killer! @Royalty: @Royale: I knew it was you all along…you were always into creepy shit like that! @LÉON: *gives Urbanov a wink* @Urbanov spits into @LÉON's face. @LÉON immediately starts jumping on @Urbanov to beat the fuck out of him. @LÉON YOU motherfucking WHORE! How dare you fucking SPIT in my motherfucking face! @fab and The sheriff immediately get in between them and the sheriff handcuffs @Urbanov to take him away. @Black Honey: @fab: Now you need to go for real. That was really fucked UP! @LÉON (to the others): You smell that shit? His breath smelled like SHIT. It smelled like a toilet filled with nasty ass SHIT. URBANOV IS OVER! His role:
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    Being the Slasher! host is really not an easy job
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    Sorry, for the update coming late. I barely had any sleep. The old sheriff was holding a press conference about new developments for the murder case of Chris Morlock. Old Sheriff: We're positive that the suspect we arrested is 100% guilty. A reporter: Sheriff, is it true that Entea was only part of a group of killers who are planning a series of murders? Old Sheriff: How do you know that? That was exclusive information that was not supposed to be given out at any time! Reporter: Thank you, Sheriff! As the word spread about there being more than one potential murderer on the loose, the people of Woodsboro were scared and locked themselves inside their houses. @Royale was at home, crying. @Royale I cannot believe it was Entea. It makes no sense... Royale has been madly in love with Entea but never got to confess her love to him. Now, that he was a convicted murderer, he would probably never find out. Ariana Grande's "Fake Smile" was playing on her Spotify and it made her even more emotional. Suddenly, the phone began to ring. @Royale Hello? Who is this? Slasher: Tell me your name and I'll tell you mine. @Royale No way. *accidentally farts* Slasher: What's that noise? @Royale Oops I farted I thought you wouldn't hear that. Slasher: No I meant the song in the background @Royale Oh, Fake Smile by Ariana Grande Slasher: Nice song! Do you like Scary Movies @Royale Yuh Slasher: What's your favourit one? @Royale Glitter with Mariah Carey Slasher: That's not a Scary Movie... @Royale Well, her acting was horrifying enough! Slasher: Sadly, the wrong answer my dear! I think you might have to say good-bye to your little sister! @Royale ran to her sister's room to find it empty. Then, she ran downstairs to find her sister @Royalty bound to a chair and gagged, trying to scream for help! Slasher: Alright, Miss Royale either you answer my trivia question correctly or your little sister will loose her head. @Royale What do you want???? Slasher: I want to play a GAME! Who was the killer in Friday the 13th? @Royale JASON! JASON was the killer! Slasher: Wrong ANSWER! Say bye bye to @Royalty! The slasher appeared on the terrace and was getting ready to chop @Royalty's head of with an axe but out of nowhere got shot! @Royale, not knowing what was happening and scared for her life, took her sister and they both ran upstairs. A slasher, who had been hiding inside the house, was following them. They locked themselves inside their room and the killers was trying to get in. He used the axe to chop the door open. @Royale and @Royalty were screaming for help. As the slasher entered the room, he was getting ready to kill them both. Suddenly, a man, @Royalty's boyfriend jumped on the slasher, who dropped his axe. @Royale picked it up as the boyfriend and the slasher were fighting. The boyfriend grabbed the slasher and then threw him out of the bedroom window. While this was happening, @Royalty used her computer to use the emergency service of the Woodsboro police department who, to her surprise, had already been there as they had gotten an anonymous tip that she and her sister were a possible target... You can still vote on who you think might be a slasher. I will make a new poll once we have all the nominees. @Ghostface @Venom @Chris Morlock @Margerine Flange @Entea @Royale @Fletch @Urbanov @Simón. @Black Honey @LÉON @Ariana @Freaky Prince @Royalty @Maria @Tahj @Phoebe @mylifelies @SWINΞ @Hyun. @GagaSavingPop @fab @Luca @Jae
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    Didn't expect to spend my birthday in the house during a fucking pandemic, but here we are 23 years down, plenty more to go.
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    I need $20 per hour for my psychologist if you want me to keep playing Slasher @Madonna
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    Not @Urbanov spitting at me during Corona when he is a Keyworker. Slasher IRL confirmed
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    UPDATE! @Ghostface @Venom @Chris Morlock @Margerine Flange @Entea @Royale @Fletch @Urbanov @Simón. @Black Honey @LÉON @Ariana @Freaky Prince @Royalty @Maria @Tahj @Phoebe @mylifelies @SWINΞ @Hyun. @GagaSavingPop @fab @Luca @Jae @Luca arrives on the scene: Did I miss something? Everyone:
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    brave of y’all to go for Tahj when he’s been active in the other day and immunities and sabotages
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    He's psychotic. I'm always amazed, just when I think he can't get any nuttier, he goes and tops himself.
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    'Liars' Vertical Video Release
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    TWIST #3 Remember the secret role I told you about before the first night? Well here it is...but I twisted it a little bit, so it would be more intresting! Tyson Fox, ACTOR You are an excellent impersonator! Everyday, you can switch into the role of someone else and use their ability! It's up to you whether you want to help the victims or the slashers. @Ghostface @Venom @Chris Morlock @Margerine Flange @Entea @Royale @Fletch @Urbanov @Simón. @Black Honey @LÉON @Ariana @Freaky Prince @Royalty @Maria @Tahj @Phoebe @mylifelies @SWINΞ @Hyun. @GagaSavingPop @fab @Luca @Jae
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    #TWIST Hello and good morning Woodsboro! My name is Gale Weathers and I'm here to exclusively report that the police have found another mutilated teenager. @GagaSavingPop had gone missing shortly before @Chris Morlock was killed. The police had assumed that @GagaSavingPop has left Woodsboro due to possible involvement in the murder of @Chris Morlock. This has now been confirmed false. @Black Honey, a local resident of Woodsboro has found pieces of @GagaSavingPop's multilated corpse hanging from the trees in the woods. Miss Honey, can you give us any more details? @Black Honey: "Oh Miss Weathers! It was AWFUL! It almost looked as if the poor guy had been sacrificed in some sort of religious ceremony. It looked like something out of a nightmare. On one tree there was his head being hung on a string and on others there were guts and other body parts." @GagaSavingPop has been killed off due to lack of activity and participation. His role: @Ghostface @Venom @Chris Morlock @Margerine Flange @Entea @Royale @Fletch @Urbanov @Simón. @Black Honey @LÉON @Ariana @Freaky Prince @Royalty @Maria @Tahj @Phoebe @mylifelies @SWINΞ @Hyun. @GagaSavingPop @fab @Luca @Jae
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    In anticipation of the FOTP Faves sections returning tomorrow, we're publishing some quizzes over the weekend. The first of these is a lyrics synonym quiz created by @Dennis Reynolds. Try it below and let us know how you scored! https://www.sporcle.com/games/Masque_1996/thesaurus-rex
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    YOU GUYS I'M FUCKING DYING OF LAUGHTER RIGHT! This is the kind of energy I need every day, please! Meet me in the Immunity thread in 10 minutes! @Ghostface @Venom @Chris Morlock @Margerine Flange @Entea @Royale @Fletch @Urbanov @Simón. @Black Honey @LÉON @Ariana @Freaky Prince @Royalty @Maria @Tahj @Phoebe @mylifelies @SWINΞ @Hyun. @GagaSavingPop @fab @Luca @Jae
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    Cmon girl your family lawyer can get you out of this
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    Trying to clear your reputation after your "white popstar" comment was exposed? No maam
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    Aside from the fact, that there was "Instant Morning" sabotage. I feel like a lot of you need to some time re think their strategies. Additionally, there will be a forum update/downtime tomorrow and we don't really know how long this is gonna take. So, I'm gonna say...enjoy your quick lil break, go outside for a walk and we'll see each other again tomorrow! Have a good night, everyone! @Ghostface @Venom @Margerine Flange @Royale @Fletch @Simón. @Black Honey @LÉON @Ariana @Freaky Prince @Royalty @Maria @Tahj @Phoebe @mylifelies @SWINΞ @Hyun. @GagaSavingPop @fab @Luca @Jae
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    ABOUT MADONNA CurrentlyViewing Profile: Chris Morlock
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    Baby keep on lynching, let's get physical
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    Role switching like their votes
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    Gaga question confirmed, lemme snatch this. Someone unplug fag's wifi
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    don’t you wanna be a slasher lyncher with me??
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    @Urbanov getting ready for his iconic final scene
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    Drinking champagne after that horrific night and I was just texting with @Royale and my therapist. I have never been so shocked in my entire life. I thank for my life, there was an angel on my shoulder that night. My new boyfriend really saved my life, something my ex-boyfriend @Entea would never do, since he was a killer. Just thinking about what could have happened if I stayed with @Entea - ugh, I need another sip, wait a minute. Now it's only a matter of time until the new slasher is found and I suspect many people. I tried to start some alliances here and there, but now that I've heard that some people are talking behind my back, I realised: nobody can be trusted. Where will this end for me? Where will this go for me? I don't know. I take another sip and I wonder, "how can I protect something so perfect, without evil?"
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    No one should be touching anyone at this current time
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    Me watching all the mess in this thread and in the PMs
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    @GagaSavingPop dead just like his fave's career
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    Set up a poll with the names that were mentioned. I can't be arsed to wait for you indecisive bitches to give me a list of nominees. Vote for who you think is a slasher, periodT! @Ghostface @Venom @Chris Morlock @Margerine Flange @Entea @Royale @Fletch @Urbanov @Simón. @Black Honey @LÉON @Ariana @Freaky Prince @Royalty @Maria @Tahj @Phoebe @mylifelies @SWINΞ @Hyun. @GagaSavingPop @fab @Luca @Jae
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    Royale and Royalty's father Royal should install home security
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    I truly have a despise for Camila. I cannot understand how people let a blatant and flaming RACIST be successful past the point of making mere pennies She never actually apologized to the people she was offending and her fans (even worse) were accepting her apology when majority of them are white twinks. It honestly makes me angry.
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    If it's another Madudna question, I am quitting
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    Didn't know Brandy was one of the Slashers
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    Rihanna’s impact ended with ANTI and Beyoncé’s with Lemonade - both released 4 years ago. Although I stan both I have to ask: is it crack that you smoke?
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    Chile.... why is it that you are the one so eager to kill people off? Let's talk about that. You was crickets in the threads yesterday!
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    This group doing a great impersonation of being useless
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    Maybe I have I'm not @Madonna's bitch he can't hang his shit on me
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    Winnie, the bitch only signed up to annoy me with his absence and lack of interest. What a failed attempt at a community comeback!
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    Frank on 97.1 AMP Radio
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