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    Okay, so with a long delay comes a long update! Sorry, guys! I hope you won't tl;dr me! @Ghostface @Venom @Chris Morlock @Margerine Flange @Entea @Royale @Fletch @Urbanov @Simón. @Black Honey @LÉON @Ariana @Freaky Prince @Royalty @Maria @Tahj @Phoebe @mylifelies @SWINΞ @Hyun. @GagaSavingPop @fab @Luca @Jae After @Ariana had posted her daily YouTube vlog, word had spread that she was hosting a huge party to celebrate her defloration at her house. @Ariana: "I'm really hoping to see you guys there and may the best Caucasian win!" The goal was to let the men compete in several challenges till there was only one left who could slide his eggplant into @Ariana's ta-ta. @Margerine Flange and @Ghostface had a feeling that this could potentially end up being a huge massacre. By going there and spying on the party people, Ghostface was hoping to be able to get closer to @Margerine Flange who had become increasingly distant towards him. As they arrived, they slowly sneaked up to the house and were looking through one of the windows. At the party, everyone was having fun and drunk as shit. At some point, @Tahj got up to hold a speech: @Tahj: Okay, so I know there are a lot of bad things happening in this town right now. The police claims that there is an entire Slasher ring preparing to get a whole bunch of us killed. I say, NO! We can prevent this from happening and all we gotta do is follow a few simple rules. Rule #1 - You can never have sex. (Everyone started booing) Guys! I know we're here today to do the exact opposite but I don't make the rules! That's just how it goes. Rule #2 - You can never have drink or do drugs. That's an extension of rule one. Sex, drugs & alcohol = sin. (Everyone starts throwing things at @Tahj) GUYS! Im just the messenger. Rule #3 - Don't say you'll be right back…Why? @SWINE: Because you'll never be back! @Tahj: BINGO! Ten points for Gryffindor! That said, the party has officially begun! May the best man win and remember, this could be your very last night on this earth, so live fast and DIE young, be free and have fun! The music starts playing and people are starting to line up and build teams for the first party game. @Royale: So, how do you feel about this? @Hyun.: Ariana is a slut. @Royale: We been knew. @Hyun.: For real though. That hoe knows that no one would turn up to her party if she didn't promise those horny straights that she would give them her fake virginity. She never turns up to anyone else's party. I'm just here to laugh if the bitch gets killed tonight. (Swallows his Cocktail in one big gulp) @Royale: (pretends to be shocked about Hyun.'s comment) You really have no soul, do you? @Hyun.: Better to have no soul than to have no spine. @Simón.: OOP. I guess that's 1-0 for Hyun. @Royale: I fucking hate both of you. (Walks away) @Simón.: So, I guess that means we'll have to compete with them? @Hyun.: (Gives Simon an evil smirk and they both line up for the game) @LÉON to @fab (about the conversation they had just witnessed): The girls are BACKSTABBING bitches! I wanna say a lot of these bitches are gonna die tonight. @fab: Oh honey, at least they didn't talk shit about you! (Kisses him gently) Outside, in the bushes behind the house @Margerine Flange and @Ghostface doing it out as if there was no tomorrow. @Margerine Flange: But…but what about the party…? @Ghostface: They'll be fine! OH GOD I'm almost… @Phoebe: OH MY FUCKING GOD. What am I seeing here??? @Ghostface: PHOEBE! What…what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be home??? @Phoebe: I think I'm old enough to make my own decisions. Shouldn't you be at…WORK? @Ghostface: I am WORKING! @Phoebe: Didn't know you were a part-time prostitute. @Ghostface was visibly embarrassed. @Phoebe laughed and @Margerine Flange pulled her dress back down and left. Back in the house, @Simón., @Luca and @Royalty were the final three competing to win a night with @Ariana. A few moments later, @Ariana was in her room and had just freshened herself up in anticipation for what was to come. Suddenly, her room door opened and a slasher appeared in her room. @Ariana (thinking it was her best friend @Phoebe): Hey 👋 queen 👸🏼 girl 👧 you have done ✅ it again ↩️ constantly raising ⬆️ the bar 🏋🏼‍♀️ for us all 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 and doing it flawlessly 👌😍 id say 🗣 I’m surprised 😱 but 🤚 I know 🧐 who you 👉 are I’ve seen 👀 it up ⬆️ close 🧏‍♀️ and personal girl 👧 you 👉 make me so proud 😍 and I 🙋‍♀️ love 💓 you 👉! Slasher: @Ariana: Okay, sweetie we all laughed but why don't you help me put on this beautiful Cartier necklace, mh? Slasher: @Ariana: Miss…Phoebe? Slasher: (shakes his head and pull out a knife) @Ariana lets out a gay screech and throws her Ariana Grande Vinyl boxsets at the Slasher who tries to dodge them. The slasher runs over to @Ariana and before she can jump out of the window, he grabs her, ready to stab her. @Ariana steps on his foot with her six inch Louboutins and then kicks him into the balls as the Slashers breaks down in pain. She runs into the hallway, trying to scream for help but the music is too loud and people are too drunk to hear her. She has an idea and aims straight for the garage, knowing that there is a second exit through the garage door. She runs through the crowd into the garage and locks the door behind her. As she turns the light on she finds herself locked in the garage with another slasher (another slasher has made sure she could not open the door from the inside). @Ariana: NOOO! Omg! Please let me live! I have done nothing to you! Leave me alone please! Slasher: Hahaha you think begging is gonna make me show mercy? (Pulls off mask to reveal it is Simon) @Ariana: Simon! Why? I thought you liked me. @Simón.: You fucking little rat! I have always hated you! You literally talk so much shit on your vlog. Telling secrets about everyone and spreading lies and rumors. You can go fuck yourself! @Ariana: But…but @Simón.: I SHOULD BE THE FAMOUS ONE! I'm way funnier than you. I make TikToks and you steal them and they go viral! And now we're here…and once again, you are the one who gets the attention! The popular virgin who throws a party and I am being cast as a lame side role? No. This is MY TIME to shine, bitch. Once I'm done mutilating your ass, I#m gonna take over and become an influencer! @Ariana: You're missing one thing. Don't you need TALENT to be an influencer? @Ariana grabs a glass bottle and throws it into Simon's face. He stumbles and @Ariana uses these few seconds to run to the garage door and tries to hit the open button. Unfortunately the button is not working, so she tries to squeeze herself through the cat door. As she struggles to push herself through, @Simón finds the remote and pushes the "open door" button. The door is slowly rising while @Ariana still struggles to make it through the cat door. The door can't handle it and starts crashing down. @Ariana is pushed through the door and @Simón. Can't believe what he just had witnessed. @Ariana stands up to find herself being a truly skinny legend now with a 0 inch waist. @Ariana: WHEW I really DID THAT! Miss Grande is now Miss SKINNY! @Simón. is locked inside the garage and trying to get out. Once the door opens. A bunch of people along with the police are standing on the other side, ready to lock his ass UP! @Simón., not ready to spend his time in jail or becoming famous for being a slasher, takes his knife out and slits his own throat. @Black Honey: Did we miss something? @mylifelies: Who else high as fuck rn? @LÉON: #SimonIsOver-Party His role: Morning Update: Saturday, April 26th at 1pm GMT Next Lynching Deadline: Saturday, April 26th at 10pm GMT
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    Anyway I'm highkey glad I can finally resume my normal life again .. death never felt so good
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    Royale's role: @Ghostface @Venom @Chris Morlock @Margerine Flange @Entea @Royale @Fletch @Urbanov @Simón. @Black Honey @LÉON @Ariana @Freaky Prince @Royalty @Maria @Tahj @Phoebe @mylifelies @SWINΞ @Hyun. @GagaSavingPop @fab @Luca @Jae
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    The fact that everybody wants @Royalty to die regardless of their allegiances is really making me cackle on my muffin
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    Alright so all things considered: Royale - 6 votes Luca - 5 votes (due to the Fake Slasher) Hyun. - 0 votes @Ghostface @Venom @Chris Morlock @Margerine Flange @Entea @Royale @Fletch @Urbanov @Simón. @Black Honey @LÉON @Ariana @Freaky Prince @Royalty @Maria @Tahj @Phoebe @mylifelies @SWINΞ @Hyun. @GagaSavingPop @fab @Luca @Jae Guys, are you gonna be mad at me if I cancel sabotage/immunity and a night update for today? All this commotion and drama has really gotten to me and I'm kind of discouraged to write a new update. I'm guessing this will be our final night cause I don't see the other team winning to be honest. I will write a grand finale tomorrow or the day after tomorrow depending on how things go. The reunion will happen this weekend and you will get to vote for our next theme! Hopefully you can all be there and reflect on this season and give some constructive feedback.
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    Belinda & Maluma's Comeback? Well Not What You Think! Almost a year since their divorce and their break-up going public, Belinda & Maluma make a comeback at the World United stage with a performance of their 2018 hit single "Fuego" which topped the charts and became a global smash. The "Criminal" singer introduced her by saying: "We need to stick together and remember we are all humans trying to be alive. This is time for forgiveness and hope. So this is why, I want to welcome in my next guest". The two then gave eachother a big hug and started to peform the song. The stage's fire machines started to blast every few seconds while Maluma and Belinda sing and fance to the beat of the song. Today, the two posted a picture of of them both hugging on Connect, what set social media on fire. This reunion a few months ago would've seemed completely impossible. Shortly after their divorce announcement in July of last year, the 25 years old superstar got exposed by Belinda herself with a nude photo uploaded on her Connect account, which quickly became viral with over 1m likes on Connect and 800k mentions on Twitter. Shortly after, Maluma posted on his Connect account a video of him crying saying he was "so mad about this". He continued by saying: "All I have to say is that, Belinda, we could've worked this out in private. If you are still angry at me, God knows why, you could've reached out and we could've just, I don't know, talked. I have tried." Since then, his millions of fans and followers have supported him online. Belinda's accounts were suspended and several of artists tweeted in favor of Maluma. Fast forward to August of last year, Maluma and Zendaya confirmed that they are datng. The couple first confirmed their relationship through a Connect post where the two were seen walking together holding hands with a caption saying: "she never loved you anyway @zendaya 💭". Since August and despite several rumors of a break-up, the two are confirmed to still dating to this day.
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    PAGE 91 - FIRST COMMENT all the killers names are there
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    You ruined my enjoyment of the game with your Slasher tactics, despite being the host. You were doing really well and I was the first to compliment and defend you for the first few days, but in the last day or so you became a MESS. @Royale did not deserve to get 2 Sabotages, you were slow to react to get @Ariana disqualified, and you basically exposed me in the Slasher PM - which I note you got me out of REAL quick, despite letting @Urbanov stay for a couple of days, and last I checked - @Simón. was in there. You speak of ignoring PMs but you've ignored about 3 of mine to date. It also looks like you just wanted to get rid of me and/or @fab for the drama, seeing as @fab seems to have died first but had Immunity. What kind of bias? I know it's just a game, but it was something I was really enjoying. I live alone now so it was a good way for me to occupy my time. Saddened that it's come to this, but since you ruined the game for me by exposing me, let me do a few exposés myself Everyone who didn't vote for @Simón. yesterday are Slashers. Can you remember them? One of the people who had a role reversal became a Slasher, but they're useless anyway Most of the ones who are in different Timezones and complain about sleep are Victims I came up with the majority of the codenames. Those of the people who died: 6 = @fab, Coffee = @Ariana. @Entea died too quick to get one. @Urbanov basically exposed himself so I didn't bother to come up with one for her. Taylor = @Venom, but that didn't really catch on. And I didn't have one because until today no one suspected me Bye heauxs
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    As @Ariana tried to walk back into the house, she realized something wasn't quite right. She felt a very strong pain in her stomach. She started coughing blood and suddenly her body burst into two. Lying on the ground in her own blood and guts, she started smiling… @Ariana : At least I died young and skinny. #@ArianaIsOver-Party (disqualified due to a lack of discretion regarding her role in places outside of FOTP) Her role: Back inside the house, everyone was still shocked about what they had witnessed. The police and the ambulance covered @Simón.'s corpse and drove him off. @Fletch and @Royalty stood on the side: @Royalty: @Fletch, what's wrong? @Fletch: I don't know…I feel like one of these bastards is still with us. I can feel it. @Royalty: What makes you think that? @Fletch: Well, someone must have locked the door from the outside to make sure @Ariana and @Simón. couldn't get back out. @Royalty: Okay, Sherlock Holmes and what is your plan. @Fletch: Hold on, I think there was something at the back door. I'll be right back! @Royalty: @Fletch, no! Don't go, please. What if it's the other killer? @Fletch, didn't listen to @Royalty and went towards the back door to go outside and look for whoever was outside. @Fletch: Hey, @Venom you little piece of shit! I know you're out there! Come and show yourself! Slasher: I'm not @Venom… @Fletch: Sure you are, you stupid cunT Slasher: What makes you think I'm @Venom? @Fletch: Bitch, you literally dropped this (holds a Scooby-Doo key chain in his hand). Also, I can see your purple leather boots. You ain't slick! @Venom: (Takes off the mask) Fucking hell! @Fletch: Okay, we can do this the easy or the… (@Venom runs into the woods behind the house) FUCK OKAY GUESS WE'RE GONNA DO THIS THE HARD WAY! (Follows him into the woods) @Fletch had a feeling that the Slashers were gonna try to attack tonight, so he brought his dad's gun. He was searching through the dark of the woods hoping to find @Venom when something hit him on the back of his head. He broke down in pain but before @Venom could take his knife to stab him in the back, @Fletch used all the power that was left in him to quickly turn around and shoot him in the face. @Venom fell to the ground. Right behind him was @fab who quickly ran towards @Fletch to check and see if he was okay. @fab: Oh God, @Fletch are you alright? @Fletch: Yeah…I think I'm fine…My head hurts a little bit. @fab: I think the ambulance is still at @Ariana's place. She was found lying in the street dead and her body was split in to. We have to get you… Before @fab could finish his sentence. His face froze and blood started coming out of his mouth. He fell on top of @Fletch who screamed in fear. The killer who had just shot him realized it wasn't @Fletch that he had shot but @fab, his boyfriend. As @LÉON takes off his mask and breaks down in tears, crying. He takes the gun to himself and also shoots himself in the head. @Venom has died! His role: @fab has died! His role: @LÉON has died! His role: @Ghostface @Venom @Chris Morlock @Margerine Flange @Entea @Royale @Fletch @Urbanov @Simón. @Black Honey @LÉON @Ariana @Freaky Prince @Royalty @Maria @Tahj @Phoebe @mylifelies @SWINΞ @Hyun. @GagaSavingPop @fab @Luca @Jae
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    Okay, listen up. I'm always here for jokes and a bit of shade, I really am. Things haven't been going as smoothly as I was hoping they would but please keep in mind that this is my first time hosting this. It's literally a test run and I'm still learning. I am literally spending a lot of time writing plot lines, character constellations, jokes, twists and at the same time try to participate in your discussions, give hints, and help you if there are questions. BUT I am literally just one person and I can't split myself into a million pieces. I'm trying my best here. Constructive criticism is of course appreciated and I'm taking a lot of the feedback I've gotten seriously. However, I'm actually gonna snap a bit right cause I'm tired of you guys complaining about things that I literally cannot change anything about. If you guys don't follow the exact instructions that were given to you with regards to your role that is not my fault but yours. If you don't turn up to vote, that is also not my fault. If people with essential roles can't be active at least a LITTLE BIT or refuse to communicate with others via PM OR DON'T EVEN ANSWER ME WHEN I ASK THEM HOW THEY WOULD LIKE TO USE THEIR ROLE THAT NIGHT...there is little I can do to fix that. The twists I have employed were usually supposed to help re-establish the power balance if it was kinda off, as were many of the hints I've given through the updates and in the PMs. If you don't read them throughly enough and try to use them for your strategy, then there is little I can do about it and you don't get to be butt hurt about it, seriously. There were times when I was looking at the PMs and watch you guys go into the opposite direction of the things I had been serving on a silver platter to help you out. If you can't play this game right because you can't think strategically, then I am sorry but that's just unfortunate for you. I know this has been a premiere for many of you and many of you have done so well taking that into consideration. But please...it really is just a game and nothing more or less.
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    Night Update Part Deux Dawn sets over the camp, and off in a distant abandoned cabin, @Jae is preparing himself for bed. He does his nightly ritual uninterrupted, face wash, brushing teeth, j*rk off once or twice... suddenly he hears a loud thud that seemingly comes from inside the cabin's closet. Jae had heard about the murders of the past few nights, and he was already on edge. He hears another thud thud thud, much louder this time. Apprehensively, he approaches the closet door and just as he's about to open it - his phone rings. Startled, Jae grabs his phone and notices the call is coming from an unknown number. "Hello?" he answers, obviously nervous. "Hi there, sorry to bother you so late, this is Stephanie from the STD clinic, we just got your results back and unfortunately it was positive for chlamydia, would you like me to get you into treatment?" "Oh, ooop" Jae responds, "thanks for letting me know, I'll get in touch when I get back to LA." "No problem, we can set everything up when you're back, have a nice day - oh and don't get murde-" the line goes dead. "I'm sorry, don't get what?" Jae shouts into the phone, "DON'T GET WHAT?!" Suddenly, the thumping in the closet comes back much louder. Jae knows there's someone in there, and he's not a stupid cliche, so instead of checking it out he heads right for the front door of the cabin. Unfortunately, just as he opens the door, he comes face to face with Ghostface. Jae screams dramatically and falls back, accidentally tripping over the air. He keeps screaming as the Ghostface menacingly walks toward him. Jae flails his arms as he crawls and tries to get up but another Ghostface has emerged from the closet and now stands right behind him. Jae has not stopped screaming & crying the entire time, begging in between sobs "pl-pl-please don't kill me, please, I have a family." "Shut up, bitch," Closet Ghostface shouts in his face, "we've had enough of you." He makes his way over Jae's weeping body, raises his knife way over his head, and brings it down on Jae's throat as he utters his last yelp..... "CUT, CUT, CUT!!" the angry director bellows from his chair. "YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO CALL THAT ACTING??! WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT???!!!!! NO NO NO NO NO." @Madonna gets up from his chair and walks over to an obviously distraught Jae. "JAE WHAT THE FUCK. YOU HAVE TO GET INTO THE GROOVE, BOY YOU'VE GOT TO PROVE YOUR TALENT TO ME. GET UP ON YOUR FEET, STEP UP TO THE CHALLENGE, BOY WHAT WILL IT BE?!" "Ummm" Jae shyly answers, "I thought that was a good performance considering the material I was given." Madonna scoffs loudly, "Jae don't preach, you're in trouble deep. Jae, don't preach, you'll be losing sleep. I made up my mind, you're losing your role, yes you're gonna lose your role now." "What the hell does that mean?" Jae questions. "Get him boys, he's no longer needed as an Actor." Madonna orders. Before Jae knows what's happening, the two Ghostfaces, still masked, gather around him and lift him by his shoulders. "Take him where the bad boys go..." He gets lifted and taken out of the room, out into the darkness of the night, as he screams - real screams this time. Madonna sits back in his chair, satisfied, sure that he will find the perfect actor for his role amidst the campers, even if it means REPLACING JAE MID-PRODUCTION. @Ghostface @Venom @Chris Morlock @Margerine Flange @Entea @Royale @Fletch @Urbanov @Simón. @Black Honey @LÉON @Ariana @Freaky Prince @Royalty @Maria @Tahj @Phoebe @mylifelies @SWINΞ @Hyun. @GagaSavingPop @fab @Luca @Jae
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    "hOpe yOU hAVe fUn KiLLinG a vICtim" -Entea, 4 days ago
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    THE RESULTS ARE IN LADIES! @Ghostface @Venom @Chris Morlock @Margerine Flange @Entea @Royale @Fletch @Urbanov @Simón. @Black Honey @LÉON @Ariana @Freaky Prince @Royalty @Maria @Tahj @Phoebe @mylifelies @SWINΞ @Hyun. @GagaSavingPop @fab @Luca @Jae
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    So much drama, a REAL NHB thread, forum activity... literally when will BB
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    Ranking games making ha comeback
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    I never trusted that fake ass @LÉON the way the slashers have already exposed themselves is iconic though I don’t even need to pull out receipts from our dear reporter
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    After learning that Lust For Life reached 1 Billion streams I couldn't help but wonder how In My Feelings felt knowing that she contributed nothing to that total and remains the scum of the album.
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    Not this game being over after 5 days when it should last 2-3 weeks Not admins getting involved What a mess We love to see it
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    @Royale it's me!!!! I win!!!! You lose!!!!
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    Slashers kill ha, we don't claim ha. We giving ha as a gift.
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    Not you being slightly more relevant and active now than you were while "playing" the game
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    Funnily enough, I never trusted you, mostly because you never spoke in the Victims PM Both lies, you had enough time to log in and comment that you were "busy" several times in the course of two hours, but were too "busy" to click one button I'll tell you again, even if the remaining Slashers were Saudi fucking Arabia they would not be slick
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    If any of you Britney, Madonna, Mariah or Rihanna fans want your randomosity thread titles back, do tell what they were/what you'd like them to be...
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    screaming at how a slasher is accusing everybody of being a slasher
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    screaming at how a dead slasher became more useful than so-called victims Royale and Royalty
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    Tinashe - iHeartRadio (US promo)
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    Butterfly The Emancipation Of Mimi Mariah Carey Daydream Caution Emotions Music Box Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel E=MC2 Rainbow Merry Christmas Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse Charmbracelet Merry Christmas II You I left out Glitter since i've never heard it in full but that will be changing Charmbracelet is really growing on me so I can see it moving up the ranking a lot! Most of these can change a lot anyways depending on my mood
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    My ranking isn't permanent as my favourite changes often, but currently it's. Emancipation Of Mimi Dahhlings Daydreamriah Butterflyriah Cautionriah Mariah Careyriah Rainbowriah Einsteinriah Memoirs Of An Imperfect Skinny Legend Charmbracelet Glitter Emotions Me. I Am Mairah... The Elusive Chantuse... (Deluxe anniversary celebratory longer title edition) Snooze Box I've left out the Christmas albums as it's not fair to compare them.
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