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    Top Answer Game is coming
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    The way slasher is over... what the hell we gon do now
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    not really sis the production/lyrics really dont sound like they belong in the past if released today, it would still smash music that sounds dated include electro pop from the early 10s or songs like arianas problem/break free
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    People saying they are happy faves sections are back, but then they don't participate in those sections.
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    It actually feels quite good to be back. Didn't knew i missed this
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    Help! @Moira O'Hara is holding me hostage and forcing me to listen to drab vintage Greek music
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    Kevin : EROTTEN!!! Because no melodies!! Also Kevin : omg holy water is her best song Just admit that you have a basic white girl bitch taste and move on sis no need to keep up the "im a member with valid opinions" facade that cracked since like 2016
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    Catering to 8 year old losers who believe in Illuminati conspiracies, the absolute ZERO MELODIES in Holy Water (which is your fave, remember? or did her pussy stop tasting like holy water after I clocked u then?), the Eurovision rejects such as Hold Tight or Ghosttown that is just a cheap Celine Dion demo they found in one of the (million) producers' lost files titled 'dated trash, use for SNL parodies', her voice sounding like the epitome of a soccer mom wanting to sound cool on songs such as UB and BIM, the unlistenable vocal mixing in L4L, the Jojo Siwa level of emotional intelligence in Joan of Arc, The Trolls soundtrack fail that is Inside Out, the IQ damaging lyrics of Iconic ... You think all of this is a compliment to her past artistry yet bashing her for creating an album that uniquely addresses Cape Verde's slave trading, to referencing Whitman's legendary literature work, talking about gun control (which really should be read as a song with implications ranging much more than just about that topic, get imaginative), actually creating arcs and story lines and connecting lyrics with each other, actually caring about the album's flow, both musically and thematically, adding a metaphysical Kabbalah layer to pretty much the entire thing and honestly.... where does on even begin with that tour? That intro alone is deeper and more artistic than anything she's done since like almost a decade ago. So please, for the love of god, this is an appreciation thread. If you're coming in here straight up bashing the record, for the first, second and third time then someone needs to alarm Kevin's little world : get the fuck out of here cause no one cares about your questionable opinions we've heard too many times, take notes from our fave and reinvent yourself a bit would ya, you're becoming dated and predictable, just like RH. You don't want good old Madonna back, you want a commercialized safe Madonna branded as the old risk taking Madonna, so really go stan Gaga. -------------------------------------- Lord have Mercy (Lord have Mercy) Things have got to change (things have got to change) There's a storm ahead (there's a storm ahead) I hear the wind blowing (I hear the wind blowing) Let me catch my breath (let me catch my breath) Will we win this race? (Will we win this race?) Swear the road is long (swear the road is long) And the highway listens (and the highway listens)
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    The whole album is a SMASH and easily her best since TEOM!
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    Instant smash that should've been the lead single with a proper feature.
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    gonna have to say no to Whodunnit? bc our dear @RihannaRTT is working on plans for that game later in the year already but something separate from it would be completely alright!
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    I love this! This is so sweet omg.
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    Then just say that you don't enjoy it, don't lie about its merit. It took me like 5 years to get into my favorite albums ever, incl. ones ironically by the artist you just named. Not everything has to be microwaved and ready to be pandered to the masses, sometimes music (and any form of art, really) hits in different ways and I'm actually sad you don't get to experience that. I mean, in my culture, we have 2 hour long songs that only have 3 verses, zero 'catchiness', yet are worshiped by multiple generations, so who's to say that that the standard structures and soundscapes we're used to listen to in Western culture is right or superior as opposed to just being an option? An option that is completely neglected in terms of musical superiority of course. No philosophical depth to the lyrics? 'We know, but we are just not ready to act The storm isn't in the air, it's inside of us I want to tell you about love and loneliness But it's getting late now Can't you hear outside of your Supreme hoodie, the wind that's beginning to howl?' 'When they talk reforms, it makes me laugh They pretend to help, it makes me laugh I think I understand why people get a gun I think I understand why we all give up They say that we need love But we need more than this' 'Just free your mind Welcome to the future, it's a culture ride Too much pain inside, It's an override You've been puttin' too much time tryin' to survive Don't like the person in your past, so you let 'em die' 'There's a storm ahead I hear the wind blowing Let me catch my breath Will we win this race? Swear the road is long And the highway listens 'cause it's a long way 'cause it's a long day ' 'I know what I am (God knows what I am) And I know what I'm not (And He knows what I'm not) Do you know who you are? Will we know when to stop?' ;Wild is the world And lonely is the path To come to you' 'Ran so far to try to find the thing I lacked and there it was Inside of me Ran and ran and ran so fast, a thing to last, and there it was I hear you breathe ' 'I put you on a pedestal, but statues, they can fall Felt so safe, I let you drive me straight into the war Paid the hell you dealt me, thought you felt me Was never good at games, now I'll just forget your name ' 'I can't react how you thought I'd react, I would never for you Front line, I won't stand in the back 'cause you want me to' 'I went to the far right Then I went to the far left I've tried to recover My center of gravity I guess I'm lost I had to pay the cost The thing that hurt me most Was that I wasn't lost No, I wasn't lost It was a different feeling A mix of lucidity, and craziness But I wasn't lost, you believed me' 'It's our gypsy blood We live between life and death Waiting to move on And in the end We accept it We shake hands with our fate And we walk past There's no rest for us in this world Finally enough love' 'Is it really faith if I'm weak? Can you tell the truth when you live lies? I'm just looking for the signs Hold my hand, please sympathize Hard enough tryna forgive Hard 'nough tryna live Flawed, flawed by design, Please, please sympathize' Like... how can you cringe at this and yet bop to I can't, icon, two letters apart, cause you're a stinging butterfly baby or whatever ... I mean, these are all very specific topics, clearly personally meaning a lot to her, with Rebel Heart its like ok lets make a Katy Perry empowering love song (L4L) then a post apocalyptic love song (Ghosttown) then my party song (BIM) then pandering to the wannabe deep druggies song (Devil Pray) and then we will rile a up a few internet nerds with googling Illuminati facts and rapping them like a market check list, and then im gonna do my grandma is sexual in the name of God trick again for the millionth time song (Holy Water) , then im gonna release a Eurovision production singing about hugging trees and holding hands (Hold Tight) then im gonna have my bad bitch moment (unapologetic bitch) then im gonna have my soccer mom crocodile tears fame is so hard song (Joane of Arc) and then I'm gonna give the public what they most want : the song equivalent of a Disney biopic in Rebel Heart ... like... can't you see how vague and stereotypical all these emotions are in comparison to what is happening in MX? There's nothing specific, no cohesion whatsoever. Just a compilation of "Madonna is trying to revive her career using the oldest cards in the book" attempts. With MX, although yes it had a few of those kinda songs (with far better production however) she was finally making an album statement again and that's what Madonna is all about.
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    You forgot Batuka I get that, honestly. It took me a while to get into Dark Ballet even. But yeah ngl I do listen to a lot of "different" music and I don't give a shit about something being catchy or easy-on-the-ear so it's easier for me to get into this album than others. I just don't get how you can't hear that the instrumentals on this album are like a trillion times more attentively constructed with a gazillion more interesting details and textures than her last three albums I get that albums like MX and Erotica aren't very accessible for easy listening but I hate when people quickly jump to the conclusion that those albums must be bad then People who only watch Marvel shitting on art films teas I like what you did, honestly I'd just cut out the songs that don't fit (BTUTTB, BIL, Medellin, Funana) but it's not a bad idea. I love the tracklist but I can't deny that first half is a little odd, especially the Medellin-Dark Ballet and Killers-Crave-Crazy and BIL-I Don't Search transitions. I peronally don't mind as much because I think flipping from one "state of mind" to the other is part of the album's message but I get how someone valuing easy listening music might find that distracting and, as a result, off-putting But then I don't get how you can enjoy albums like LAP, ROL, Music and AL where she literally does the same thing She's never really been a "let's make an album that flows nicely" kinda gal.
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    When you just admitted you only like easy-on-the-ear vocals and catchy melodies, no wonder So then just accept Madame X and Erotica are too "different" and not pop enough, the end, omg no need to slander her as "half-baked" or whatever. If you really think a song like Extreme Occident is half-baked garbage compared to something like Hold Tight then... Madonna is not for you lol.
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    I know we're on a break but I was going to post this on Sab's connect yesterday so can we just pretend it was posted KJSAHFAKS I'm so done with her working at Walmart I can't
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    There are like 100 other moments from that album to prove these songs are very creative and inventive for a pop album but ok go off. Where the fuck are the "proper" melodies and "clever" rhyme schemes and "adult" phrases on RH in comparison though? How are songs like Unapologetic Bitch, Hold Tight, Joan of Arc, Iconic, HeartBreakCity, Inside Out, Wash All over Me, RH, Graffiti Heart, S.E.X.,... an example of not writing like an 8th grader? We get it, you don't like the album, but that's because you don't get it, not because it's not of quality. Every time you attempt to call it basic or half-baked is just a self-drag at this point. The album goes over your head is the truth, just like every other great Madonna album I'm guessing
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    let me edit the title to include "Mariah's" but speaking on the topic yes Itunes festival ARTPOP songs were much better than the studio version
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    And the worst part is... they were both women! What kind of double-edged sexism. It implies that she holds women up to a higher standard and that she wouldn't have been as hurt had a man done it. Not all women are maternal! Not all women give a toss that you want the whole world to be put on hold because you chose to have a child! If she's that worried about her career, why not ask her partner to go on leave? Because I really doubt there's such a thing as 9-month Maternity Cover in the music industry. Alternatively, go and work for Rihanna. You could have four children in a row and you still wouldn't be needed
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    Happiness is a Butterfly California The Next Best American Record
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    She doesn't get enough tbh and i'm not even a true moo stan. She's sabotaged and bullied countless girls in the music industry, stole music from various artist and is just an overall fake bitch who can't sing at all. She even lipsynced in a performance tribute to covid-19 victims. Absolutely disgraceful
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    There's another game similar to Slasher, called Who Dunnit?. We played this last year and it was fun, the rules are kinda different but still a game with murders, killer etc. Maybe you should try hosting this one instead or idk.
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    Well, when it comes to overall impressions, I had fun even though I played this for the first time and it felt pretty hectic to me, especially first two days. I was literally everywhere and had to follow so many things, I was almost getting lost, but fun was always crucial component and I am happy I contributed to this. When we are giving feedback, we definitely have to consider that this is a group game. That means, when we are signing up, it is expected that we participate; that we do things and communicate with other people. It happened to me that I had signed up before for something, and wasn't that active ( like Season 8 of PI ), but this game is still group work. This is also part of the reason why @Madonna had to intervene here and there. I mean, it was also because we had to be guided through this, because there are many players. It is also not easy operating whole this mechanism, because I was in at least 10 PMs and there were 20+ players and we can't possibly imagine how was it for host. Logistics part is insane. I agree that some tactis should have been left alone to be done without any hints, but frankly, tips and guidelines were predominantly in updates. Also, if special roles aren't playing, then give them immediately to someone else, because there were people who started playing it the first minute everything began. The same goes for regular roles as well. Victims are in unknown, they can't afford luxury of being mute, because the game is determined after first two days if we are being honest. I liked the ideas of ceremonies, but like it is mentioned here, it did feel exhausting at times. And there are not only different time-zones, but also different internet connections. Almost every first's sabotage question I got 1 second after first player managed to answer it. I appreciate the trivia part of ceremonies, because it really felt like Scream with all that. Who gets the questions right, conitnues game more smoothly. It aligned well with the theme. I don't know what would people think of randomizer giving immunity and sabotage to random players. Maybe it would be less creative way of that part of the game, but at least everyone would see it as the fairest. Not saying this mode of it wasn't fair. On the contrary, it was one of the most exciting parts of the whole thing, because it sparked interesting conversations. Voting polls were fine ( honestly, that was also a way to investigate through this game, espeically if someone isn't responding ), but I would also co-sign that those can have set closing time or something like that. Which they did during second half of game. To me, role switch was the most stressful part. I just expected that everyone would suddenly turn to be slasher or victim. I am not sure what to think of that component. Instant night is already pretty great. I mostly enjoyed it, because we all did Scream a justice. It felt really like movie scenario with all those meta-humor moments, witty lines, traits of characters. Also, the way I didn't believe fake slasher during whole time was literally like in the movies. So, it was suspense-filled, you had to make contacts, to reply in the thread. I want to thank all the players who communicated, talked, made plans of what to do. I don't want to name drope now, because I feel we all contributed, but I am specially thankful to those who were really there ( @Moira O'Hara, @fab, @Phoebe, @SWINΞ, @Fletch, @Luca, @Tahj ). Then there were killers who really enjoyed harrasing their victims with voice and text messages @Entea, @Black Honey, @Royale, @Urbanov, especially @LÉON. Also, special thanks to @Maria. I appreciated our 3-post conversation. It really left mark. Oh, @Jae's screenplay contribution was one of the best moments as well. Dynamics were on point. I forgot about unfortunate current world's state and it made my time amusing enough. I am not going to say anyhting in advance, but I hope I will be there for next season as well. Edit: Of course, we all should be thankful to host for actually doing whole this thing. I promise you we will be paying those therapy cheques. You deserve it. Huge thanks for making our time great while here for this past week.
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    Yesss. My favourites. And pretty much every 2009/10 performance, i wish she had done the full song though. Her belting in this era was fire.
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    Anyway, Erotica is Madonna's most cohesive album. Ever. Not saying that it's her best though.
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    That’s because Sweetener has much higher highs who wouldn’t want to stream immaculate masterpieces such as NTLTC, GIAW, Everytime, Goodnight n Go, etc etc
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    I'll never forgive her for this omg I was so hype that she was on some type of new music and we got this... this was the punishment of begging for the album.
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    22 players already joined! @Madonna @Earth Ripper @SeekingThrill @Venom @Divine you better joing too
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    I'm not a fan of Billie's music but Gaga released Stupid Love about three months ago and its aged like like milk. The song sound dated from the get go but it sounds even more flat now.
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    Is another one HIADTFAWLMTHBIHI
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    Emotion can be evoked through other means than a catchy tune though... right?
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    Emotions (MTV Unplugged) > Emotions Every performance of Vision of Love > Vision of Love post more below
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    If you say, so. I don't see it. I get distracted by the nasal and vocoded vocals, the lack of cohesiveness, the lack of witty song writing... I'm glad you seem to GRASP what I'm going for. Yes, it is an essential part of a body of work FOR ME. If that means I have basic taste, then I guess I do. I can't get into stuff like Björk or people of that vernacular. I don't listen to Madonna expecting some type of deconstructuralist, picasso type of music. I always felt she was able to keep a nice balance between contemporary music and some kind of depth or philosophical lyrics.
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    yes the machine that edited her vocals snapped but it's unhearable
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    omg... all of these PERFORMANCES she really do amazingly with this song live tbh Funnily enough I don't recall but I'm glad we finally followed each other so O god, not Irreplaceable but i get where you're coming from any predictions on how her next album is gon sound like whew we stan inspiration in this household
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    I know casey spooner he is a drama queen that created this whole thing for attention, and he himself admited to changing order of few words in lyrics Mirwais sent him he did not wrote lyrics or music of GD. If anything madonna showed a class by standing up for this clown, she didnt even have to pay him as he had no claim (he ruined it later by posting emails with Mirwais where it was shown he actually had like 1% input in this song)
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    A soccer mom wrote God Control, Batuka, Come Alive, Extreme Occident, and Faz Gostoso? I wanna meet that bitch Crazy how you can't hear that, if anything, it has to be RH if we're gonna pick an album written by a soccer mom You seriously think toss-this-demo-around-to-whoever-until-it-lands-at-whatever-pop-star-who-is-lame-enough-to-record-it garbage like Unapologetic Bitch, Hold Tight, Iconic and Inside Out holds a candle to any randomly chosen MX track?
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    She could have potential but no she's not a good vocalist. Sadly many of her fans seem to think shouting a random note off key classes as good vocals when they don't. I'm not sure where i'd rank her exactly, but she's definitely way below the likes of Katy and Taylor.
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    The Greatest Love Song Venice Bitch entire album is amazing though, hard to choose
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    Mariners Apartment Complex Fuck It I Love You Happiness is a Butterfly
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    1. Dangerous Woman 2. Sweetener 3. thank u, next 4. My Everything 5. Yours Truly all of them amazing don’t get it twisted
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    Aphrodite has bops but it's not as memorable to me as Kylie's other stuff or as an album itself.. Confessions was expertly orchestrated from every angle
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    I agree (especially with IP, Erotica, and ROL) but the gays love their glittery gay bops