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    Coco is really the most beautiful film on Disney+
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    Guess who decided to log back into her account ladies? Alexa, play I Forgot You Existed.
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    @Liam @Chris Morlock @Royalty @Dan @Phoebe @Sylk @I Brings That Levity @RihannaRTT @Simón. @Ghostface @Ariana @Aquamarine @Freaky Prince @LÉON @Bill @Sean @mylifelies @Hyun. @Jae @fab @loudliyah @Bhad Bharb @Earth Ripper @SeekingThrill Hi! Thank you for joining and sorry for taking me so long to continue this game, but i had some problems with my PC and i lost all the questions, so i decided to make new ones and finish it now. See the good part of this, @Galactic-Tiger joined the game too in 2019 but now he's banned and can't play anymore. If you joined the game last year you don't have to send the answers again, i already saved them. The first results show is coming soon, i'm gonna inform you about it! 24 members have join!
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    Merged the two threads. Anyway, DISGUSTING Scooter is shameless in showing that his main cash cow is now a dried out beached WHALE and he's using his second most popular act to try to give it some life back. The sooner he realizes it'll fail, the better. I hate him so much. Scooter really is a horrible person.
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    He's so TIRING. He always does this To date, whenever the girls plan something he always surprise drops and ruins their shit. So far he has blocked Lana, Ari, Cardi and now he's gonna block Doja/Megan/Beyoncé/Nicki GO AWAY
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    #02 - Get Naked (I Got a Plan) Rate: 127/130 Stans: Phoebe - 11 Haters: Urbanov, Chris Morlock - 6 #01 - Break the Ice Rate: 143/130 Stans: Maria, Madonna, Luca, Tahj - 11 Haters: hector - 9
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    Eras ending after the last single, is this a new concept?
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    damn ma making me question my sexuality
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    I'm the only lady here, still the realest n***a in the room I break the internet, top two and I ain't number two My body, my ice, my cash, all real, I'm a triple threat Fuck it up and then leave, come back, fuck it up and leave again Top off the coupe and it look like Freaknik In the hood, hollerin', "Free Meek" Two deep, it's just me and JAY Just posted in them courtside seats Woo! I'm like "hol' up" Woo! I might roll up If they're tryna party with the queen They gon' have to sign a non-disclosure, ayy I took the top off the Maybach, yeah I took the top off the Maybach (ain't gon' stop) I took the top off the Maybach (rah) I took the top off the Maybach (woo, woo) Ayy, I took the top off of my Maybach, bitch I took the top off of my Maybach, BITCH wow shit goes OFF SO HARD
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    LITERALLY THIS. It's like he wants to be one of the girls so bad for something and I'm SICK of it.
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    I don't even mind, I like seeing the return of TAG legends omg. @Kristina if you haven't already, pls join!
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    #03 - Gimme More Rate: 126/130 Stans: Venom, hector, Ariana, Tahj, Kristina, Luca, Maria - 10 Haters: Chris Morlock, Urbanov, Fletch - 7
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    Suddenly we are throwing hands
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    Did y’all see the post where she talks about burning her gym down
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    Safaera bop of the year confirmed
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    Featuring dem babies @GagaSavingPop and @Aidan.
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    @GagaSavingPop what’s your favorite Taylor Swift album?
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    Hope it’s a cover of the Cyndi Lauper bop
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    page 911 omg best track on chromatica
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    Maeves cute, but cute next to gorgeous (Dolores), you know, gorgeous is gonna devour cute! OT: Afterglow is the best song on Lover! Right @Sylk
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    need to catch up on S3 of Westlegend like 4 episodes behind
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    Queen Maeve >>>>
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    is season 3 good? i've been waiting for it to end to i can binge
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    Watch Westworld
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    would only do it to get a rise out of @Taylor tbh kii
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    she has the actual mind of a mastermind the shirtless dancers on the performance >>> as one should!
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    I still listen DAILY
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    let's just talk about how Look What You Made Me Do is the most iconic comeback of all time
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    yall are so petty. I love it
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    "maybe one of the men took your spot" iconic @Tahj
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    All tea especially Venice Bitch, which I will always understand the love for. The whole album feels like one long climactic vibrant piece of 70s folk that never fails to make it to an orgasm. Including Doin' Time, the songs ease into one another - so at least it's cohesive I guess Mind you, the chorus to TNBAR is more out of place than Chuck in the music videos ( ) Hopefully her Lust For Life 2.0 never comes
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    Venice Bitch Fuck it I love you Cinnamon Girl This album really is a slaaaayyyy overall. So much replay value and just a lot of brand new. She usually puts out an amazing album followed by another great one, so I have excitement for the next one. Fortunately, hope is a dangerous thing for a legend like me to have - but I have it. Just hope that Jack Antonoff stays very close to her!
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    Rain On Me postponed till Q4 cause she thinks it's too overcrowded Q4 comes and Adele releases Gaga postpones to Q1/Q2 2021... Beyonce releases
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    not as bad of a gaga song as many make it out to be! are you an Ariana stan or normal?
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    Suddenly the ranking's rigged and disturbing, I can't with yall now
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    delete his profile
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    the way I do that too and all I get is long ass fanfic worthy of 2012 wattpad with one lq gif in the middle of the post...
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    real stans share leaks with each other i fear
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    the way i didn't even watch Katy's performance of Roar at the 2013 VMAs that was a night for so many reasons when a Shake It Off t-shirt leaked and everyone fumed... everyone serving a ME! teas tbh. I remember being on tumblr too and someone posted the album cover like minutes before the livestream... I WAS FUMING unfollowed their hoe ass so fast
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    I kinda liked it at first then I learned who it was about and never listened to it the same way again...
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    it definitely didn't take me months... just a few listens then i proceeded to buy 4 copies and made my sister buy one so i could get the polaroid set i wanted
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    ariana, madonna and britney! talk about impact and legacy PERIOD