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    Hi legends, welcome to the second results show of the Top Answer Game newest season. This season will have five rounds, each round consists of ten questions and three bonus questions. Nineteen members joined the second round and answered all the questions. The game will last about one and a half hour. The bonus questions will be posted during the show, the first member to give the right question will take 10 extra points. Show will begin soon... If you notice any mistake at your score inform me cause i ended up counting them 30 minutes before the Results Show.. Second round questions were: -Who is gonna win the game? -What period of history would you like to live in? -Name a Lana Del Rey song from her Ultraviolence album. -Most underrated American Horror Story character of the first season? -First thing you gonna do when the Coronavirus pandemic ends? -All the FOTP Faves are into a boxing ring, who's going to be the last one standing? -Finish the sentence: "Chris Evans can..." -Which is the scariest horror book character you've ever read about? -Name something that rhymes with the word "flop". -Name a famous conspiracy theory. The ranking from the first round: @Chris Morlock @Royalty @Phoebe @I Brings That Levity @RihannaRTT @Ghostface @Ariana @LÉON @Sean @mylifelies @Jae @fab @Earth Ripper @SeekingThrill @Royale @Kristina @Simón. @Urbanov @Tahj
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    All the FOTP Faves are into a boxing ring, who's going to be the last one standing? Rihanna - 8 Madonna - 3 Beyonce - 3 Peppa Pig - 1 Kesha, because the mods are biased - 1 Britney Spears - 1 Ariana Grande - 1 Lady Gaga - 1
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    Ok... how do i say this. Umm, well, i forgot that my friends are clowns (as me), and they ended up cancelling our plans for tonight. That means the Results Show will take place tonight as it was scheduled, in 5-6 hours. See you soon! Let me count the scores fast now. @Chris Morlock @Royalty @Phoebe @I Brings That Levity @RihannaRTT @Ghostface @Ariana @LÉON @Sean @mylifelies @Jae @fab @Earth Ripper @SeekingThrill @Royale @Kristina @Simón. @Urbanov @Tahj @Liam @Dan @Freaky Prince @Aquamarine @Bill @Hyun. @loudliyah @Bhad Bharb if you don't want to participate at the next rounds just say it so i'll stop waiting for your answers, thinking you will send them at the last minute. To stop tagging you too.
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    The second results show is over. I wanna thank everyone for being active again, i wasn't expecting it to ousold the first show but you did it! Scores and third round questions coming soon! Hope all the 19 left members will participate again!
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    omg mess I totally thought this was the real one I hate you
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    Finish the sentence: "Chris Evans can..." ..fuck me - 7 ..choke me - 2 ..destroy me - 1 ..damage my internal organs with his long schlong - 1 ..murder my vagina - 1 ..be reached at mike.evans@globe.com - 1 ..suck me - 1 ..get this pussy - 1 ..punch me - 1 ..not act - 1 ..act well - 1 ..stop playing "Life" by Desree on BBC Radio 2. I don't need to be reminded daily that Desree doesn't want to see a ghost, or that it's a It's a sight that she fears most. Or that she'd rather have a piece of toast and watch the evening news - 1
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    Most underrated American Horror Story character of the first season? Moira O'Hara - 12 Violet Harmon - 2 Peppa Pig - 1 Hayden McClaine - 1 Larry Harvey - 1 I don't watch AHS - 1 Constance Langdon - 1
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    Name a Lana Del Rey song from her Ultraviolence album West Coast - 9 Ultraviolence - 8 Brooklyn Baby - 1 Old Money - 1
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    ok this was truly the worst people picking recent decades and me searching on wikipedia like uh... "pyramids? ancient rome? ancient greece?"
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    We love a hit show though! Thanks again @Moira O'Hara for hosting, we love an iconic host, game etc.
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    Royale exposing herself as Pewdiepie Stan
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    you can literally see the names sis...
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    Ask her what was the first Madge single to miss the top 100 and she might stay
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    You changed your username before you even rebooted the game
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    it's taking 2 minutes for me to load FOTP what's going on
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    What period of history would you like to live in? 1980s - 5 1990s - 3 1960s - 1 1950s - 1 1900s - 1 15th May 1990 - 1 The R9 era. I want to still be alive in 2106 - 1 Middle Ages - 1 Ancient Italy - 1 Ancient Greece - 1 The Renaissance - 1 French Baroque Period - 1 The Greek world around 400 b.C. - 1
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    I know I'll end up being humiliated tonight but I can be brave enough to say I am not local to the slasher section sis
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    it'll be stiff competition for the coveted #28 debut on the Billboard Hot 100
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    I think the meaning was that it makes sense for Katy and Taylor to collab considering their history with the feud, making up and becoming friends, etc. Gaga feat. Ariana feels like a calculated and fake move because it is, and so is the Blackpink collab.
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    Which is the scariest horror book character you've ever read about? IT / Pennywise - 7 Hannibal Lecter - 2 I have never read a horror book/don't read books - 2 Jesus - 1 Peppa Pig - 1 Baba Yaga - 1 Carrie - 1 Frankenstein - 1 Regan MacNeil (Exorcist) - 1 Dracula - 1 Chris Morlock - 1
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    Rihanna the only correct answer for the next question tbh
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    I just came for the rep points. Haven't won since Slasher
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    Yes. The commenter above yours boo.
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    See how the tables turn! Anyways it's time for me to leave Love you, @Simón. , and thanks for coming for 30 seconds @Royalty <3 Let's find a new section to spam in next!
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    me too I'm kinda uncreative and always cook the same things
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    You're ditching me? You're ghosting me? You're leaving me? I wana know why? Just why? What did I ever do to you? I stan pussy, cats and dolls ok
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    Basically you teas We love an album listenable from start to finish.. Some of ha other works can't relate
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    Are you ok sis?
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    One night stand teas
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    Oh this is good
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    Haven't listened to eurotrash queen Inna since Un Momento (which aged like FINE WINE let me stream now)
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    Woo is trinity
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    Should've been scrapped. Hope you like Woo otherwise I AM going to write an NHB thread! Also drag that Christmas carol chanteuse I unstanned
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    Meh cba now
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    Well at least your situation ain't as bad as here.. I'm definitely going nowhere and remain jobless so u have made several points
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    it will be the worst summer i fear
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    How did this become “who is more authentic” ???????? The General Public does NOT care 💀