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    The weekly postcounts have been updated
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    Rocket #9 take off to the planet, to the planet CHROMATICA
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    my personal suggestion is chronological order: Teardrops on My Guitar Love Story You Belong with Me Mine Enchanted Dear John I Knew You Were Trouble Red State of Grace All Too Well Holy Ground Blank Space Style Wildest Dreams New Romantics Wonderland ...Ready for It? Delicate Call It What You Want Getaway Car Don't Blame Me You Need to Calm Down Lover Cruel Summer Afterglow would love to hear how her sound has progressed!
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    Why is it a bad thing to use your platform to encourage people to donate though? Even if she doesn’t donate any of her own money (I don’t know if she has or hasn’t), she’s still helping a lot of people with the money they’re raising.
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    Hello again Swifties, and welcome to the tracklist process of Taylor Swift's Essentials Playlist! A week ago we asked for the songs that you, the community, consider essential to her discography, and you delivered! Below will be the list of the top 25 songs in Taylor Swift's discography, and the next step is to choose in what order we'll listen to them, it could be alphabetical, chronological, or anything you come up with. Just like the songs, this tracklist will be voted by you. Chosen by you, the top 25 songs are: ...Ready for It? Afterglow All Too Well Blank Space Call It What You Want Cruel Summer Dear John Delicate Don't Blame Me Enchanted Getaway Car Holy Ground I Knew You Were Trouble Lover Love Story Mine New Romantics Red State of Grace Style Teardrops on My Guitar Wildest Dreams Wonderland You Belong with Me You Need to Calm Down To participate, all you have to do is post a tracklist order you think would be fitting for this playlist. Upvote the post with the order you like the most, and the most upvoted one will be chosen for the playlist! You don't need to submit a tracklist yourself if you don't want, you can simply upvote the one you like the most. Submissions will be open until Friday, May 15th. Hope you all have fun! @Divine @mylifelies @Princess Aurora @Gilly @Maria @RihannaRTT @Gabe. @Snow @Limn @popmusiccritic @trashbanjo @Alexx @neurotica @Tahj @Diamond @Chris Morlock @Halcyon @Ghostface @Daenerys Tagging everyone who voted for the songs!
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    How can you not like the majority of FF? It’s pop perfection
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    Are we crazy? Livin' our lives through a lens Trapped in our white @Freaky Prince Like ornaments
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    I mean... She has BOMT, Oops!, Toxic, Slave, Everytime, Gimme More and Piece of Me all of which are wildely known by the general public to this day. I'd add a few more singles that are widely known but the ones above are the ones EVERYONE knows. Are there any other pop girls with as many staple hits? Like.. Even Madonna only has a few, even though she's a legend of course.
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    Finally came up with mine. It's centered around the seasons of the year; starting from Spring and ending up in the Spring of the following year. Spring: tracks 1-6 - Spring is all about new beginnings so these songs are introducing Taylor with her "yeah its me so shut up" stance or songs about beginning a journey (SOG, Wonderland, HG) Summer: tracks 7-13 - Summer is all about love really. So this is summer love, in the summer air, watching the summer sunset. It ends with a vacation and drive away together before the fall Fall: tracks 14-19 - These songs continue the love in the warm part of the fall with back to college/school (mine + YBWM) before the long drive (red+GC) turns things sour and things get cold as we hit November in CIWYW. The flame is still there in ATW but not enough to rekindle it Winter: tracks 20-25 - the cold really hits with the cold ground + long nights at the end of the year before the new year starts in January/February and the relation rekindles again. Tracklist ends off with New Romantics because we've come full circle and we're back in Spring; the season of new beginnings 1 …Ready for It? 2 You Need to Calm Down 3 State of Grace 4 Blank Space 5 Wonderland 6 Holy Ground 7 Enchanted 8 Love Story 9 Cruel Summer 10 Don't Blame Me 11 Delicate 12 Wildest Dreams 13 Style 14 Mine 15 You Belong with Me 16 Red 17 Getaway Car 18 Call It What You Want 19 All Too Well 20 Dear John 21 I Knew You Were Trouble 22 Teardrops on My Guitar 23 Lover 24 Afterglow 25 New Romantics
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    today's new gaga facT that i promised y'all is from
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    Thank you to everyone who voted! See you in the next thread! @Moderators can you lock this thread, please? Thank you in advance!
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    Right though? I really don't understand why we're shitting on celebrities who are trying to do something. If they want to do fundraisers, good for them. At least they're doing something. The money they raise will certainly help way more than mindless online bitching & virtue signalling. Celebrities donate in private all the time, Ariana included. And it's a lose-lose situation for them anyways. Like if they made their donation public, people would call it a PR stunt. And if they kept it private, people would harass them for not donating. Like, what the fuck do you want?
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    Agree, @Mariah's 19 #1's is bitter and has only created this thread to once again attack Ariana without knowing the full facts. As i said, many celebrities have donated large sums of money but kept it lowkey so we really can't say Ariana hasn't donated any money just because there hasn't been publicity about it.
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    And none of them are mine I’m so proud
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    2020 is WILD. Gay rights would increase across the Union if she joined. I'm here for it
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    If some one is going out sucking random dick when they are supposed to be in lockdown then they deserve it #sorrynotsorry
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    when the sun goes down, and the band won't play i'll always remember the original chromatica release date
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    Except half of them won't shut up and just enough enjoy it They're all complaining still when Gaga is giving them exactly what they were all saying they wanted after Joanne
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    BRIGHTEST BLUE ELLIE GOULDING July 17 LISTEN NOW: https://elliegoulding.lnk.to/BrightestBlueTW Side 1: 1. Start (feat. Serpentwithfeet) 2. Power 3. How Deep Is Too Deep 4. Cyan 5. Love I’m Given 6. New Heights 7. Ode To Myself 8. Woman 9. Tides 10. Wine Drunk 11. Bleach 12. Flux 13. Brightest Blue Side 2: 1. Overture 2. Worry About Me 3. Slow Grenade (feat. Lauv) 4. Close To Me 5. Hate Me (with Juice WRLD)
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    https://www.indy100.com/article/madonna-eu-member-state-donation-9505311 Because of an obscure EU law unearthed by Politico's Paul Dallison, Madonna can join the organisation because she pledged more money to fight coronavirus than several of its actual members. Madonna pledged $1m during an online summit held by EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen aimed at raising money to research coronavirus vaccine development and produce tests. Because of the UK's recent departure from the EU, Madonna could theoretically step in. I mean, It'd be interesting to see her as a EU Member/Ambassador
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    their current youtube stats don't match your post
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    Moved to BG before this thread gets messy/messier
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    LMAO why are you so mad I don't know what corner of the world you inhabit where the population can't name a single madonna song... I live in the arse end of the UK and most people know several of her songs, they are always on the radio
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    Enchanted = talent! The whole playlist should just be that But yeah I like the chronological order idea@Hyun., makes sense so you can see her transition from country to pop throughout her career!
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    Basically this. This is smartest thing to do considering she covered different styles from her debut to Lover and evolution in tone is best observed in chronological order. I am not sure about suggesting that we keep running pattern of songs on their respective albums ( like here with 1989 and something I opted for when choosing initial 20 songs ), but maybe that's not essential after all. Either way, chronological order works. Maybe someone can make case listing them from heartbreak anthems to songs like Call It What You Want and Lover where one is finally more sure and in love than before, but even that could be perceived as not much necessary.
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    Omg where are you getting these info from did she talk about it? I better get my Only You 2.0
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    Another dumb thread by Gemma ugh
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    Us having the most posts out of all the faves. Yessirrrrr.
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    Yeah, until today she has donated 5 million euros to invest in the COVID-19 vaccines/treatment investigation.
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    I meant one's nose, eyes and mouth
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    Hi I just want to say thank you for your generosity with all that you’ve shared. You brought light into the darkness that was pre-Chromatica and anything you share with us will continue to be greatly appreciated
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    Because it went number 1 i guess
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    The bitch says “Hey Yeah” instead of “Higher” in Stupid Love
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    Not you suddenly reappearing like that
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    At least we now know who is single and whose hair does not grow at all.
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    I just realized @Urbanov isn't here and i changed the day of the show just for him
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    Didn't even realize Moira O'Hara was an AHS character
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    I knew people were going for a lead, but Ultraviolence was also clear. All diamonds though.
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    Friday nights in 2019: Friday nights in 2020:
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    it'll be stiff competition for the coveted #28 debut on the Billboard Hot 100
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    I think the meaning was that it makes sense for Katy and Taylor to collab considering their history with the feud, making up and becoming friends, etc. Gaga feat. Ariana feels like a calculated and fake move because it is, and so is the Blackpink collab.
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    May the 4th be with y'all
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    Her best album! I’ve been preaching and saying and preaching that JND is a full ass bop ever since the album came out and it’s damn time someone agrees!