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    Today's views: La Isla Algorithmita: 564,858 Hang up your career maria: 333,022 Like an eternally relevant legend: 269,225 4 Grammy's: 162,690 Papa don't beg people for money on facebook like a rat: 147,559 Frozen, the theme song of Gaga's Botoxed cheeks: 122,931 Come on, Vogue, let's go eat some fried fish: 103,763 Bacterial World: 93,395 Simply too many classics that ended ur faves. @fab @Gilly seethe @Urbanov TIC charts in the UK for the 735th week, with next week in the bag. No signs of Moo 'cause it ain't xmas Ah, it's good to stan the only legends of Pop aka Madonna and Bey
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    All are dumb, literally it really ain't that deep
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    the whole thread omg
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    Wow... those are a LOT of views for her for one day, esp when the selections are basically spread out over her whole career timeline Amazing. Glad her YouTube game is finally coming together, her videography/discography has too much potential to waste
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    ”To qualify for full membership status, Madonna would in fact need to be an actual country, and we're not exactly sure how she'd go about reinventing herself as such.” I wanna move in
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    Where’s the (Bright) Lights appreciation gals?
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    I mean... She has BOMT, Oops!, Toxic, Slave, Everytime, Gimme More and Piece of Me all of which are wildely known by the general public to this day. I'd add a few more singles that are widely known but the ones above are the ones EVERYONE knows. Are there any other pop girls with as many staple hits? Like.. Even Madonna only has a few, even though she's a legend of course.
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    Everyone say thank you Taylor for saving us
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    as if there aren't enough mediocre white men in politics already.. thank you Taylor for ending him
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    And when they do its over for your faves
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    so basically a harmless discussion about Madonna's Youtube stats has once again turned into the ever-same circlejerk of grown-up Madonna stans making fun about Gaga's health problems and rape claims There are so many angles you could approach Gaga from to drag her, but in the end you always choose rape and her illnesses despicable
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    Serving: Gaga currently rated: D
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    ABBA is back in the UK top 20. Seems people turn to legends in times of crisis
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    Ok so then let's focus on the most recent and the most crazy one: that she believes she was cosmically appointed to be raped so that she could heal the world I'm fine with that.
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    Remember when you kept hammering on about how Madonna believed an edited video that fooled a lot of people?
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    When you run out of corners to hide in
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    STFU we get called “fossils”, “middle-aged” or “grandpas” by certain members here. You are always so fucking selective when you call people out.
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    certain user using the word "twink" as an insult & being misogynistic as well, what are the odds FOTP? where's the bar? a new low? even for battlegrounds?
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    No? She wore the damn artwork (fun detail: no one on her team designed it, it's 1993 Dolce & Gabbana) As a self-professed art lover, this is about the most dumbfounding mistakes you can make and that's a fact The Birth of Venus is literally one of the, like, three most well known paintings in the world. The Venus de Milo is also one of the handful of iconic statues in popular culture. To not only suggest that Botticelli's painting and the Venus de Milo have anything to do with each other (everyone knows the painting is the most straightforward example of the entire Italian Renaissance art era, that's like standard knowledge in middle school), but to actually mix up their time periods too and pretend that Botticelli lived in antiquity when Florence wasn't even a city yet, I- It's one of those instances where she accidentally reveals she's artistically clueless and just rehearses the lines whatever creative person on her team prepared for her When you reference an artwork so explicitly and so many times there's absolutely no excuse for forgetting everything about it and not even realizing you're messing up a reference while you're doing it.
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    It was dumb, yes. And Madonna's a self-aggrandizing cunt, we all know that. This was no surprise What was a surprise is that art school (drop out) student Stefani Germanotta, ever proud of her Italian heritage, doesn't know two of the most famous and revered artworks of all time well enough to keep herself from mixing them up embarrassingly, despite using one of them as her album cover and referencing it in a music video, her near permanent era hair style and several performances, including one on her own tour Now Madonna would NEVER make that mistake
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    The name, the artist ánd the time period
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    Anyway remember when Gaga wanted to flaunt her pseudo knowledge and ended up saying she wanted to be botticelli's venus de milo Probably why she quit the artsy act and started writing songs about an aunt who died before Madonna even debuted
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    Madonna's godly YT power and Gaga's & Mariah's immense floppage is what triggered this thread, kindness punk!
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    Awesome people who tell the truth count: 2
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    Jjang pls, wtf is this random meltdown what's causing you to be so agitated today
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    Mariah can't even get 1.5m across hundrends of vids and that's counting songs that's not even hers that account for like 15% of those views.
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    wtf is this that's not even 2M across like 10 videos
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    this is sending me
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    the way i'm truly finally appreciating these looks a year later
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    Also, won't lie, even though I'm excited for this I'm lowkey craving for another EDM collab All of Ellie's EDM DJ collabs are pure gold.. Outside, Powerful & I Need Your Love? Smash, smash & smash We will ignore Clean Bandit but yes, I think she should hop on a Marshmello track or something and give us a bop The new Marshmello x Halsey collab Be Kind sounded like it could fit Ellie
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    Honestly same, I don't think I truly like any of the droplets.. I kinda liked Sixteen but that's pretty much it But she's back working with the producers of Lights & Halcyon for this album so this is a step in the right direction
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    Oh she's an icon we love her Just that I've listened to the album so much it's stale for me now, just like 1989 Lights & Starry Eyed were my first Ellie songs I think, they will always have a special place in my heart
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    How can you not like the majority of FF? It’s pop perfection
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    i hate that Nicki and Luke are getting a #1 in 2020. do better, faggots, stop giving these people a platform
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    omg imagine reading this thread as a non-stan we really are embarrassing huh.
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    No one is making fun of her getting raped, god. It’s so easy to use that to attempt to end the conversation. Weak.
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    the way ya'll can apparently recite everything she ever said in any interview ever like not even I am keeping tabs on her this closely this is some crazy obsessive shit
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    ikr it's so lovely
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    Almost any other artist could end that dead section.
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    @Darth Sidious @Daenerys DID Y'ALL WATCH THE FINALE
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    Ma’s I’m so excited for this. I was worried with the singles in the past few years that she had lost her touch, but she’s clearly got her ducks back in a row. She’s coming to sweep my follicles off the floor.
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    today's new gaga facT that i promised y'all is from
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    Toys, pretty much my whole life. Star Wars toys/collectibles, again my whole life but there was definitely an uptick in 2014. I got a Greedo in the 6" Black Series then, which was the first one I got and since then I've collected about 50 of those. I also have 14 of the smaller Kenner figures still in the box hanging on my wall, and lots of random 3.75 figures loose. And some random stuff like a Death Star coffee mug that shows Alderaan blowing up when it's hot, some buttons and magnets, air hogs of the Death Star and an X-wing and one of my favorites is a matching set of Princess Leia/Han Solo glasses that read "I love you" and "I know" Pretty out of date now but I posted some of my collection here:
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    people saying Free Woman is a demo just gives me stupid love ptsd i kind of actually really dig free woman. it's just so campy and fun