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    the whole thread omg
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    Everyone say thank you Taylor for saving us
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    omg right like i wouldn’t be mad about her being credited if she wasn’t this inseffurable like why is she so extra like that
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    never too late, you can come through, ill be up waiting
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    i think i see confetti from this potion
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    "By someone I don't know" If you don't know ha bitch then why have you still got her masters?
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    If it wasn't written by her it would have been quite inspiring
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    I dont get what's the point of these justiceforx things when itunes doesn't really matter anymore if they're not supplemented by streaming and radio play. It's just people throwing their money away. Why couldn't have they done this for SP when it mattered?
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    Nothing Really Matters
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    These scientists mixing Latin and Greek are NOT cute
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    JLo? Jennifer Lopez is not even part of the discussion when mentioning Britney, Madonna, Mariah etc. Her Superbowl performance being filled with comments about Shakira and not her was lowkey humiliating
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    "No signs of Moo cause it isn't Xmas"
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    Performed better than Joanne. Gaga tried to capitalise on a dead family members death, she had never even met the woman! Disgusting. Joanne (the real person) would be so disgusted.
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    This thread got more posts in less than a day than the Kesha + Xtina + The Weeknd + Dua + Billie sections combined It's time for Ellie to get her permasection Love the forum changes but I don't get why she still has a section tbh
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    HOW on earth is anything in this thread about her?
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    as if there aren't enough mediocre white men in politics already.. thank you Taylor for ending him
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    Compared to Joanne, it was a hit.
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    Imagine your IG posts being so iconic that they are parodied. Even when she's doing nothing people check for her. Other girls wish
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    They both used to stan. That’s what stans do - follow their fave
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    If the people in the country are like the ones in the site it would be worse than Middle Ages
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    i hate that Nicki and Luke are getting a #1 in 2020. do better, faggots, stop giving these people a platform
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    https://allthatsinteresting.com/stellasaurus-bowie-dinosaur Not a Cher or Madonna reference instead? Shook.
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    RIP I however just realized that Ben Stiller is his son
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    Elton John about to become our EDM king. Also I thought that was a joke did people REALLY believe the song was anything other than an Alice in Wonderland reference? 💀
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    Can we get rid of The Weeknd spotlight section and replace it with a Carly Rae Jepsen spotlight section? Asking for a friend...
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    Honestly the best track from Glory. It deserved to be lead single! If it got the promo push and performances that Make me got it would have went top 10 with ease.
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    Also Axwell produced Alice, Free Woman and SFA so the Elton collab mustn’t be a piano ballad after all since he makes EDM music
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    @Entea count this as a news thread
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    In all fairness it’s nothing to do with Gaga and everything to do with Warner Bros she has no say in the distribution, I mean she doesn’t even get royalties from the movie and neither does Bradley
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    Now sis I stan Rihanna, but none of these songs are classics like BOMT or Toxic Umbrella and Diamonds are the only contenders that could come close in terms of iconic.
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    Um... literally lies. That's textbook definition of media items in a post modernist world. This guy got 1,759,824 views and 82,181 likes by clocking her for example Anyway goodnight!
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    Heck: I was following Madonna's every move during the RH era while trashing her old ass every 5 minutes 'cause I hated that era, reply to my actual points or fuck off my personal business. If you fuck up I'll comment on it, as simple as that. I'm a twit, degenerate young rebel and I'm proud of it Pump your fist if you would rather mess up than put up with this I'm a nerd, I chew gum and smoke in your face, I'm absurd I'm so bad and I don't give a damn, I love it when you're mad When you're mad, when you're mad.
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    I want them to release a Korean version of their Gaga collab for their record as a bonus track.
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    I honestly didn't think too much of them They came and went pretty quick so I was just like "oh ok, that was cute." I always felt like the whole magic of Mother Talzin thing was weird. Like, she was obviously a force wielder but how strong was she? What were her limits? Was she a wielder of the force like a Sith would be through their Sith alchemy or was it smn else? Too many things left for conclussions
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    Bitch don't erase Clarity like that
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    Prue's boss ass bitch literally shits on all the other 3 i'm not a fan of the seasons without Prue because it became Phoebe and Cole + co.
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    That's worse than donating nothing at all
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    The make up was on point
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